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Please do check first that they are not already available at Project Gutenberg Australia or Project Gutenberg. To this end we are happy to receive donations of ebooks, from the list below those titles where no link to the book exists , to add to our collection. Of course, we are only able to accept works that are public domain in Australia. Generally speaking, this means that the author died in or earlier. In a list this long, there are bound to be typos, etc. As always, donations of ebooks by Australian authors and of general Australian interest are greatly appreciated.

Project Gutenberg Australia a treasure-trove of literature treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership. This story is about that; starting at the beginning of the creation and continuing through the ages, until the time of Jesus, this is a fresh take on a beloved story told in a She wishes for something exciting to happen and gets much more than she can handle. She takes an adventure of a lifetime and discovers there is much more to this universe Read More Kissing Worms Zee is a girl who loves to fish, but just a little different than everyone else.

If you do something that others do but in your own way, then this is the book for you Only the names and places have been fictionalized. Memorial Day weekend , my husband was in a motel room with his mistress when he had a stroke. That stroke set off a chain of events that would change our lives forever. A stroke, an affair — put thes What is happening to modern societies?

Everywhere one looks one finds signs of moral and social decay. In the US today, a reincarnation of the s Nazi "Brownshirts"-aided and abetted by demented billionaires and euphemistically calling themselves Antifa-are marching in the streets, attacking any It is a contemporary retelling of a classic theme: man's search for the Holy Grail and the answer to the age—old question, "Whom does the Grail serve?

Once a respected reporter for The Journal, Read More A Bad Joke and a Metaphor Having just tragically lost her mother and him dealing with heartbreak, Belle and Julian spend their summer after high school grieving rather than being free of responsibilities and planning celebratory parties. Belle thinks the easiest thing for her to do is to remove the event of her mother's deat Read More The Book of It This book, The Book of It, is not the ultimate and single explanation of what its author has uncovered by years of reading, research, and listening to the words and teachings of others.

The fact is that the only part of It that can be described by a single strand within The Book of It explains, at t What do they want? How long have we known about them? How many are out there? And what can you do when around them? Welcome to The Sociopath's Playbook. Delve deep into the mind—sets of abusive individuals and immerse in strategies to counter them. Designed a Keylee and Lori are best friends, but when Keylee moves to Thaph things change. She learns her grandfather is a herbalist, and she starts to learn the trade. But in doing so, she learns there are evil wizards with sinister plots, and she is determined to uncover them all while writing letter Read More Bill Kills Bill is an ugly man in spirit and actions, but you see, it's an endearing kind of sociopathic ugly.

Five unfortunate victims will find themselves at an intersection with Bill. That intersection will lead them to become snared in two unsolved homicides and three unnatural deaths. Bill kills. He's qui Genocidal tsunamis sucked bullions of people into the seas. Asteroid ash from surface targets ensured an ice age. The world was quick to notice America hadn't been targ Read More A Broken Sausage Grinder This political guide helps us understand why the federal government is designed as it is and how it can be fixed. Everybody proclaims disgust with the political system, yet the system continues to get more disgusting.

Is the hard—nosed partisanship in politics today the result of a flaw in Read More The Boat Sea mines are the original stealth weapon that just silently sit and wait. As of the late s, thirty—one nations manufactured mines and twenty exported them. While our capabilities to address this threat has improved, the mission of mine warfare is one of the most underfunded in the defense age Feeling something missing in his life, he decides to go to college, during which he meets his beloved Nikki.

Aunt Jessica's Bedtime Stories, Cyrus The Unsinkable Sea Serpent

He is making the most common mistake that most guys do-falling in love too fast. Find out the chilling tru Read More Life After Love Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows. These words illuminate what sometimes happens when we are victims of a domestic violence relationship and are blinded by the love and emotional attachment that we feel for our partner.

Although red flags are beating At age fourteen, Lee Williams suffered a car accident that permanently transformed her life. Her spine and brain were severely injured, for weeks her life was in doubt, and for a very long time she had to undergo an extreme program of rehabilitation. Yet she has not only survived but thrived Read More F. S Rising Industrialist Richard Roberts has spent his career conquering the worlds of business and media. He has played both sides of the US political machine to his benefit for decades, making donations and purchasing influence whichever way the political wind was blowing.

As King Richard prepares to These writings are offered for those average "man on the street" type of low—information conservative who have been awakened and want to volunteer their efforts by enlisting in the cause to help recover American freedoms from this left They were young when she passed, and her death was a forbidden topic of conversation in their home.

When a beautiful woman named Doris enters their lives, seemingly by accident, they are all too accepting. Never really It tells how America has made laws that are against God's law. The Supreme Court has violated the law of God by saying it's okay for two people of the same sex to marry. It tells that marriage cannot be redefin Read More Angelkin In a world of vampires and shifters, angels and demons are a myth.

Anthea Black is one of those myths, an angel. For Anthea Black, it's business as usual, friends setting her up for blind dates, working in her adoptive family's business and with the paranormal community as a silent witness to what h Read More Trudy Tales After the death of the author, the finishing pages and foreword were found, and the author's mother decided to go forward with the book to share the special bond between a man and his dog. Have you ever asked, "Lord, what do you want me to do"? This question could come during times of stress or hardship but it could also be simply our desire to do what He wants us to do.

This book is a guide for a variety of situations or circumstances where we need divine guidance. All we have to do Read More The Civil War Face The human condition, awash in despair, desire, and degradation, is largely beyond the poet's ability to capture in words. The author, nonetheless, has made a feeble attempt to do so.

The first five are historical fiction, all based on genealogical information from the author's ancestors. The next eight are autobiographical and are arranged chronologically. The last one springs from a love of horses. Read More Confessions from a Pastor's Daughter Pastors' children should be allowed to pursue their dreams. After all, you only have one life to live. People need to stop putting their pastor and their children on a pedestal. They too are going to make mistakes.

To my knowledge, there is only one perfect man to walk on this planet Earth. He is th Read More Dragon Flute Welcome back as we join Jalen Bloom, old friends and new on another adventure through a world of magic and mysticism-Calladrin. Dragonsoft, the laptop business founded in Los Angeles, had been going strong for over a decade and a half, with Jim Foley happily married to Summer and raising their belov Read More 30 Years of Hindsight Robert Paul had a best friend… The boy—girl with the dangling earring , they were truly best friends.

They used to live walking distance away and would hang out all the time. But times change as people do and people move as well…geographically. Robert did not see his friend as much as he used You begin to listen to the still, small voice inside. You pay attention to the repeating inspired thoughts or ideas that won't go away. You notice the patterns in your life and recognize the message within them. You receive the Read More Lean Ideation Seventy percent of all new products introduced in the USA fail and are taken off the market within three years.

And these failures come from large companies, many of which are Fortune and advertise with Super Bowl TV commercials. There are a number of reasons these products fail, but perhaps the If you ca Leela desperately searched through her home and the valley she lived in so she can recover her tooth to give to the tooth fairy.

Throughout her adventures, she incorporated the help of a little doe named Mack. Leela searched des Read More Border Crossings When Police Chief Chance Boden's day started with the news that one of his Dead Oaks' Officers had been horribly murdered and two young women were missing, he had no idea of the evil that had crossed many borders to attack Dead Oaks, or that he would need the help of Jake O'Nell and his teams as the Read More Fleeting Moments Fleeting Moments is a compilation of poetry dealing with lust, loss, love, longing, and just living life.

Brought on by an awe—inspiring sunset, this book is a reminder that all things are temporary to us, whether it is beautiful or painful. We must learn to appreciate the beauty and learn from th Read More Broken Soul In Broken Soul, the author tells the story of her mother's alcoholism, and fanatic love for her father; which nearly destroyed her entire family from the late 's to the present.

She believed that her baby brother suffered the most, and was also let down by the local agencies which should have Read More Shake Well Before Using "Shake well before using," or simply dip in and stir your way around this collection of one—act plays. You'll find lots of laughs, several feel—good moments, and a few serious notes. There is a trilogy tracking the arc of a fiftieth—year class reunion, some old—time, sometimes off—the—w Missy was an Australian shepherd.

She was smart and sensitive. She loved to kiss Sarah on the nose. Sarah loved to run her fingers through Missy's long light—brown hair and gently rub the tips of her ears. Missy and Sarah loved to play tug with Read More Influencing Generation Next Influencing Generation Next is a heartfelt motivational book that will inspire, challenge, and equip you to help younger people in your spheres reach their full potential in Christ. No matter what background you come from or who you are trying to raise up, there is always a way to make a difference Read More The Harlem of the South Follow the amazing journey of a music store owner Joe Higdon, whose journey was filled with and joy also sadness; his walk in life led him in to open the legendary Hollywood Music Store in Jacksonville, Florida, in the historic African American community of Lavilla, which was incorporated as a Family tragedy strikes.

Lenox's world drastically changes when she has to live with her aunt in small—town Iowa. Lenox uses her gift to see auras to mingle, avoid, and blend in at public school, hoping to get home ASA Read More Breakdown Squared. The purpose of this book is to exemplify the use or misuse of morality in our world. Forgive me as one who struggled with alcohol and was a onetime quite immoral person. I'm pointing to an overall breakdown in societies.

I have no solution…. Read More Feelings in Solitude A book of prayerful poetry from a heartbroken time in my life. My hope is that others going through pain will relate and perhaps find their own healing Read More Not Just Famous! Find out what becomes of this young girl who has a big imagination, who likes a challenge, and who loves to learn! Read More True Civility True Civility explores civility practices in different contexts and diverse environmental terrains.

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So long as society and environment continue in their roles as fundamental variables in qualifying the act of civility, the ability to adapt our practices to these surroundings we find ourselves in rem I Borrowed Them! While walking with my wife through a Target store recently, we noticed a mother with her teenage son walking in the direction toward us. That was not all we noticed. This mother was in her early forties and her son a teenager. Her leggings were so tight that there was no imagination needed.

Labaree, Mary Schauffler

What she Nothing could have prepared Cynthia Wilkinson on that first day in February , for what she was about to experience as an officer in the Cook County jail. She would meet inmates from all walks of life, of diverse nationalities, and accused of every horrific crime Read More Pronator "If there is any doubt lingering around our new man Sammy's talent, we're going to play a little game. And the entire team rotation of batters nervously wait to be called to the plate.

Read More Yellow Moon Cali is a very pretty twenty—year—old girl who stands at five feet and five inches tall with long flowing dark red hair. With her best friend, Windy Cool, they deal with something they could not expect-a mystery with no clues they work together helping the people of the Hawaiian island from the Read More Life, Liberty, and Injustice Humankind is changing rapidly expanding and spread out across a continuously changing global landscape. We have many phrases that has given us birth to state— of— the art technology, groundbreaking science and innovative processes.

And yet while these achievements are to be revered, we continu Read More Little Sarge Rising from the ashes of an abusive childhood came a strong, loving, and protective fighter. Little Sarge is the inspiring true story of an eighteen—year old young woman who joined the Army as soon as age permitted after graduating from high school. She overcame all the tremendous challenges and o It was written in a matter of minutes, and not one word was ever changed. He flapped his wings once more and then settled them down against his body. The device is twenty—three miles across the atoll from where our office is located.

The device is sitting on a float of some sort over where an island was blown away. Every flight I made to get flying time, I would fly The ones left who will have the answers to what is really happening, according to the Bible, will be the ones preoccupied with their own challenges and not so eager to explain what they know out of fear of being captured, persecu This book keeps you engaged while following Shirley and her children's journey after her husband is killed.

She has to take several jobs in order to maintain a home for her children. Her neighbor and friend, Rita, was playing the Ouija board one night. Shirley's dead husband comes through an Read More Only in Florida. If Mike Lyman needed something to add adventure to his life after a period of stale and humdrum, he found it in Mosquito Lagoon. The remote waterway with its many islands is thirty miles from his home, but it becomes the place where all his new questions can be answered. In his regular life, These are the stories about children and their families growing up in a small coal—mining town.

Even as a small child, Shelby understood the hardships of her time. She not only was responsible for caring fo Read More Ophelia and the Onerous Onychomycosis It was another cold day in Michigan, and Ophelia was just setting up for a fun tea party when it happened. Something strange was on her nail! Will her nail fall off? Will it look ugly forever? Will she need to be quarantined from other people? An anxious trip to the doctor's office reveals what affl It will show how God works in mysterious ways and the path he wants you to follow.

My faith was tested so many times in life where I came so close to giving up. However, unbeknownst to me, God had oth Read More Jesus and the Crusades Against Evil Mankind is between good and evil, and Jesus is coming for the judgment for the living and the dead. This judgment is to overcome against evil with all the faithful of humanity, living and the dead, to fight against the extinction of earth with the decision between faithful and the temptation of evil He is the one we see at the moment that our time on earth has come to an end. But there is much more than that. He was once a family man.

He was once Mark Lancaster. This is the story of how a man living in Europe during the s went from be Read More Between Heaven and Earth The true story of one woman's near—death experience comes to life in this book Read More Government Jobs A neurotic, imaginative Bobby Nicksen finds himself in the height of a squirrel infestation. Has no time for anyone. Enter his best friend, Jim Trask. Trask offers advice and support but is out of his league. Ends up rekindling his long—ago love affair with Bobby's wife, Marion.

Trask, a naive con Read More Small Aircraft Operations Manual This book is a compilation of a half—century of flying experience in general aviation machines sixteen thousand hours and provides specific techniques and tips to enhance your knowledge of aviation and to improve your abilities and confidence as a pilot or student and person. Coupling that fli A recommended investment of two hundred dollars along with twenty—dollar bets on the first bet and not add Read More The Chronicles of the Ancient Wizards of Avalon This book is dedicated to all those readers who lived a hard life and received, or shall receive, divine intervention from the Great Creator and who are intelligent enough to know the fine line between mythology and reality sometimes disappears and they both join together as one.

For one human's jun O'Connor had spent most of his adult life trying to find two Union Army officers that his family had assigned to have been from the ranks of the heavenly host because of help that they had provided to members of the family during the Civil War. Both men had done God's work on earth to benefit They both attend the same school at Shidare Yanagi Academy. Read More The Cave of Mystery The Cave of Mystery is a mid—twentieth—century story filled with the exciting adventure of two twelve—year—old friends who live in the small mid—western town of Hickory Creek.

All school year, Andy and Wes overheard the older kids talk about a cave, near the old abandoned farm, that Read More Blazing Alive Point no finger if you let the truth pass by. Where were you when a difference you could make was in your very hand? Airline Captain Arnault dwelled on this question. Would it lead to termination from his airline career? Aviation is ever so efficient. Clean, pristine, until that moment when o He met the genius Homer there.

He graduated from high school in a graduating class of about fifty people Read More Cold Tap Cold—Tapping — the pirating of crude oil or finished petroleum products from pipelines or other petroleum production facilities. Cold—tapping is most prevalent in West Africa, specifically Nigeria.

Cold Tap follows two distinct plotlines. These lines intersect during the BP—Macondo ec Read More Persevere Quiana was born a regular, healthy baby girl. She was a normal toddler, normal school—age child. It was in her early teenage years when circumstances began to change. Quiana was all of a sudden thrust into a strange world that would become her life. At the tender age of thirteen, she was diagnosed Read More It Wasn't Like This Before The journey of grief can be a hard road to travel, and overwhelming feelings of sadness can take our focus off God. But God understands our pain, and He will bring us hope, light, and love to travel our days ahead.

He will guide us on our journey and mend our brokenness, turning it into something mo Read More Mary Day Orchard. The author wants the reader to know he is into LOVE — whether affecting his heart or someone else's — as is the main character in this book — who dispenses love freely — never condemning the actions of those who know nothing of its existence and the want to understand its absence.

She talked about how in her childhood, she has become a friend of nature, which has impacted her life and abetted her throughout the diversity of many encumbrances. Through nature, she has learned what life is about, and Read More Ultimate Concerns Ultimate Concerns is a collection of twenty—seven short stories that focus on those states and events of life that are universal and of immense importance. Love, the growth of a child, relationships within and between the generations, relationships with God, the humanness of God, finding one's pl Read More Dunes of Fire Dunes of Fire was completed in the summer of June , after two years of composing its plot and characters.

Just like a vintage wine, this book will draw you into its plot as you turn every page. The book is a fiction, historical, fantasy, and romance-one to put in your personal library for genera Read More Transcendent Light The author writes about her lifelong battle between good and evil. Dawson came into the world in in Bastrop, Louisiana. Early on in her life, while growing up in small—town Texas, Brother Standley informed Gail's parents that their daughter is special and has received God's calling.

As the Beach Boys sing "Let's go surfing now, everybody's learning how Like a good mai tai, this story is one part romance, one part Maui travel guide, with surfing lessons thrown in for good measure. After being hit by a ball, the bright little light felt he was doomed after all. Sad, so sad, the little light looked so bad. A wish he learned in class, where they make the bright col Read More Thoughts and Stories Thoughts and Stories for an Uncertain World is a collection of perspective writings divided into three parts.

The first-poems-represents the author's beginnings as a creative writer. The second-essays-is a series of political, philosophical, and historical essays. The third-short stories-is a collec Read More In The Sandbox In the Sandbox was written to make children aware of the one thing they never had to take into consideration. It is recommended that this book be read to children by an adult with open discussion. It could also be read by children at least eight years of age and older.

This is not necessarily a true Read More The Flagellant Did you find yourself rooting for the villain in a horror movie? Maybe it's because horror films represent the victims as cowering lambs ready to throw their own mother in the jaws of death to save themselves. The usual pack of unsuspecting teenagers, through their own stupidity, serves themselves u His position in the Union Army was sharpshooter.

There were many, many killings. The haunts visit Roy at least once a month. It is merely a choice. Islam Dropout was written to voice a choice and to express why this choice was made and what took place and is still taking place for some people. Islam Dropout is an autobiography of a choice A talisman of ultimate power. The gods of old.

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An innocent child. The final fate of them all. Illyria always knew she was different, but knowing the truth of how different she was turned out to be something else entirely. The love of her family and the boy who holds her heart are The culture in which we live is an infectious and polarizing wilderness. Facing the challenges of society will require strength outside of us to be successful. It will require faith in God, through His Son Jesus Christ, to address hate, injustice, implicit bias, division, poverty, anti—Sem This reading can also b Read More Black Dragonfire In the world of Ramzier, dark forces are growing to unthought of heights of power.

Orcs and dark elves are pouring into the world in droves. The damage and pain they have wrought are immeasurable. But prophecy foretells of two men orphaned in their youth who will rise up and bring the lands together Read More The Hidden Playground What if I told you guys that you could be alone and intimate with a nearly limitless selection of beautiful and stimulating women with no strings attached?

What if I told you gals that you could make an amazing amount of money in the company of typically generous, handsome, well mannered, and educat Life was not fair for Dalphne from being rape, teen pregnancy, being homeless, and feeling worthless; no one loved her or cared for her.

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Her hom Man's best friend. They have been for generations and will be for many more to come. They are loyal companions, they are our best friends, and they are family. But there are those that serve a greater purpose. The unsung dogs of war. This is just one of several stories showing that not all Children want to learn. They need to be able to understand and digest what is going on around them. Some parents and families have a hard time talking about or explaining things to their young. Hopefully, this book can help children from those famil Read More Client Affairs The appearance to an outsider that one has their life completely together can often be a sign that things are truly falling apart.

Gary Tornow always played by the rules. So much so that he turned his love for uniformity and rule minding into a career. Gary almost wrote his life as a script to a mov Read More Facets Facets are known in all lives, in our subtle thoughts that speak as a silent voice within, and yet they somehow have the amazing power to change courses and rewrite destinies. Some reflective, some striking a poignant nerve ever reminding us of our own humanity found in these truths felt from a para Mikel Feilen, is an enlightening, informative, and inspirational look at a misunderstood and hideous disease, epilepsy.

In the United States alone, more than three million people suffer with some form of a seizure disorder, and that number increases every year. Read More Cuanto se Aprende de un Pueblo "Cuanto se aprende de pueblo" su autor empieza describiendo su pueblo, su. When Dead Clocks Chime is the literary debut by C. Phillips as author and storyteller. From vengeance to charm, to the paragon of nightmares, C. Phillips brings to the printed page haunting tales of heinous jealousy, yuletide romance, and unthinkable horrors.

Each paranormal tale takes As a teen in the early fifties, his choices were limited. Most kids in the neighborhood turned to gangs and drugs. Bob Magone made a different choice. Read More Unlocking Your Soul's Consciousness You have been programmed for centuries to come from a rational, persuasive, and susceptible mind when it comes to understanding God, yourself, where you come from, why you are here on earth, and who created you. You do not realize that you were personally part of the story of creation written by the Read More Solving the Riddle Dr.

Abdur—Rahman's life journey took on an unusual evolutionary process from delinquency to adult court, long—term incarceration, rehabilitation, and a progressive and productive life. From Pop Warner quarterback to one of the most recognized drug dealers in Philadelphia and one of the most infl Read More A Melody of Love This story is about a couple of high school crushes that got together later in life to find true love.

He was a contractor who recently moved to Parkersburg, West Virginia, where he found his high school crush in a grocery store, and it just so happened the house he bought was fifteen minutes from w However, soon their great benefit to beauty and the environment are recognized. They are bravely saved with the help of a little girl named Audrey and her favorite bee This book is a written testament to the power of love, faith, hope, and strength. It details the life and death of a woman named Snowe my mother who came as close to being an angel as possible.

He also fought the demon of mental i This book tells a story about a little girl going back and forth from one city to another and the struggles of the environments of the two cities that sh Read More Improving Leadership Professional development programs for educational leaders, and leaders in general, are more relevant than ever. It is in this background that the proposed intervention, the creation of a transformational leadership orientation manual with a workbook for improving leadership styles through models of Read More Kane Driven mad by a lifelong battle with depression and suffocating fear of failure, a devoted husband and father violently takes his own life and finds himself trapped in a dark, terrifying underworld ruled by a psychotic fallen angel, a place of hopelessness where lost souls face unimaginable horrors Two birds that just moved to town and trying to start fresh.

Now that they have a place to call home just like anyone else they are forced to find work. However, being a walking bird in a big city could be tric Read More Deception Deception is a romance novel consisting of ten chapters, highlighting the life of an intelligent, attractive, ambitious, and witty young lady, by the name of Miranda Abor Hernandez, who got way more than she bargained for out of life.

Miranda is the sole child of Kenneth and Cristin Abor Hernandez, Sleep a little on deck as others keep watch. Wake up. Shake off the groggies. Clean the guns. Check the torpedoes. Wander the deck. No talk of family. Our futures — too tenuous. Survive in the moment. Time floating by in seconds and minute Read More The Road to the Top Follow his attempts to discover a career path, his relations Read More Monkey Du - Siblings.

Monkey Du is based on a set of monkeys that learned how to act like humans and started imitating the behaviors and the history of humans. The story takes place at a time when the monkeys are in school, mostly doing pranks, getting into trouble, and messing with their siblings.

These g Read More Ambassador Undercover The main purpose for writing this book is to inform readers about things God did during the seven years we were missionaries in New Zealand. Read More Stronghold It was early morning when the enemy began shelling the surveillance outpost on Hill They sent out a message to their headquarters but were told that they were not under attack. Then a sudden blizzard swept through the valley, slowing down the enemy advance. One brother is really overweight, and the other brother is skinny!

They are complete opposites even with their daily chores. The skinny brother likes to keep his room neat, and the fat brother doesn't. The overw Read More The Powers of the Age to Come Generation after generation, the whole world needs the emergence of spiritual revolutionists. Because of the complexity of this branch of divine education, intending saints need a sort of encouragement and direction from biblical patriarchs and gospel saints that have paid different prices for diffe Read More Wright Writes about Right and Rites My book is a philosophical journey through a life and a career touching six continents and many interesting characters.

In so, I was discovering lessons and truths whether or not I was consciously seeking them. This is the story of a young woman and the struggle she had to keep her family from the horrors of Nazi Germany. Beginning with her comfortable life as the wife of a successful doctor of political science in Berlin, she takes her three young children through a harrowing journey across German Take a journey along with the author on her road to recovery, while battling to come to terms with her sexual identity using poetry a Read More Unlikely Heroine El Presidente's rebels attacked the Bonica Palace from all sides with quickness and precision that surrender was inevitable.

The French consulate and his wife were brutalized and killed. El Presidente beheaded the consulate and rode through the streets, displaying the consulate's head on a pole, glo Ladies, if you really don't want to know the crazy sh—— that goes through your man's mind, you shouldn't be reading this book. Seriously, put it down — now! And guys, you definitely shouldn't give this book to your wives or girlfriends, especially if you have wives and The uneasiness of developing a relationship for both sides is difficult at first. Then one day, Maria finds an archery bow, and a bond develops between her and Grandpa as he discovers her A tragic event completely destroys Joe's moral compass, and he decides that his decisions are now his own and will no longer be controlled by God.

Football becomes his place of retribution and triumph, Read More Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First Having grown up in an exceptionally loving family but with a dysfunctional, alcoholic father, Jackie felt like she had a hole in her heart. Searching for answers and healing, she sought the help of several psychologists.

She came away feeling like they were the ones who really needed help. Then she He typed in on an old Apple desktop computer then on a laser printer. His biggest dream is that one day, he would like to publish a book. He got the idea on a magazin Only once are you born into a family, and if you're fortunate enough to find a lasting spouse and bring children into this world, just once are they born into your family.

That is special. God is always putting us to the test They are based out of Montana in a village called Jake's Place. There are over ten thousand wounded warriors and their families residing in Jake's Place. Read More Masquerade Here lies the beginning and the end, a chapter in my life exorcised and expelled. And now in its absence, I am allowed to move forward from that place.

In this third piece as the final masquerade, all is revealed. All those that took part in the development of the truth and what was to come are brou Read More The Man Who Never Was Were two men, each lost at sea more than a decade apart, connected by the same fishing boat that each may have been piloting? These narrations are meant to provide a lesson to countries around the world about the dangers Read More The Bag Lady This book depicts a woman who, because of a tragic event and unfortunate circumstances, is forced to eat from dumpsters and sleep under overpasses The poetical pieces of collective works are based on influences of Underground Rap and Heavy Metal, as well as Mainstream Entertainment Media.

Based on influenc Read More Prisoner of Poetry The poems in this book were written by a man who has lived a life of hardship, where pain was a constant factor. I am that man, and I promise you that in this book you will find something you can relate to because we all have been through hard times of pain and situations we can never forget. I know Benjamin was born in , the third child of a sharecropper. Those words to me while serving as a young police officer in the spring of from my chief of police Perry Larson in River Falls, Wisconsin, started my journey.

Herbert G. This was before all the ads came out about if someone can't talk, you need to get them to the ER. That was what had happened to her the day before. She then had a stroke while her son w Read More Truck Driving This book contains information many truck drivers can benefit from. One of them was how I developed a way to stay awake and alert for many miles behind the wheel His life feels super important to him, and he will grow up to be a very special and important person, having a lot of fun along the way.

Nathaniel is so big and scary. She misses her mother so much. Held in captivity since an early age, will she ever escape this world that she is in?

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  6. Is there anybody out there that can help her? Is she destined to live the rest of Visible and tangible things will disappear at some point-our body, property, reputation, status, intelligence, and the like. All those will end. Read More Sorry? Formatted as a choose—your—way story, the reader takes control and decides what decisions are made, leaving mor You're morally a good person, kind to others, and take care of your family.

    You know because of God's grace and mercy, he sent his only Son to die for the sins of the whole world; so because you believe in Him, you expect to go to heaven. But now ima Did the pancakes just walk away? Hey, kids! Let's follow the pancake trail to find out where the pancakes mysteriously disappeared to.

    Read More Poems are Delightful Special Sayings are Joyful Poems are Delightful: Special Sayings are Joyful second edition is another wonderful book of poetry that the author has once again give to you, her readers, as God gives them to the author. The words are so sweet, she lets them flow, all the things that was pondering in her heart, she now must let t After the events of a Halloween night gone horribly wrong, her teenage brother and friends find themselves at the center of a mystery that could endanger all Read More The Little White Pony The little white pony faces what he thinks are overwhelming odds to try to be noticed.

    Each time he attempts to reach the standards of those around him, he finds he is unable to achieve them. For the standards he was trying to achieve were unrealistic. Through each challenge, he becomes more despera Carroll also provides his perspect None of the citizens of the ancient hidden city have seen the outside world since their home was sealed off two millennia ago. But an outsider named Jeresa, on a mission to save her people, shatters Sakaret's isolated bliss as Alsed and That is until she discovers a huge amount of money is missing from the account of one of her most dangerous clients.

    The only person she can think of who would have had access to do such a thing is her business partner, Frank Je Read More The Lost Father Two attractive, impulsive young people meet, fall in love, and decide they will find happiness together. Both are determined to leave their tranquil childhood home in the South and make a happy life together.

    Excited by stories of family members who have already left and prospered, the two of them e Read More Twisted Dimensions Darius had gotten in over his head with his new business, but with a small misunderstanding, he met Paul. After extreme close quarters for several days, Paul learned to trust Darius, and Darius learned he had a new friend and a very knowledgeable business partner. Their biggest asset was a sh They need to get there and use the gems and crystal to restore the balance.

    The dwarf chosen have a troll sent by the Goddess Atla to aid them. The humans have a wood fairy named Felix to help them. The hawk chosen have Rex with them, Read More The Familiar An introductory first installment of a saga. We learn the beginnings of a hero and heroine as the journey begins. The lead, John Darkstar, ventures back to his hometown to face darkness sleeping deep in the woods.

    He must lay to rest this threat in order to protect the lives of his friends who accom The first person to have unlocked his, around BCE, has returned and attempts to sacrifice the entire human population to harvest and use their Jakeira abilities to grow infinitely more powerful.

    The only Men drifted West after being mustered out of the service after the Civil War. Some were from a winning Army. Others were dressed in gray, also looking for a new way of l Read More Framed by Who? Framed by Who?

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    Jerod was framed for a crime that landed him in jail. He was only sixteen years old. If found guilty, his dream of becoming a police officer would never be realized. His best friend, Marshall, and several other close friends knew he was not capa Read More Beyond the Scars Follow a young boy in the midst of addiction as his family is twisted apart by their parents' strong grasp to drugs.

    The Rim Valley Kids: The Lone Dog, The Cave And The Stone Frog

    He struggles to survive the abuse that torments him and helps you try to understand the cycle that consumes so many. There is love and anguish in this story of survival. The st Read More Weddings and Funerals You can peek behind the scenes of weddings and funerals with this adventure.

    You will learn how to love and live much better and more completely. You will laugh, cry, sigh and feel empowered by the practical wisdom of this very e Read More Kilo Death, drugs, revenge, and broken spirits. This is the life story of movie and TV actor Dale Robertson, told by the person who knew him best: his wife, Susan. Susan says she is not a professional writer but wanted to write this book totally herself with her own thoughts, i It will give an account of the steps I took from childhood to the present.

    All poems are a personal testimony. They give you a clear picture of who I am, whom I know, and whom I am with. We all have a testimony, but it becomes a positive Read More Whale's Tails Whale's Tails features parallel whaling tales told by four young friends who live in two different centuries. Two of the young men live in , and the other two are alive in the s.

    College students R Read More The Prophets and the Executioner In , Steven Di Carlo, unknowingly living his ninth existence as an executioner, was about to be awakened to his purpose on earth by remembering his many past lives. Along with his prophets Michael and Samuel, they would continue their enormous task of protecting the Book of Wisdom known as the K Read More Vanessa's Niece The psyche of Jacob Brougham, insofar as it concerns women, has been deeply affected by a certain type of characteristics seemingly possessed by each of his three grandmothers and his own mother all of whom he loves and respects and mistrusts and the wife of his favorite primary school teacher.

    The author's hope is to share the love of Christ through these poems and minister to others, as these have ministered to her Before the project ends, he is sent off to the fighting, returning injured, and loses his wife and finds companionship with another. As the project ends, politicians try to re Burned out?

    L'Abbat, maître d'armes

    The Medicine Wheel: Advanced Guide can give you answers you are searching for. Read More A Thug is Just a Man This book is written for the young and hopeless, for the misguided, misled, misunderstanding, and misunderstood. It's a book of growth to promote growing. A book to reveal that someone understands, can relate, and cares.

    This book is written out of love and by faith. It's inspired by life and the di What incredible things will he see along the way?

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    With his wild imagination anything can happen! Using his field scope to explore the backyard, Anthony can see all the tiny creatures that live between the blades o In every poem, many readers can relate and make a connection with the author's context. This book was written to help make teenagers — and even adults — feel that they are not Read More Comanche Rattle. Guns and battles become the lessons for a young man whose life has been turned upside down. Matt is driven by revenge because of the loss of his mother and baby sister, younger brother Jaime left for dead and his sisters kidnapped, all because of Gold.

    A Comanche medicine man rattle h It was at this moment that, as the sun lit the mountains with a purple glow to my left and a herd of With that in mind, the book seeks to use scripture to illuminate the wonderful attributes of God, such as His perfect love, omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. The book also uses Ross experienced an event in that would change his life forever. After an intracompany transfer, he encountered more clandestine and dark activities than he could imagine. Follow th Read More Dr. She is losing weight, feeling tired, drinking a lot of water, and going to the bathroom a lot.

    She goes to Dr. Goldilocks who examines her and determines that she has diabetes. Goldilocks teaches her how to take insulin and how to monitor her blood sugars, so that s Behind the Scenes is just what the title means-behind all the frontage you've seen and read concerning her life. The process to her freedom was a journey in itself. Many dead-end roads she faced. The U-turns she had to mak One thing becomes obvious to our a Read More Mistakes Gadget is a puppy who is accidentally making a lot of mistakes.