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Symbios Embed. Media Symbios. I don't even know where to start with this story. I liked it - it was interesting - but the whole thing was just plain shocking. He's stranded all alone and what he does to survive is Read it. It's interesting. It'll make your jaw drop to the ground as your brain screams "What the hell did I just read? View 1 comment. Mar 29, Katie rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , sf , lendable-kindle.

This was a good short story. Started off good and the voice of the character really kept me engaged in his prediction. Unfortunately the ending sucked even though it left me wanting more; it didn't feel like an ending. Jun 22, Ron rated it really liked it Shelves: ebook , science-fiction , short. Excellent short story. Kimball should do more science fiction, since he admits this is his only effort and done in high school at that.

A very good read. Quick sci fi read Short and good. Easy to read. Finished in one sitting, less than 30 min.

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Never fails to get a chuckle or twenty from me, one of favorite writers ever. Apr 13, saradevil rated it it was amazing. This is haunting and beautiful. It is not fun, nor is it polite, but the pathos is very easy to follow and as an exploration the decent into madness, this words on those fronts. Great quick read! Really good story with a lot to think about.

About the author Joe Kimball is a pen name A wormhole leads a man to a distant planet, where the primitive aliens live in a perfect symbiotic relationship with the ecosystem. About the author Joe Kimball is a pen name of thriller author J. Feb 27, Joseph M. Loved it. This is not high literature. But it screams truth! This is a simple, oft-used plot; just a sci-fi twist to it. What I enjoyed was the simple theme. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten.

Short Story

Jack London wrote of such things. Robert B. Parker writes of such things. The call of the wild lives, in all its Darwinian glory, whether it be the Yukon, Boston or outer space. Life is a war; when you find yourself face to face with death, all "humanity," if there really is such a thing, vanishes in a hea Loved it. Life is a war; when you find yourself face to face with death, all "humanity," if there really is such a thing, vanishes in a heartbeat. In such moments we learn that "civilization" is a veneer not much more than one molecule thick. Jan 02, Alex Shrugged rated it liked it.

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Konrath,a horror and mystery writer for his science fiction novels. This is apparently an old one and a first try. It is a short story and not bad. A space man is stranded on a planet where there is no food except for the aliens who are also stranded there. You can imagine what happens when the food runs out. But a good short story.

This book also came with excepts from "Timecaster" which sounded interesting. It caught my attention. And "Origin" which did not catch my attention. I might pick up Timecaster and see how that goes. Apr 18, Jayme rated it it was amazing. This book was so good!!!

I loved every minute spent reading it which granted wasn't many. The main character crashes on a distant planet. The entire book is "written" through his Voice Recorder entries. This makes for a great riding style and somewhat of a roller coaster ride. It was fun getting a big shock when the next entry would start. I highly recommend reading this.

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Oct 10, Eero rated it it was ok Shelves: free-ebook , kindle. Free short story. It wasn't that bad: the guy is a decent writer. But it wasn't great either. Mostly I was reminded of Stephen King's story "Survivor Type" about a guy in a somewhat similar situation, although this one was a different kind of creepy.

Nominally science fiction, but not really. There were some errors. The one I remember is "whither" instead of "wither". Nov 12, Nev Murray rated it it was amazing.

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This is just brilliant. According to the authors notes this written by Mr Konrath when he was still in college. An big talent at an early age. This is a story set in the future. A spaceship crash lands on a distant planet after being sucked through a wormhole. There is only one survivor and this story is told through the voice logs he keeps. Just how far would you go in order to survive! Jun 17, Caridad cruz rated it liked it.

The story was good up until the guy lost his hand, then it got cheesy! I also felt like the author was cramming in words towards the middle, it felt rushed. The ending was good because it made you think, what happened???? Had the author took a little more time, a page or 2 more in the middle of the story,the suspense would of lingered and it would of been a 4 star read.

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Dec 30, Richard Stephenson rated it really liked it. I really liked it. Okay so yeah - it didn't take long to figure out where the story was going. But dang I started out repulsed and ended up being upset for not being let in on how much more our 'hero' would do. Kudos - you've made a monster out of me, Mr. Konrath, Kilborn, Kimball, it doesn't matter what name he goes by, J. Really cool science fiction story about survival, morality, and hunger. Do yourself a favor and read this one.