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Insanity and loneliness Tear my painful heart Broken heart keeps on going to beat But it never stops bleeding. I've been waiting for love to come Someone who wants to touch me inside Memories of my yesterdays.

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I was blinded by dark desire Over time I've been through it all I'm crying my share of tears. Erdu's citadel is nearby and as planned, is so lightly defended it almost falls over on its own.

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Ul-Dagan's heroes are well prepared when they arrive though, and Cleeren is killed by a surprise fireball from a high level enemy warrior. Despite heavy losses Thellaphes manages to avenge the scout then push forward to Ul-Dagan's citadel and destroy it, evicting him from the shard and back to No comments:.

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A Voiceless Scream : Memoirs from the Pit

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