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When Scott strikes a death blow against an opponent, that person explodes in a shower of coins:. Especially in older games with simpler graphics, often an enemy you killed would simply blink out of existence, leaving behind a coin, which is what the movie is riffing on here. In skateboarding video games, you would press some buttons to make your character execute a grind, and then you would have to keep hitting particular buttons in sequence to maintain the grind, and the longer you kept up the proper button-pushing rhythm, the longer you would keep doing the trick and collecting points.

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Video games often feature gigantic, exaggerated skateboard parks and death-defying tricks far beyond what would be possible in real life, and the Scott Pilgrim movie plays off of this. One of the ex-boyfriends in the movie is a vegan. Keeping vegan requires enormous discipline, and some vegans can have a smug, morally superior attitude.

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The Scott Pilgrim movie pokes fun at this. Fortunately I have two extra lives. One well-known example is from the second Legend of Zelda game, in which your shadow suddenly leaps out from behind you and attacks:. Your email address will not be published. So I had an unpleasant encounter at the movies this weekend. I talk about history, Lorin does the mechanics of the quarry, and Jim sings and yodels.

Chris Liberator & The Geezer - We Have Lost the Way

We played around here in the 70s and 80s. It was a country folk kind of band. ROSE: Nobody knew this was gonna happen. It was the highlight of the tour. Actually I saw Jim onstage singing that song before I knew him. ROSE: I took a bunch of weekend courses.

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I build things, and cooking is just building things out of food. Water flows down the face of the stone. We put up solar panels to run the pump. ROSE: I would rather stumble around quarries than anything else. Each of us has our department. Tom explains things for us and to us. Jim is more fun than a puppy. We sometimes engage in foolishness.

The eyes are the webbing of old propane heaters. Everything else is on the table. There is minimal space for pedestrians on the road bridge, so the town wants to make a safer detour.

Geezer’s Guide to the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Movie

The latest plans call for the county to weld the foot bridge, making it too big for the Geezers to handle, but they still expect to oversee the project. The Geezers still have a little magic left in their pocket. This is a terrific article on people doing positive things in the village. Go, Geezers!

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