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Like what the fuck is so complicated about that? Instead of taking a second to pull a piece of plastic out of their wallet so many people opt to argue and fight it and threaten to close accounts go ahead I just sincerely do not understand what is so hard to understand about this concept.

FFS, it's for your own protection, you dullards. Would you honestly be happier if I just handed you hundreds of dollars without asking for any verification whatsoever? My assistant manager was still standing behind the line watching me. It was a weird day. Love when people feel so entitled. I can't stand when someone makes a fuss about showing me their ID. Older people go "seriously??? So I need your ID and your card. The fucking scam that is car insurance. I have car insurance. One day a drunk lady crashed into my car that was parked on the street.

I wasn't there but a witness was, called the police and gave a statement. The police breathalysed the lady and arrested her for drink driving. They looked up her insurance details and gave all of this information to me. Excellent job police and good Samaritan, much appreciated. This should be an open and shut case.

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Fucking pointless though because my insurance company called her insurance company and got no response. They emailed and wrote and got no response. They tell me that they can't reclaim the costs of repairing my car because of this. They say that they could sue the lady, but if she happens to be broke, we'll get nothing and the cost of MY insurance company's lawyers plus the repair of my car will darken MY record.

Even though nothing is my fault, they'll record the money spent and not recovered as a "fault claim"on my part. And this will make my premiums go up next year. And it will affect my no claims bonus. It's bullshit. I couldn't win and paid for the repair out of my own pocket, while still paying for my fucking ornamental insurance. They have departments dedicated to getting out of paying for stuff and I still get furious about it.

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This happened, probably 4 years ago. Yes, in the UK we call it comprehensive insurance as opposed to 'fire and theft' only cover and that I did have. Name and shame them! That's terrible business practice and not how it's supposed to work. Your insurance should be taking the third party insurer to court and recovering the costs from them, it doesn't matter if the driver was drunk or broke or anything. I used to work in this industry and it should never have been treated as a fault claim on your part.

I'm mad for you! I'm not sure how common this is, but I know a few people who went through the same thing. Cause apparently not answering your phone is enough to absolve you from your legal and contractual obligations. It's all so unbelievable and infuriating. It's a supportive community. We also have irc and discord channels. I frequent irc with this name if she wants a friendly voice to talk to. And thanks for your support; support can make all the difference in the world.

I can't tell you how many risky situations I've put myself in while psychotic. I am very lucky. GMOs, organic farming, and vaccines. I just get recklessly angry at the misguided misinformation everywhere. I can feel my brain cells popping like sad little aphids between my fingers. As a mother of an unvaccinated free range, healthy, happy, organic non-GMO child, I am an expert on all of the areas you mentioned and I can't stand uneducated fools spouting off about those topics. If you removed gluten from your diet and did a toxin removal program PM me and I can sell you some great drinks and pills your days would be much better.

Brandolini's law: the amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit on the internet is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it. That how all things operate on reddit. I once went to a movie where a couple brought an entire meal of takeout Chinese food with them. They had fucking soup, in a movie theater. I was equally annoyed and impressed. In Spain is a pretty common snack and cinemas don't give a fuck anymore what you bring inside the theatre.

So unfortunately yes. I've seen and smelled and heard people eating Burger King, Pizzas or even Tupperwares from home. Severus Snape. He was a friendzoned jerk that bullied kids because he didn't like their parents. Get out of here with that "always" crap. It's not romantic. TED Talks. I have seen a couple of decent ones but most of the time, it really just comes of as the speaker masturbating grandiose ideas to an audience that is taking it like baby birds when mama comes home.

I loathe that my local NPR station plays them multiple times a week. Side-note: I actually had a professor in college who's "lesson" plan was just playing the most B. AND it was required by my major. That is the thing that cemented my hate. Video game characters ONLY. I don't care if he's appeared in games, I don't want darth vader, goku, wolverine, or anyone who didn't originate in a video game. Though I am not either, I give huge respect to the people that have those jobs. Campaign finance reform. It's probably the most important political topic, but not the most discussed.

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There are maybe 25 people at my work - the work could actually be done by half as many people if everyone worked as hard as the two or three people who work hardest. Panera bread tries to play it like they are so healthy, but they are really not. Its like a calorie slice of cheese bread and the saltiest soup on the planet. People who take art-pieces and put some bullshit story under it like "This is what happened after a earthquake' or some shit like that. As a artist myself, this drives me crazy because it's the equivalent of taking a picture off of deviant art and claiming you drew it.

They worked hard on that you fuck. People who blame video games for everything. Every so often it makes sense, like a kid who watched someone play something like COD when they were 3 shoots someone, but then it becomes the parent's fault for letting your kid that can' count past 10 watch a game about shooting and killing people.

The smelly idiots who spend all day at the Starbucks I work at. These guys are not homeless, but they smell like B. Like my boss telling me that I have to keep my office door open to "create an atmosphere of accessibility". No, you just want to be able to look in everytime you walk by and check up on me, showing me your lack of trust. I hate that a lot of people are turning the body positivity movement into an attempt to moderate the sexual attraction of other people. How come you're willing to start a blood feud with your nephew over something Donald Fucking Trump said? Are you guys buddies?

You two pal around at ol' Mara Lago a lot? Politics pisses me off but what pisses me off more are dumbasses who decided to let politicians do their thinking for them. How have gotten to a point where our dividing line is shit scum bag politicians on both sides say?

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Can't we go back to arguing about important shit like sports and cars? This is a big discussion in my family that most people couldn't be arsed about, but we love the conversation many law enforcement members in my family and it has basically been a continuous discussion for years.

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The song "Isn't Ironic" by Alanis Morissette. The Altar of Intention. Each year for the last fif …. This year's bee fest was a success! Here's a thank-you to all those who made it that way! See More See Less.

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    For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Don't get me started about the government. The Simpsons Could you please rephrase the marked phrase so I can see what it exactly means? Thank you. Not necessarily. It means that the speaker has a bone to pick with the government and could talk at some length about the matter.