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Kendra really bares it all- the good, the bad and the ugly. A memoir at 25 does seem pretty strange, but I can understand that Kendra has done quite a lot of living in that time! Melissa , Ohhh, yes…you will definitely enjoy this one then!

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Her story is definitely interesting. I heard an excerpt on the radio from this book about their sex life.

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It was kinda gross and weird! Tara , Haha YES!

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Read my story here. Skip to content. November 9, Meet Jessica. Got big goals? Search for:.

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This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Find out more. Got it, thanks! Also, there is often confusion about runners who remain upright but do not "crash" into the fielder.

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It is the umpire's discretion, but merely "bumping into" the catcher shouldn't result in the runner being called out. What does it mean for my player? Our catchers need to learn to 1 stay well out of the way of the runner unless there is a play at the plate, and 2 if there is a tag play at the plate, take the throw from just in front of the plate and then block the plate.

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Our runners should obviously slide when there is a play at the plate, and good sportsmanship requires that they avoid running over catchers who are blocking the plate without the ball too, even though the collision would be the catcher's fault. This may mean sliding into and upending a catcher who is blocking the plate while watching the play. West University Softball Association Search. What is the rule about sliding into home plate?

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