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In they featured 70s and earlys No Wave films alongside banned and sexually explicit work by Clark. Before one screening, a local punk band called Solid Waste played a set. Anglo and Mexican-American, all in their twenties, two of them have a child together. Clark was smitten and just finished shooting a new film in Marfa, featuring the lead singer. Videos were projected on a wall, and visitors drifted in and out.

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At midnight a group, ranging in age from 10 to 50, decided to go on a full-moon bike ride out on Ranch Road , which winds through mountains until dissolving into a boulder-strewn track suitable only for four-wheel drives. After a few miles the riders stopped, and an illuminated Frisbee was thrown between two rock outcroppings, above the spot where Javier Bardem killed the Marfa National Bank president, Chip Love, in No Country for Old Men.

Two border-patrol S. Red Tecate cans mingled with cans of spray paint. Solid Waste discussed their first album. If this all has an element of performance to it, perhaps it is due to the fact that beautiful and talented Marfans operate under the impression that they are about to become famous. They think if they just chill and do their cool thing, someone will swoop in and make them. And so a myth abides: glamour, money, and artistic recognition will fall out of the sky above Marfa, as actual meteors often do.

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  8. Aregularly posed question: Is Marfa like Santa Fe? The idea makes Marfans scoff. Artists, intellectuals, iconoclasts, and, yes, elitists make it to Marfa. A Connecticut shipping executive keeps a s Nash-Healey here and has a mechanic on retainer, like a groom, for maintenance. And then there are the people trying to escape the escapists. Notably absent from the party, though married to Wool, is the abstract painter Charline von Heyl.

    She made a roomful of work in Marfa for her recent show at the Tate Liverpool. He occasionally appears in town for dinner or a lecture. In classic artist-as-gentrifier style, proprietary feelings can be most pronounced in the recently arrived. Do you wear sandals? Do you ride a bicycle? But the moniker is apt. Part of the thrill of being in Marfa is adding to what Judd left undone. Will the county support the construction of a superhighway running up from the border, making Marfa into a highbrow truck stop?

    Finally, who among the talented people congregated in Presidio County will realize their creative ambitions and take them beyond this enclave to a wider audience, and does it matter if they do? Wanting to be a part of that narrative as it unfolds compels us to stay.

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    That Marfa is a scene there can be no question. Beauty is a very special and noble state Yet Judd fervently believes that such an idealistic notion of beauty … is, in the end, much too limited. Like the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness, people have a right to things beautiful. Frank Stella, provocateur Robert Rosenblum, November