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I thought he would turn out to be some sort of "player" based on what the synopsis said but he's not. He's a guy that has been through a lot in terms of love and yet still loves with all of his heart and when he finds himself falling for Ana he's willing to do just about anything to keep her by his side. I highly recommend this, it's a great New Adult read and I think it would be awesome as a beach read! In fact, I've read some awesome beach reads lately and I think I'm going to have to do an ultimate beach read round up on Electively Paige!

I think this is a great book and I am definitely going to be watching this author closely as I can't wait to read more from her! Mar 04, Paula Phillips rated it really liked it. In a world where it seems everyone is jumping on the New Adult bandwagon, after a while everything seems to feel like you are reading the same book over and over again. So when you find one that stands out from the rest , you are like YAY.

The Hookup list by Dakota Madison was one of those books. The only downside to this book was the cover as the characters look older than College Age and also the main girl is supposed to be Brazilian and the cover model to me looks too white to be a Brazilian In a world where it seems everyone is jumping on the New Adult bandwagon, after a while everything seems to feel like you are reading the same book over and over again.

The only downside to this book was the cover as the characters look older than College Age and also the main girl is supposed to be Brazilian and the cover model to me looks too white to be a Brazilian. Ana has been accepted into college and wants to be a Doctor so she has her eyes set on studying and making good grades with no distractions.

Christopher has come to study in order to become a Lawyer though his real passion is English Lit and Shakespeare is his idol. The list is sent out weekly and is known as the Hook-Up List rating the top 10 girls each week to hook-up with. Can Ana and Christopher just hook-up or are they both looking for something a little more deeper? Find out in this awesome book by Dakota Madison and if you loved The Hook-Up List , then check out her series "MatchPlay" which is another series I have to read that looks really good if you love Tennis etc.

It read scandal all over the place and when I saw who the author was, I didn't hesitate. I've read the Matched series also written by Dakota Madison and I really enjoyed them, so reading another of her stories was in my list of priorities. What I liked about The Hookup List was that the author based her story in a real story she read in a newspaper and that The Hookup List really exists. And I have to agree with the author: both by being horrified I also searched for the article and by the great idea of doing a story about this.

The story has the perfect opportunity to be simply scandalous and epic. However, what I didn't like is that The Hookup List it's not the main topic. It's briefly used to bring conflict between the two main characters and once the problem is solved and it's solved really quickly The Hookup List is not mentioned any more in the following pages of the story and there are a lot of pages left. Honestly, after reading the title I wanted to know more about this book and the synopsis promised scandal: group of friends, college and a hookup list?

That has all the potential to be juicy, scandalous and totally worth reading! So, my point is that the author had an excellent topic and her idea was incredible, but she focused more on Ana's life and not in the hookup list. The two main characters, Ava and Christopher are really mature. If you compare them to the other characters that appear on the story, they are like ancient souls, with the perfect level of morality and values. It's like they were reading my thoughts when they criticizing the hookup list or Ana's roommate's behavior. They are also very responsible, showing one of the things of being a college student means.

However, other characters such as Ana's roommate and her best friends and Christopher's roommate, gave me the impression that everyone in that college in Dakota's story was there just to drink alcohol and to hookup. And all the background people? It gave me the impression to have the same thinking as these characters. I think that what I ended up liking the most about this story was the romance between Ava and Christopher. It's sweet, romantic and credible. It shows us that there are second chances to everyone and that love and passion can be two different things.

But when you mix those two things? That's when you know you have found someone worth fighting for. Another thing I truly liked aside from reading how these two fell in love was that the author did a great show of trying to send the message to all readers that girls should respect themselves and their bodies and that being part of something as the hookup list is not something to be proud of.

I would feel offended. It's true that you need to live your life when you're young, but there's no need to scream out loud in a piece of paper what you can do in bed or who do you sleep with or how many you sleep with. The Hookup list shows us how the boys are not the only ones pursuing a "only-hookup" relationship. And that sometimes the roles are reversed and the men are the ones suffering from a broken heart rather than breaking a girl's heart.

As hard as it is to picture it. Plus she uses this controversial story to show the consequences of unprotected sex. Overall, the story was a good one.

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The romance was credible, sweet and something you would expect after reading Ana and Christopher's stories and got to know them. I liked the message the author tries to send with her story and also liked the main idea, that's why I gave this book three gorjuss dolls. Mar 07, Casey rated it liked it Shelves: new-adult , romance , reviewed Review originally posted at Ramblings From This Chick This book was a quick and easy read that was fun enough to entertain me for a few hours. I found this one enjoyable and sweet and I think that a lot of New Adult fans will like this one.

For me, it was a good read but it didn't really grab my attention.

The Hook Up

I found myself easily putting it down and returning when I had time rather than not being able to stop reading. I liked it, but there were a few things that kept it from being one that I loved. I did enjoy the characters and the premise of the story, but I felt like the book didn't really live up to its name and I think that was part of the problem for me. After a rough breakup Christopher heads to Arizona from California to begin school.

In his first day of Shakespeare class he meets Ana. There is an instant connection and attraction between them, but he quickly finds out that she has a boyfriend back home in New Jersey. As they get to know each other better, both are more drawn to each other and find it harder to stay platonic.

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Ana knows that she needs to speak with her boyfriend Paulo in person before anything can happen with Christopher. When Paulo visits over fall break, they both agree that they shouldn't see each other anymore and decide to remain friends. Christopher and Ana are finally able to act on their feelings for one another, and are soon in a relationship.

But when Chris's past suddenly reappears, their future is threatened before they have barely had a chance at being together.

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Can they make it through everything that is thrown their way? I liked Christopher. He was sweet and romantic, and I liked that he was a bit of a nerd. He was always quoting Shakespeare and laying his heart out there without a second thought. I liked how committed he was to Ana, and he respected her enough to wait until she could really be his. He was patient and was just a really good guy. Ana was great as well. I liked that she was not willing to pursue anything with Chris until she made things right with Paulo. I had a lot of respect for the two of them as they waited despite their feelings.

I also liked that she was so determined to do well in school and pursue a career in medicine. She was really smart and dedicated. I thought that Christopher and Ana had a great connection and worked really well together. They had a lot of chemistry and you could really feel their attraction to one another. I did however think that this book was a bit too insta-love for my taste. It felt pretty rushed and I thought that they were saying those all important words a bit too quickly. Christopher had a history of doing that in relationships and then later seeing that it wasn't love after all, and I think in the back of my mind I kept wondering if him and Ana would end up the same way.

Since everything was so rushed it was harder to believe that they would be able to make it through everything when things had happened so fast for them and at such a young age. Because they were just starting college and were eighteen it was hard for me to really get behind everything when they started talking about forever so quickly. Overall, this was a quick and cute read.

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  • I found it enjoyable and entertaining, but this isn't one of those stories that will stick with me. I think that if you are looking for a New Adult read to lose yourself in for a few hours that you might want to give this one a shot, as I think there are a lot of people who will like this story. Mar 13, Chu rated it really liked it. But he does borderline being a pussy, and it is just surprising for a boy who is supposed to be ruled by hormones to be more emotional, and clingier than a girl.

    To be fair, he did try to fight his hormones, the strong temptation when it came to Ana because she was still involved. He opted to wait, so I guess, it made up for it. Ana — her drive to be successful and to reach her dreams is pretty much admirable. The roommate: Can she have her story as well?! I think by that time she was still in denial. Good one! It was short, fun and sweet.

    It provided me with entertainment on the plane on my way home. Sep 26, Pretty Sassy Cool rated it it was ok Shelves: review-by-kassiah , pub This story was fine, but I feel like the title is misleading. Ana Alves is a freshman pre-med student with strict Catholic parents and a boyfriend back home. Her roommate, Nicki, and Nicki's vapid friends are only in school to party and hook up with as many guys as possible. Sparks immediately fly when she runs into the charming Christopher Knight in class, but Ana is determined to stay on track and not get mesmerized by a pretty boy.

    Christopher was burned by his high school "girlfriend" 2 stars. Christopher was burned by his high school "girlfriend" and isn't looking for a relationship, but he can't resist Ana. Ana has been trying to deny her feelings for Christopher when Nicki is placed at the top of the list with that circulates amongst the students.

    It was a printout of some kind of email. It was labeled The Hookup List. There were ten girls listed with photos and under each picture was a brief but extremely detailed description of a sexual act. There was also a time to action recorded in minutes and seconds and a slut score apparently on a scale of Christopher shows up at her room, along with his smarmy roommate, giving Ana the wrong impression about him.

    That quickly gets resolved, which is the reason I don't think this book was appropriately titled. The idea for this story was a good one, but I feel like it lost itself along the way. There is a lot of drama, and I don't want to spoil anything for you, but I definitely could see this being a TV show. I started out liking these characters.

    Ana was smart and didn't give in to what went against her beliefs, and I thought that Christopher said some swoony things. I don't want to share you with Paulo or anyone else. When I kiss you, you'll be mine. Christopher does something that I really didn't like, and I also felt like it was too PSA-esque at times. Though there is a love triangle, it really isn't central to the story, and readers who try to stay away from those will find this safe to read.

    If you're looking for a quick New Adult read with drama and some spice, then check out The Hookup List. I will be checking out other titles from Madison. For more reviews and bookish talk, visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool Mar 07, Kassiah rated it it was ok Shelves: new-adult , pub , reviewed-pretty-sassy-cool.

    Feb 21, Jennifer added it Shelves: earcs. There is a note from Dakota Madison about the real hook-up list at the beginning. This book reads very fast, I found myself flying through the pages without even realizing it. I love that the main character is Brazilian and I wish the cover reflected that. Ana is pretty adorable and innocent.

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    Her parents are from Brazil and have a strong Catholic background and so her upbringing is more conservative. She was more interested in hanging with her boyfriend and family then partying in high school. I really liked Ana because even though she has this background she is also very laid back.

    Things might make her uncomfortable but she still tries. She goes to a party and checks it out.

    The Hookup List

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