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The vision was shared with them, they had a chance to ask questions, and at the end of the day, another step toward unity was made. A few weeks ago, we had all our staff and elders together for a vision retreat. In , we grew by 37 percent and we were all sensing that we needed to prayerfully develop a grander vision for the next five years. This felt like a tall task given that our church has only existed for six years. Want to know why I think the day was successful?

Because we argued. We pushed. We clawed.

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We fought. If someone had something to say, they said it. If someone felt like the Holy Spirit was giving a check in their heart, they shared. That day was exhausting.

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But we walked away with a vision that will bring glory to God if we take action on it. Difficult conversations are the on-ramps to unified direction. Without them, the drift will be the norm. Think about it.

Feed my sheep. Paul rebuked the Corinthian church for allowing some deeply disturbing immorality to go on in their midst.

Followership: A forgotten paradigm for leadership

And there are many more examples we could dive into, but you get the point. In a church united by love, the service of leadership will always point to Christ.

Among us we know no difference in rank. We are all brothers and sisters, all members of the one body, each serving the other. Governing this body is its sole head, Jesus Christ. For the authoritative version, see the print edition.

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Table of Contents 4. Next Page: Making Decisions Next. View related bible verses John —19 1 Thess —13; Heb View related bible verses 1 Tim —12; —7 Titus —9. View related bible verses Acts ; View related bible verses 1 Pet —4; 1 Tim — View related bible verses 1 Pet Gal ; Phil — View related bible verses Eph — View related bible verses 1 Cor —5; 2 Cor —6.

View related bible verses Titus How a leader serves is important, but more important is whom they serve. A great difference exists between falling back on proven principles and relentlessly seeking the guidance of God. Built into every biblical mandate is the call to submit to God, to listen for His prompting through Word and Spirit, and to obey accordingly.

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  • There are no shortcuts. The most purpose-driven job description cannot replace the necessity for pastors to let God lead and be the first in line to follow.

    Leadership styles in biblical literature

    Andrew LePau lists followership among the most important biblical motifs for Christian leaders. The effect is to cast the pastor back upon his or her own resources. Having said this, there are goals to be set and projects to be completed within the church. But there are motivations here other than the bottom line.

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    Perhaps, if Christian leaders are going to look to the world for leadership insights, they might consider taking a few leads from the storytellers rather than the moneymakers. Consider the insights of a longtime film director:. And sometimes we get consensus. Anyone in that community can help me or hurt me. But the joy is in the give-and-take. Better yet, the letters of Paul 2 Cor. At every turn the church must ask itself, Does it really make any difference, in our life together, in what we do, that in Jesus Christ God is reconciling the world to himself?