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In her otherwise laudable introuction, Snyder Hook provides little differentiation between these writers' considerably disparate backgrounds, relying on the grouping "German and Austrian" as an attribute in front of "literature" 1 , "writers" 4 , "family" 6 , and even "psyche" 7.

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However, the author adeptly demarcates the German and Austrian socio-political situations in some of the later chapters, particularly in those on Jelinek and Reichart. She also briefly addresses the political and cultural divisions in post-war Germany and their relevance to her topic in the chapter on Wolf. A survey of pertinent secondary literature and background material is integrated into Snyder Hook's readings of the individual novels, and the chapter on Schneider's Vati strikes me as the strongest one in this regard.

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Snyder Hook provides informative background material on the book's controversial basis of the Josef and Rolf Mengele story, and she takes a well-argued stand against some critics' assertions that Schneider was only further encouraging the so-called "Mengele myth" with this novel On the other hand, Snyder Hook's chapter on Bernhard's Ausloschung is arguably the weakest of the five, as it remains to the end a description of the narrator's perspective, offering no speculation from the author on Bernhard's possible motivations for writing the character in this particular way.

This is inconsistent with Snyder Hook's other four chapters, all of which conclude with surmises on the authors' intentions and with an attempt to place the novels into a larger context. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. Refereed Journal Articles.

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