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The attacks often accompanied by large amounts of anti- Christian hate literature. Not only that, recent waves of anti-conversion laws in various Indian states passed by some states is claimed to be a gradual and continuous institutionalization of Hindutva by the Bureau of Democracy. How to be true Christians before this persecution? What are the problems behind these persecutions?

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How can we in dialogue with these extremist political parties? Do we need a new vision of evangelization? Interreligious dialogue: India is indeed the cradle of ancient religious traditions. But today, India faces racial and religious problems, frequent fight between Muslims vs Hindus, Hindus vs Christians etc. We need to find out the reason behind all these communal riots which are not the product of any religion, because all religion teaches loving one another.

A notable religious scholar, Cyril Veliath says that it is the work of individuals motivated by disgruntled politicians or phony religious leaders and where religion is concerned the typical Hindu is an exceptionally amicable and tolerant person. Hinduism as a religion could well be one of the most accommodating in the world. Rather than confront and destroy, it has a tendency to welcome and assimilate.

The Goan Inquisition is considered a blot on the history of Roman Catholic Christianity in India both by Christians and non-Christians alike even though it was finally abolished by In the campaign of destroying temples in Bardez met with success. At the end of it Hindu temples were destroyed.

Enacting laws, prohibition was laid from December 4, on rituals of Hindu marriages, sacred thread wearing and cremation. In , an order was issued by the prohibition of Konkini language by compelling to speak Portuguese language and finally 16, persons were brought to trial by the Inquisition.

BY Michael & Robin Mastro

Though it is an old story, we can find certain answers of the recent Christian persecution in India by the Hindus. How, as Conventual Franciscans to promote authentic nationalism and inclusivism, cooperation, mutual respect among all Indians who are walking hand in hand towards the Eternal Truth, God? Agonies of India: Our country is changing politically, economically and socially, at a swift speed, her agonies are growing higher and higher too. A billion Indians and million injustices! The figures tell dark stories of injustice in India: More than 30 million cases are pending in the courts; the National Human Rights Commission receives more than 75, complaints a year; the National Crimes Bureau NCB registered 27, cases of violence against Dalits in ; the NCB also reported 32, murders, 19, rapes, 7, dowry deaths and 36, molestation cases.

Injustices and violence on women, children, old people, poverty and misery of certain parts, suicide of farmers, lack of civil protection and respect to the families, forceful family planning, alcoholism and drug transportation and importation, political crimes and corruption etc are the agonies of India today. How can we transform this India to its original spirituality and transform to a culture of Gospel? In the expression of S. As Jesus lives and loves, we ought to live and love, as he forgives, each Christian must forgive, as he lives in perfect accord with the will of God, we ought to live.

The interior conformation with Christ is therefore the content of the Christian life. The discipleship begins with an encounter, a desire or a motivation and a style of life on which the Master and disciple works together. Here, the disciple comes to know the desire and life of the Master and take them as his own.

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On the part of the disciple, the passionate love for Jesus Christ is the motivating force of his vocation and consecration. In other words, it is an imitation of Jesus himself, imitating what he was and how he was. It is a call to be conformed to the life of Jesus who lived, died and resurrected. The religious consecration therefore, represents totius personae consecratio, where the person becomes Christi forme through the profession of Evangelical counsels.

What gave and continues to give religious life its meaning, vitality and relevance is indeed an irresistible passion for Jesus and his mission. The future of religious life depends on our ability to see Jesus Christ and be so captured by him and his mission that others are able to see and experience Jesus in us. The mission and lifestyle of Jesus were fully concentrated on the liberation of the person and humanity.

The humanity has to be freed from the bondages of all kind, injustice, slavery, absence love. The whole humanity was transformed by the love of Jesus; it has lifted up to heaven once again! The humanity encountered the Divine Transformer! The same way, the transformative power of consecrated life comes from seeing Jesus, seeing others and the whole of creation in Jesus and responding with the heart and mind of Jesus. This divine relationship with Jesus Christ is a conscious and constant choice and a journey in faith.

Our real challenge is a radical return to Jesus with all our hearts, with all our being and to discover anew our identity in him and in His mission. Now the question arise: how does consecrated life rekindle its authentic character, reinstate its moral credibility, and how to form the consecrated to respond to the challenges of our time? How to attain the life style of Jesus in a pluralistic country like India? Son who gives himself to the Father for humanity. The discipleship is none other than, the imitation of the Master himself, taking part of his thoughts, accepting his mentality and sharing his life style, most of all being at His side.

The disciple meets his Master in the everyday events of his daily lives.

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The Formee and Formator should experience this continuous presence of the Lord. Therefore, our formation process should resembles the Emmaus experience of walking in the presence of the Lord, sharing, discussing on life in the light of the Word of God, breaking the bread and opening their eyes to go back to Jerusalem. Here formator and Formee are the disciples and Jesus as Divine Formator! Throughout the formation process, the following aspects are included for the gradual conformation of the disciple to Jesus Christ. The Gospels accounts that, Jesus spent hours in prayer with his Father in Heaven.

Prayer becomes a communication between Son and Father. All his activities began with the prayer to his Father. In fact, prayer becomes the part of his personality. He encountered the Will of the Father in prayer.

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The irresistible attraction for doing the Will of the Father, lead him to be one with the Father. Doing the Will of the Father became his daily nourishment. The spirituality of Jesus was born out of his contemplative relationship with the Father. Jesus want to transmit this same experience to his disciples, teaching his disciples to pray like him, being in always touch with the Divine without exhaustion. Francis, lived such an experience with Jesus, and exhorts his brothers to live the same relation where one can find meaning. They should be formed to have this contemplative aspect of his relationship with the God, the Father and His only Son Jesus.

Religious are called to rediscover and live the ecclesiality of the first Christian community. But when Jesus called them together, there was only a unique motive for all of them, listen the Master and walk with Him. Formation programs should be focused on forming such a community among the religious. Though personally called but called to live together for a unique purpose. Community is to be seen in the context of a shared spirituality focused on a shared mission and a shared journey into the future.

In a world of intolerance, exclusion, material possessions, conveniences and individualism our life lived in community and communion is a powerful witness to an alternative model of social life, rootedness in the Kingdom-values of Jesus. In the same way He sent out His disciples to preach good news to every people and to every corner of the world. They are also being promised that He would be with them as an advisor and accompanier in their mission.

The mission of Jesus was liberating mission, a sign of hope for the oppressed. The same mission is continuing through the consecrated, by being a sacrament of hope among the people of God. Participating in the liberating mission of Jesus requires a spirituality of radical Gospel living, a spirituality that is holistic, integral and transformative, a spirituality that is clearly in the service of life in all its forms.

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The formee must be formed through this radical choice of being a missionary like Jesus. He should be formed to the freedom of Jesus. He was not attached to anything or anybody, not even to his own life, or the success of his mission. The consecrated should be formed to embrace the same form of life of Jesus, through which they live in values and attitudes of evangelical life EE The more he allows himself to be conformed to Christ, the more Christ is made present and active in the world for the salvation of all VC As we have seen from the first part of our study, India is always admired by the whole world about its spirituality and diversity of culture.

But this country is also highlighted for the presence of poverty, cast discrimination, injustice, corruption, political immoralities and economic imbalances. We believe that Franciscans can restore and transform at least a small part of this country by restoring and transforming ourselves. The urge of every human being is for perfect love, perfect union with another. But God is the only one we can possess in that way. This truth is innately present in Indian people, but needs a creative- Franciscan response from the part of a friar.

Francis than any other saints of the Catholic Church. In Sanskrit himsa is doing harm or causing injury and the word ahimsa is abstaining from causing hurt or harm. It is gentleness and non-injury, whether physical, mental or emotional. There is a spiritual urge in every soul for peace.

Even if a person is violent now, he or she inwardly yearns for peace. Man is essentially an instinctive, intellectual and super-conscious, or soul, person. The instinctive nature is based on good and bad, up and down pairs of opposites. The soul nature is based on oneness, humility, peace, compassion, love, helpfulness.

The Power of the Vedas- The Spiritual Guide That Was 5500 Years In The Making.

The intellectual nature is based on trying to figure both of these two out. According to Bhakthi yoga, Way of Devotion 2, bhakthi or devotional love towards a personal God is the highest goal of every human being. In fact, the unbreakable love of St. Francis towards Creator and the creation was always influenced the Indian people.

The prayer of Francis is exceptionally famous and most recited prayers among Hindus3. In short, Francis and a Hindu will be in accord with exploring non-injury as a way to achieve harmony with our environment, peace between peoples and compassion within ourselves. What we can give to our fellow brethren Indians as Franciscan Conventuals? Specifically we can bring a certain Franciscan attitude although it already exists 2 One of the three ways of marga way of living , the divine life by the human being according to Purana, Holy text of Hinduism.

Francis of Assisi provides for us a mold in which to cast our own life's conduct and character. It provides a blueprint upon which to pattern our living in our thoughts, speech and actions within our day to day relationships with our fellow beings and with all life around us. Therefore, the prayer of St. Francis is a precious document for us, an indispensable, invaluable frame of reference by which to judge our own lives, and referring to which we can do the necessary to bring about the needed alterations and modifications for the upliftment and purification of our own daily life.

Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda often extolled St. Francis of Assisi as one of the great lovers of Christ, an exemplar of what a follower of Christ should be. Francis, and from that vision came the poem, "God! With this in mind, friars should be formed with a disposition that promotes human dignity, a dignity that ensures environmental justice. His whole life was conformed to that of Christ, becoming Alter Christus by carrying the same marks of love on his body. Our professionalism, our comfortable and secure middle class lifestyle can leave our people untouched by our life as they do not always see in us credible witnesses of Jesus and his radical commitment to the Reign of God.

The greatest challenge and opportunity before us Indian friars is to be mystics like Francis, who are impelled by a passion for Christ and his mission of compassion. Change Language. English Arabic. Important Links. Follow Us. App Download. US UK. Thank you for subscribing! Please check your email to confirm your subscription.

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Our Stores. Apply Filter Remove Filter Categories. OMR The Vedas OMR 7. OMR 9. OMR 6. Secret of the Veda, New U. Ra-M-Ha is absolute , unknowable, unfathomable, and yet manifest in the gods generating of all phenomena in accordance with the supreme order, Ingle. Besides the similarity of the names of the Ynglings' Ra-M-Ha and the Indian Rama , it is worthwhile to note that Ramha is identified with the ancient Egyptian concept of Ra central to the other Russian Native Faith practice Vseyasvetnaya gramota.

A hymn to Ra-M-Ha declaims: [13]. A hymn to Ingle God declaims: [14]. Primary concepts are the already described absolute God and the matrix into which its gods incarnate—the Earth, characterised as Midgard "Middle-Realm" in Scandinavian terminology. A third important concept is Rod, who is the archetype of humanity, progenitor of all ancestors.

Gods are described as immutable, informational personal laws who harmoniously engender the different forms of life in the universe and support them in their course.

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They are all in accordance with the order Yngly begotten by the supreme God, but at the same time they may exceptionally intervene in the course of phenomena helping people's spiritual evolution along the right path, if people are motivated by sincere creativity and love. An Ynglism dictum is that "the gods are our fathers, and we are their children".

He is without image, like Ramha, but Ynglings worship him through the three-runes symbol of Ramha. His protection flows through Prav, Yav and Nav, the three worlds of traditional Slavic cosmology. A hymn to Rod-Forefather declaims: [17]. The union of whites and blacks is held to produce wicked mixlings, the "greys"; Abrahamic religions and the masses they persuade are believed to be essentially of a grey nature.

Ynglings believe that " Yngling ", a name that identifies the earliest royal dynasties of Scandinavia , means "offspring of Inglea", and that the historical Ynglings migrated to Scandinavia from the region of Omsk, which was a spiritual centre of the early Indo-Europeans. They hold that the Ynglinga saga of the Edda itself composed by Snorri Sturluson on the basis of an older Ynglingatal , proves their ideas about the origins of the Ynglings in Omsk and is ultimately a more recent version of texts contained in their own sacred books, the Slavo-Aryan Vedas.

Ynglism presents itself as the true spirituality of the Indo-Europeans or Aryans , a term which means "harmonious men", those who act in accordance with the laws of God and therefore manifest bright white features. The first Aryans dwelt at the geographic North Pole , whence they are known in Greek sources by the name " Hyperboreans " lit. After leaving their original homeland they mostly settled in what is today Russia and broader Eurasia , where the richest occurrences of hooked cross symbolism in historical testimonies have been found, in patterns of architecture, weaponry, and tools of everyday life.

Ynglism would be the means to regather the Aryans and reconnect them to their progenitors, reawakening their pristine way to perceive the world. Architectures were built according to the pattern of Alatyr Slavic mythological stone or mountain which represents the world centre or the world axle , which is the same as the image of Yngly hooked cross , which endows human consciousness with virtue.

The Yngling Church is concerned with the health of the Russians, and other Slavic peoples, and of the family as any folk's fundamental unit. They emphasise that men are innately disposed towards "public" life, while women fulfil themselves in the "private" life of the family at home. The veche of the church itself is conceived as the gathering of these elders, the fathers. According to Ynglings beliefs, women are "so tied to their natural task of reproduction" that they may not reach the same intellectual and spiritual achievements of men, who are naturally more prone to the abstract thinking that is needed for political assignments.

Ynglism is critical of modern Western liberal democracy , and espouses instead an ideal of democracy that is more similar to ancient Greek democracy. According to the Ynglings, universal suffrage leads to unwise decisions and ultimately to the disruption of society, because the majority of people are not wise. In their view, modern liberal democracies are dictatorships of the "biggest minorities", whereas ancient Slavic veche and mir were based on "consensual decision-making". Ynglings propose the traditional Slavic principle of samoderzhavie , meaning "people ruling themselves", which according to them is the highest "true will of the people" which comes to be incarnated and exercised by a wise ruler.

According to the church, the demographic decline of contemporary Russia has to be studied as a crisis of the psycho-physical heritage transmitted by Russian parents to their children, and of the environment where these children grow up. Within the Yngling Church, miscegenation is considered as unhealthy, and they also condemn perverted sexuality and the consumption of alcohol and drugs as threats imported from the degenerated West. As a solution, Ynglings emphasise the theme of "creating beneficial descendants" sozidanie blagodetel'nogo potomstva.

In a broader metaphysical discourse, all forces of globalisation coming from the West are perceived as alien models that infiltrate and spoil the spirit of Slavic culture. Bad translations of the books, misinterpreted through the lens of Western science fiction , have circulated through the Internet. The spiritual academy "Asgardian spiritual school" of the Yngling Church teaches their version of the Vedas. A main content of the spiritual school courses are:. The church is known for its "intensive proselytism ", [24] [27] carried out through a "massive selling" of its books other media.

Although, in the example of Aleksandr Khinevich, Ynglings on the contrary not forcing people to anything, and by the nature they are very religiously tolerant. Ynglings organise yearly gatherings veches in summer. To understand Yujism, need to learn to think figuratively. The image conveys way more information than phonemics, gestures or visual-auditory information.

The world perception is different from the worldview in that it is necessary not only to look at the world, to view it, but also to understand. The one who will understand the structure of Yujism, worldview will be revealed. The one who will not understand it until the end, world perception will be worldview for him. Yuj is the expansion of human consciousness in both sides, that is triggered by becoming aware of Inglea in reality. Ynglings claim that they are the ancient Slavic name of the same concept that is known in Chinese thought and language as yin—yang. The worldview that results from the practice of yujism is symbolised by Ynglings as an image of a "flat earth sustained by three elephants sustained by a turtle which swims in an unlimited ocean": the flat earth represents the twofold structure of perception articulating in all dualities, from "yes—no" to "up—down" ; the three elephants are symbols of the three dimensions of reality — Yav, Nav and Prav — material, ideal which realises in word and mystical, which are also three forms of life; the turtle is yuj itself, awakened consciousness, which draws information from the ocean, which represents infinite energy.

Commentaries to the Slavic-Aryan Vedas provide us information about measures of length and time, as well as about the structure of the calendar. The word " calendar " in the opinion of Ynglings comes from a combination of slavic words Koliada and dar gift. Thereby, literally, "calendar" is a "gift of Koliada".

Other designation is a Cislobog's Wheel of Years.


Ceremony of Trizna is customary to spend on the 9th and 40th days, which corresponds to the week and month of the Yngling's calendar. Every year has a 9 forties months and consists of three natural seasons: Autumn, Winter and Spring. That is, for each natural season there are three forties. A year can be of two types:. Below is the list of some of the more important "dates of the past", as of , according to the Slavic-Aryan Vedas:. Ynglism has a different structure in comparison with Rodnovery. According to Ynglism teachings, Ynglings month's names may be written as a compound of two Ynglings runes.

According to Ynglism, a Kologod "kolo" — circle or lap, "god" — year is a system of rituals and holidays that helps a human to stay in harmony with nature throughout the year. Between the global transitions there's also a meeting sreche - autumnal, spring, wintery; and between it a 3 more small meetings. Below are the main holidays of the Ynglings - global transitions. Kologod "Kolo" — wheel, sun is our Alatyr — eight-pointed star, which is carried by koledaries. This star is multi-colored, symbolizes all Gods of Ynglings, and all the laws, and all this spectrum is given to people from the beginning.

Spins the Alatyr is by spiral posolon thus is, clockwise , and human should live by kologod so that on each new round he go out with a new spiral had children, planted a tree, did a thesis, wrote a book, e t. As soon as a human stops thinking and developing, he begins to go in the opposite direction and comes to the point of death.

Aitamurto characterises the Yngling Church as less politically goal-oriented than Rodnover movements. Yashin of the Department of Theology and World Cultures of Omsk State University wrote in that the church has close ties with the regional branch of the far-right Russian National Unity of Alexander Barkashov , whose members provide security and order during the mass gatherings of the Ynglings.

The headquarters of the Yngling Church were prosecuted and liquidated by law between in the Omsk region and in Russia , primarily because of its use of swastika -like religious symbolism and because of its teachings about the unhealthiness of interracial mixing. Aleksandr Khivevich himself was prosecuted on 11 June at the International Court of Justice of Omsk, which found him guilty of inciting racial hatred under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and sentenced him to one year and a half of prison with two years of probation.

Despite the prosecutions, the church continued its activities and mass celebrations as an unregistered religious movement, expanding to other regions of Russia and abroad, and Aleksandr Khinevich resumed large-scale preaching activities in Scholar Vladimir Yashin reports that it was impossible to uproot the church from public life, since in there were already about three thousand members in Omsk alone.