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Looking into the most perennial and common beauty need of all our customers, this special kit has been reintroduced to meet that most basic beauty needs. Wishlist Customer Service Account. Get Best Deals on Beauty Products. Search for: Search. Search for:. Home Home. Our Products.

Shampoos Spa Hair Care. Body Polishing Manicure and Pedicure. Contact Us. Herbal Care Facial Kit Rs. Add to Wishlist. Product added! Now, some of the ingredients that Granny mentioned may not be familiar to you.

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Take "balm of Gilead," for example. That's just plain ol' balsam. And "marsh mallow tea" sounds like a sticky mess, but Grandma wasn't talking about the soft, white candy. She was referring to the root of the marsh mallow plant. Grandma foraged or grew most of her ingredients, but you can often find them in health food stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies, or even still growin' wild along the roadside. Naturally no pun Intended , I started to use some of these old-time recipes and found that comfrey does make a nice skin softener, while oatmeal leaves the skin silky and is especially good on oily teenage complexions.

Herbal Care Facial Kit

However, a word of caution: Anyone can be allergic to almost anything, so check out any unfamiliar substance before you rub it all over yourself. To do this, just place a small amount on the tender skin of your inner arm and cover the area with an adhesive bandage.

Then wait 24 hours and have a look. If the patch shows any reaction, such as redness or obvious irritation, that ingredient just isn't for you. My grandmother often said she didn't feel a bit older at 80 than she did at 16, and she didn't took her age either. Did this wonderful woman's organic beauty rituals account for her natural glow and glamour? Well, lets just say that—after a few weeks of using some of Grandma's "secrets"—I've begun to believe that they did! Share your thoughts.

What kind of disease could jamu cure?

Herbal Secrets: Health and Beauty Benefits of Oak Bark

The reply is almost every disease, jamu could cure. There are various kinds of jamu to combat different kind of illness. In Principle there are two types of jamu; the first is jamu to maintain physical fitness and health, the locally popular are Galian Singset to keep women body fit and slim and Sehat Lelaki to keep men body healthy.

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The second is jamu to cure various kinds of illness. Except the above, there are special jamu created with the purpose to maintain a loving family harmony.

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The popular products among other are Sari Rapet , which makes a women sexual organ in a good condition, as for the man the matched product is jamu Kuat Lekaki strong man. The Javanese are also taking a great care to pregnant women during pre and postnatal period by producing the related jamu. There are also jamu for the babies.

Besides the export of ready made jamu, 25 kinds of herbal plants and ingredients are also in the list of export to Europe, Australia, USA, Japan, etc. As a Javanese idiom says "Ngadi Sarira" to maintain the body to be always in perfect condition is of prime important.

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The way of life of a Javanese is greatly influenced by the royal culture. Not surprisingly that the art of "Keeping Beauty' is originated from the court palaces. As told in the story of wayang leather puppet by the dalang puppet master , all parts of a princess body is always perfect and alluring: the beautiful black thick hair, a smooth skin, bright eyes, charming eye brows, eye lids and nose, bright reddish lips, white nicely teeth, wonderful built neck and shoulder, beautiful hands and arms, a waist like the one of a bee meanings slim and perfectly built.

If You Want Flawless Skin Learn These Japanese Beauty Secrets!

The dalang with a clear deep voice, like in the poem reading adores the beauty of a princess with a thousands of words. It seems that all words of a complete dictionary are not enough to express of what a wonderful beauty a princess has. The use of Traditional Jamu and Cosmetics Nowadays, some secrets of this Karaton Palaces culture of "Ngadi Sarira" are known by many women from outside the Karaton walls.