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CEA Subramanian toes government line, more or less. It's A Deal. The Winners. Tension had started building the previous night in a phone call between Mr Gove and Mr Johnson. Mr Johnson agreed, but drew the line when Mr Gove said he wanted his chief of staff to be Dominic Cummings, his former special adviser at the Department of Education and a key strategist in the Leave campaign.

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Mr Cummings is a controversial and at times divisive figure, and Mr Johnson put his foot down. ITV News cameras showed up to film people arriving, and one journalist let slip that they had been tipped off by Sarah Vine. S till, Mr Gove was saying all the right things. Leave campaigners began to think that Mr Johnson had gone soft on Brexit, though sources close to Mr Johnson insist the article was co-edited by Mr Gove.

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Was he setting Mr Johnson up for a fall? Mr Gove and, as we now know, his wife considered their next move. W ednesday brought an even more significant meeting, this time between Mr Johnson and Andrea Leadsom , the highly-regarded energy minister and Leave campaigner. Mr Johnson and his key ally Dominic Raab had been hoping to convince her to give up her own leadership ambitions and throw her weight behind his campaign. M r Johnson left the meeting believing he had succeeded. Insiders said Ms Leadsom had signed a letter supporting his leadership bid.

She would be unveiled as the big surprise at his launch event the next day, with Mr Gove introducing her as the newest convert, and Ms Leadsom introducing Mr Johnson. Blamed for engineering the Brexit that so many of them never wanted, he had become a hate figure for many. Mr Cameron used the ball to make a speech in which he thanked his predecessors for their support, and hoped his successor would enjoy the same relationship knowing full well that Sir John Major had told the Andrew Marr programme that Mr Johnson should not be PM.

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  • The inside story of how Boris Johnson's leadership campaign was torpedoed by Michael Gove.

At Now, as midnight approached, he was deep in conversation with Mr Gove, conspiratorially discussing whether Mr Johnson was a busted flush. Mr Boles, the first to be told by Mr Gove that he was going to run against Mr Johnson, instantly switched his backing to the Justice Secretary and agreed to chair his campaign.

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Mr Johnson is understood to have known nothing until he heard it on the news. A ll of a sudden, the leaking of the Sarah Vine email did not seem so accidental after all. This seems to have been a pretty well developed, quite creepy operation. S ources have told The Telegraph that Mr Gove had told Theresa May about his intention to run even before he told Sir Lynton Crosby, such was the cold-bloodedness of the ambush. But if voters are making decisions based on identity and values, rather than facts, it becomes even more important for newsrooms to look and sound like their audiences.

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Technology can also play a role in sharpening coverage. Google now tags fact-checking sites in its News search results.

Pogrund cites Pheme, a web application being developed to track rumors as they spread across social media. The goal is to automate the process of identifying material as speculation, controversy, misinformation, or disinformation by cross-referencing it with other data sources across the web. If successful, Pheme would help journalists sort through social media rumors in real-time. Both Brexit and the election of Donald Trump happened despite dire warnings of the potential consequences from mainstream politicians on the left and right. Clearly, many voters do not believe the facts as reported in the traditional media.

Before anything else, journalism must restore its authority and regain the trust of the public.