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K iAea: cf. In the apodosis, be' is variously rendered, or often not translated at all. I myself will, or Imyself may, etc. The rage and folly of Agamemnon are shown by his unnecessary provocation of Ajax the bravest after Achilles , and of Odysseus the shrewdest of the Greeks. LC three forms in Hom. What parts of atlvw are causative? X durwv H. XAvaov, I came not hither, etc.

Difference in meaning between rmis, 7rCs enclit. H- -iv otTL, these things you do not at all, etc. Notice the asyndeton, denoting passionate utterance. ZGoaoav, gave it, the reward. This had often happened during the nine years of the war already nearly passed. Force of the aor. Ye'pas approaches very near the Attic article in force: the reward is much greater for thee. Some editt. The pres. Thus a-of depends, as dat. This construction is now very generally preferred, though the elision of or, in a-of, is very rare; perh.

Some, however, take a' for a-', and make it subj. AdA', flee certainly! Yet Naeg. With this const. I prefer the first explanation. Force of the mid.? Notice the emphat. Bpla-qtGa: Td, demons. IC ri. One might expect here the antithesis Trobs AE, Many editt. Kc, sc. Ja0,rs Kict7rs, by his blonde hair, or as many render, by his golden hair.

Notice the frequency of tmesis in Hom. In this way Achilles recognized her.

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The rendering, appeared to h'lm, is not considered admissible. TveX EGaaL, fut. So this line is understood by Naeg. Yet Diintz. TrpLs: at some time even thrice as many, etc. Athena and Hera. For ao, see H. S- is KE: why is Ke expressed? It forms a sentence by itself, and hence is easily distinguished fr.

Yet Cr. Differs how in meaning fr. I see no good reason for not understanding it as perf. Forms in use fr. The causal meaning of 4e inthe epic language is questioned by some critics; yet it seems more natural to render it for, in this, and many other passages. KHip, fate, death. Differs how fr. EYMeTai, Lex. BSao-aLXEs: nom. EvpaeL Evo , The mind readily supplies a clause in reading this sentence,-which shall never put forth, etc. Xaxcos, as often, the material for the thing made metonymy.

We may translate it, the knife; or may retain the figure and render it, the bronze. The oath of Latinus, Aeneid, 12, if. Ut sceptrum hoc dextra sceptrum nam forte gerebat Nunquam fronde levi fundet virgulta neque umbras, Quum semel in silvis imo de stirpe recisum Matre caret, posuitque comas et brachia ferro, etc.

Ipdw, IV. Different forms of viJs in the oblique cases? The critics are agreed as to the meaning of or'; but not as to the letter elided. The greater number of critics are of the former opinion, that 3T' here, and in some other passages, stands for o? BdAe, 7rpoaodXaw: yafy, const.? Trona, v. This would make Nestor somewhere between 67 and yrs. Our idiom would invert the order; were born and brought up. Force of this form of cond.

Truly, Priam, etc. Such interchange of number is frequent. We may perh. In a similar way, v. Ielpptoos Jiv, such as Pirithous was. Notice here Miov, Att. Kdpl —TOi Thus it could be seen what service he, as a single man, rendered. Wolff, however, understands the phrase thus, according to myself, like my. So St. Bovae'ov HI. Observe the irreg. So Naeg. Wrdv7Ta, yes, surely, all this at least -ye' imparts emphasis to the preceding word. Force of this const.? So it is usu.

Notice the mixed form of cond. Omitting v. The idea is more pointed thus. He speaks of the event as if already past. Its force may perh. Xoa-av, Lex. Xvow, III. Notice the change in number. Vya: he selected for it, the ship , etc. What tenses of fBafco are trans. KAtc-iV: const.? Xa-rat, v. Observe again 6E' after eycl in the apodosis. What is the Att. Very few critics understand it thus. A natural and graphic description throughout. The passage, a little below, is illustrated by Flaxman, in one of his best sketches.

XacpeTre, the usu. Do words beginning with v ever take -the smooth breathing in the Att. AdpTvpoL, pred. What does avbr'S, in all its forms, w. Thus 8' here is now usu. Thus, let these two themselves be witnesses, etc. Yet we may understand the sentence differently, taking S' for E', and this clause as a protasis, with a following apodosis suppressed.

What Achilles would do in such a case is not declared, but is clearly enough implied; and is really more significant, when left thus unexpressed. Sww B , or 6vCw. Critics are not agreed in the interpretation of these words. Some understand them to mean the immediate and the remote future: others Cr. JuaXEoltTo: the general rule H. Yet see H. The ending -otvTo, st. Is the infin. It is easier and sufficiently accurate to say, but the woman reluctantly went, etc.

ECEEoo: having immediately withdrawn apart from Faesi suggests that a view of the boundless deep would impress Achilles with a keener sense of his helpless condition. TeicK's -ye: force of ye'? Force of vrep? Since you even bore me i. Zeus had failed to fulfil his promise, as Achilles viewed the case, in permitting Agamemnon to treat him with dishonor. They may be rendered, her aged father. His name was Nereus: hence, Thetis his daughter, mother of Achilles, was called a Nereid nymph. The latter half of v. Tor:'raVa 7rdyTa, obj. Still he proceeds with the story, thus unburthening his heart to his sympathizing mother.

It is well to consider in this whole description-both the inter. Aaot, and they, the people; a frequent const. XAa aeoio. As' a literal rendering is awkward, we usually say, and the people, etc. The slow, and even labored, movement of these words read metrically is well fitted to call attention to the thought. Force of 5? Trjv,, this one, her, i. Chryse'is, emphatic posit.

Apollo, cf. KOtpv BpLoijos: cf. Aaol, v. Some critics, however, think e'ios here has nearly the force of a possess. Ep7y, either by word, or even by actual service. Why nom.? The mother of Achilles Thetis was not an Olympian divinity herself; so, we cannot say, when other Olymp. Briareos is tsually thought to be an ancient name, and hence, called by the poet, the name used among the gods: while Aegaeon was the name used by the contemporaries of Homer.

As Poseidon was mightier at least, in conjunction with Hera and Athena, than Zeus; so in turn, Aegaeon was mightier than his father Poseidon : lit. Ve Ire, v. IEbX1o'tv cf. Xaot, v. Force of this form of wish? How Homer came by such an idea is worthy of reflection. Notice, in v. Why this epithet? Hence it was nearly equivalent to well-clad. For a different explanation, see Dic. Critics are not agreed respecting the const.

The gen. Others understand it as gen. The last interpretation is now genr. Odysseus and his men. Irekxd'C, B, 1. Elc, in the four successive vv. KaTacew A. It has been suggested, that the slow, spondaic movement of this verse is well adapted to express the cautious steps of the maiden in leaving the ship. For short mode-sign, see H. What tenses of this verb are trans. They all thus participated in the sacred ceremony. After the prayer, these bruised barley-corns were thrown forward on the victims and the altar v.

The whole description is interesting, as being the earliest account in Grecian literature of a sacrifice. It appearsthat the priest, extending his hands, prayed to an invisible divinity; as there was probably no image or shrine of Apollo before him, except the altar. Irdpos, surely, already once formerly, you heard me, etc. How would the particip. Aqpots, enveloped them. KIvoaav, having made it the fat caul double: fn7rTvxa as if fr. Kicav understood. Some, however, take it as adv.

Notice the L subscript, distinguishing it fr. Kicdq KaraKaiw , the thighs were consumed: lit. ErfeLpav refpo , they pierced the pieces with spits on both sides, i. For another, and, as I think, a less natural explanation, see Lex. Also Dic. The interpretations of this phrase which occurs several times in Hoem.

The verse is now usu. The youths Koijpo, , who acted as cup-bearers, bore the wine around to the guests in pitchers filled by dipping into the mixer , and poured it into the cups, which were already in the hands of the guests.

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Each guest poured on the ground as a libation his first cup-full. The entire transaction is here briefly indicated in v. It will be observed that all this took place after they had satisfied the desire of eating and drinking Ehrel It was therefore a symposium oav7rooawv , which followed the banquet eb7rvov , and was regularly distinct from it. For a full account of the symposium, see Die. J Tre, But when What Att. The metaphor here is striking; and she ran along, etc.

Observe that, as avd is used of embarking on the sea v. The army was encamped close by the ships, which were drawn up on the land, and supported by props. Remember the peculiar meaning of TrdXepAov in Hom. But when already For another const. Notice the confluence of vowel-sounds in this word,-a peculiarity of the Ionic dialect. TEEP, w. I- cKOpVcp.

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CXoioa, sc. Notice here 67rd w. Jupiter will not escape notice. V: not quite synon. Trf'qGaov, v. It takes the subjunc. Yet GY is sometimes expressed. Above v. Is this const. The easy transition from a temporal to a causal meaning is oftenest seen in Erred, lereis;, and in the Lat.

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The causal force of oTe is rare, and by some critics is denied entirely. Notice the value of the particles, tLEr AEXoel esat: cf. Kaavevd'w, for any promise of mine, whatever I shall confirm with a nod of the head, is not to be taken back, nor, etc. Force of the verb. Straho, 2, p. But the inquiry might arise, was not Phidias as capable of a conception entirely original, as Homer. Each, in his own sphere, was a master. KparTos, although it makes good sense joined w. Notice again dual subj. EBV, or some similar word, suggested by a'Xro; an instance of zeugma.

Bste'awyev , stood up, rose up. It is interesting to notice this token of respect existing among the Greeks at this early period: for what Homer here says of the gods indicates without doubt a custom of his time. The critics are not agreed in regard to the exact structure of this sentence. Again, Naeg. Thus, the particip. Notice, uv is a diphthong, and pronounced in one syllable.

Who of the gods now again, or, Who of the gods, I pray, has again, etc. For the elision, cf. He suggests also that, in v. Always is it pleasant to thee, being apart from me,? Ipv7rrcTdLa is obj. EirLe'xreo irl, AfXro! The concessive idea, though, belongs to the particip. IAiov, whatever plan. E7rIEtICs, sc.. Force of T1' in tk'rl? Do not thou at all, etc. Ev, sv e', used collectively. Yet see Lex. Difference in meaning between 7rowos and is? MAlay are both intens. Above, v. The present tense, qualified by wrcpos, or any similar word, may be rendered by our perf.

Surely, I heve not been wont formerly to either questi n or examine you. Notice the asyndeton denoting haste and emotion. Force of the subjunc.? I think you have surely promised her that you will honor The connection, and especially the tone of voice, would indicate which was intended. It is variously rendered here. Some translate it, strange one! Notice the accumulation of vowel-soullds in the first half of this verse. So Koeppen and Cr. The following comic scene has a strange effect, in contrast with the preceding wrangle; and was perhaps deemed necessary to restore the gods to their accustomed good-humor.

TvU4Exflar infin. Also v. The conclusion is readily supplied by the mind,-a slight pause. The same idea is conveyed, v. Where was Lemnos? See map. It was thought to be a favorite place of resort for Hephaestus Vulcan , probably on account of the volcano Mosychlus in that island; yet his work-shop, according to Homer, was on Olympus. It appears from Il. Xeipi, received from her son with her hand.

Why was this? The answer is partly given in the next verse, when they saw Hephaestus puffing, etc. His grotesque appearance in the office of cup-bearer in place of Ganymedes, most beautiful of youths, or of Hebe, goddess of youth and beauty was the ludicrous thing. BafJrs, depending on iseeSro.

Movoavdw, cf. Kd7rlrEoYO, v. Usual formation of desid. So understood usu. This is not contradicted in the next book, v. The reflecting student will not fail to compare and contrast these low conceptions with those which we derive from the sacred scriptures. This contrast is made plainer, by the particles pv This book stands in the closest logical connection with the preceding. Zeus may have fallen asleep and continued asleep for a while, so far as this statement is concerned. BovuX, this, as a plan; or simply, this plan. For the arrangement, cf Bdoa': Lex. XAaar, 1, Agamemnon : obj.

Corresponding Attic word? How is this word used in the Attic dialect? Latin word akin to this? It then directs the mind rather to the end of the going or coming, to the terminus; and is rendered to attain, to reach. With a prep. Xiso, III. Jr, not! Le,1evYOs: Lex. EIAht, II. Depends on Kc6e'rcu. EXe, sc. Resolved forms. Agamemnon: airos, adv. Try always to perceive its meaning. O-uq, I. Express the idea on that day in Att.

What additional word is required? We may render, the labors, which, etc. Aavaoart: to bring lit. EXU'o, v. The sword was attached to a belt, and thus it might be said that he cast it around his shoulders. Both reasons are good, but the latter was probably the idea in the mind of RIom. Agamemnon: icEeuAVE,, here w. NE'rvopos, implied in NeoropEp. Iuzsov, and ace. Some critical editt.

J4: why not accented here, according to H. Because Z? Aaot, 1, Peculiarity and force of the const.? For the ending, see H. What word in Att. What four prepositions do not suffer anastrophe? Borpvodv, v.

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Notice the beautiful metaphor in Bo. Cf'Ovetpos, v. BEft, Lex. Notice the expressive metaphor in this word: lit. What was the usual form of a sceptre? See Diet. The following account of the sceptre indicates the divine origin of Agamemnon's authority. Ktc4uv, II. For the supposed etymology, see Lex. So also, rle'Ao4, v. What would be the Latin idiom? A —rt i. IeE'a, adv. V: formerly Kire'poaara, se. Notice further, that the chief point in the promise of Zeus - the destruction of Troy — lies in the participle. For the peculiarity in declens.

What would be the prose const.? Notice here the meaning of'Apyos; also in v. Where were the cities Argos and Mycenae? In his spare time, he researches non-standard indicator signals to predict crypto-currency and stock movements on his home cluster. He is an avid cyclist living with his wife and daughter in NYC. Before joining Citi, Jessica spent 8 years working in data and technology audit in the financial and pharmaceutical industries. Karla McKenna is an international standards specialist in the area of financial services. Since May , Ms.

In this role, Ms. Within the industry, Ms. He is responsible for promoting and implementing data quality practices, processes and controls on Citizens data. This includes implementing data quality assessment, monitoring, remediation, and resolution activities to ensure that the data is fit for business purpose, partnering with business and technical stakeholders to identify and resolve data issues, and advancing data quality practices and tools.

Prior to Citizens Bank, Tolu worked at DuPont-Pioneer as a Senior Data Quality Professional where he promoted the adoption and use of Talend software across DuPont-Pioneer to assess the state of data quality, and implement processes to increase quality and value of data. His leadership role includes:. Shaun received his Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of Dayton. Barnabas, and Cleveland Metroparks. Additionally, he is responsible for harmonizing the second line of defense across the Risk Management functions.

One primary driver of this work is to achieve compliance with BCBS by building semantic models of critical regulatory business concepts and workflows, and map them through to the authoritative data sources used to generate compliance reports. In her role Julia is leading the transformation of Voya's enterprise data, architecture and analytics operating model to enable contemporary practices and robust discipline.

Prior to joining Voya Julia was a Global Head of Data Integration at Deutsche Bank, where she led the implementation of global metadata management platform that enabled data lineage and robust front to back data quality measurement. Julia has over twenty years of experience in data management, data governance, data architecture and cross-platform solution delivery in the financial industry. He prides himself on bringing policies to life and ensuring business adoption through innovative implementation strategies.

Andrew originates from South Africa and has spent his career working across London and New York in a variety of data focused change roles. Olga Maydanchik is an experienced practitioner and educator in the field of Information Management with particular interest in Data Quality and Analytics. The program has been presented to over a thousand students at numerous conferences, onsite classes, and online. Desmond Gallacher is a vice president of Eaton Vance Management and division head of investment technology.

He is responsible for strategic direction, implementation and support of investment systems and data. He joined Eaton Vance in Des began his career in the investment management industry in John is a senior strategy and data management executive with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

His primary research interests include unions and collective bargaining as well as housing and urban economics. Prior to joining the New York Fed, Mr. Tracy was an associate professor at Yale University and Columbia University. He holds a B. Fidelity Investments has a rich and proud history.

From our roots as a small mutual fund company, Fidelity has grown to become a leading provider of a wide range of services, including investment management, retirement planning, brokerage, and human resources and benefits services. Michael has more than 20 years of financial services experience working for both Fidelity and Thomson Reuters. He has broad global operations, business product and IT experience with a strong background in leading complex transformations.

He has led the creation of client facing applications, internal software development programs, the alignment of multiple related businesses into one technology and business operation, the establishment of enterprise-wide data practices, and the creation of a centralized reference and pricing related master data set focused on supporting institutional correspondent clearing, financial advisory, capital market, family office and retail investors.

Girish Satpute leads Data Engineering function for Fidelity Investments Management Technology group, a unit of Fidelity Investments, a leading provider of investment management, retirement planning, portfolio guidance, brokerage, benefits outsourcing and other financial products and services to more than 20 million individuals, institutions, and financial intermediaries. Satpute has been in his current position since and is responsible for managing data for Equity, Fixed Income, High Yield, Counter Party and Research products.

Prior to joining Fidelity, Mr. Satpute was a founding member of a global IT Services start up that went public in Before the startup, Mr. Satpute led multiple consulting engagements involving large scale business process re-engineering as well as re-platforming efforts. Satpute began his technology career in with Tata consultancy service in India.

Veda was promoted to senior vice president in Veda started her career as an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers NY , specializing in the financial service industry. Vinay Jha serves as senior vice president and chief data officer. Vinay joined as chief data officer in He has a vast background in Finance accounting, financial planning, business development etc. Vinay is a graduate from Delhi University, Delhi, India.

He has also attended Institute of Chartered Accountant of India and completed his post graduate education as Chartered Accountant. She is responsible for the development and implementation of the Single Family data strategy which includes:. Previously, Tom was global head of Reference Data Operations.

He joined Goldman Sachs in in London as a vice president and was named managing director in Wilder has been in his current position since and is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the data quality for all US lines of business is fit for purpose. He has an extensive operational background that has led to a specialization in data governance, data management tools and practices, and business intelligence.

Jeb spent many years within the operations and distribution teams at Janus and four years ago moved into the investments group. He has led numerous business and system implementations as well as several enterprise wide data efforts. George also led technology teams supporting the Prime Brokerage business for several years delivering Reference Data, Customer Service and Reporting solutions. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, George worked at Bell Communications Research for 10 years where he held a number of roles developing software and leading teams providing technology solutions for the Regional Bell Operating Companies.

Rob graduated from Columbia University and earned his J. Morgan Chase for over 20 years and is currently Managing Director, Office of Regulatory Affairs, where she is responsible for developing strategic responses to a broad array of regulatory initiatives, analyzing the impact of regulatory proposals, developing the firm's positions and preparing for the implementation of final rules.


Prior to joining J. Sagraves has held leadership positions in many areas including risk, technology, finance, and operations and has led many enterprise change initiatives. She has been featured on Tedx, and is a frequent speaker on a range of business topics. Sagraves serves on several non-profit boards in education and the arts. This transformational effort included implementation of an integrated accounting, data management and BI ecosystem delivering consistent, governed data across the enterprise. Prior to joining MassMutual, Stan worked with a variety of financial institutions delivering and optimizing a wide range of financial solutions.

JoAnn C. In this role, she is responsible for enterprise-wide data strategy and management to ensure the organization maximizes the value of its information assets. Previously, Ms. In that role she was responsible for worldwide privacy and information governance, leading those teams as well as leading regulatory engagement in this area. Prior to joining Mastercard in , Ms. Stonier has worked at Waldenbooks, Inc. In addition to her work at Mastercard, Ms.

Stonier received her Juris Doctorate from St. Francis College. Stonier has been recognized as a leader in data and privacy by a number of organizations including the Aspen Institute, the United Nations, and the Information Governance Initiative and has served on the board of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the Center for Information Policy Leadership and the Information Accountability Foundation. JoAnn is based in Purchase, NY. In this role, Jed works closely with business and technology partners to ensure that technology aligns with MFS' long-term vision and objectives.

Jed has expertise implementing innovative technologies such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, digital and intelligent automation. Jed is also responsible for managing MFS' enterprise data environment and strategic sourcing relationships. Prior to MFS, Jed worked as a consultant focused on business and technology alignment in financial services industry. Young is supporting numerous U.

Government sponsors with cyber security and cyber medicine initiatives, in addition to supporting numerous corporate endeavors. Young has been a professor at National Defense University NDU since teaching cybersecurity courses to our nation's future military and government leaders in addition to allied international students. Prior to that, he was Chief of 11th Wing Information Assurance Office, Air Force District of Washington, providing policy guidance, technical support, and security oversight of communication, computers, and classified emissions. Ayo Olayinka is a data management executive with expertise in crafting and executing data management strategy.

He is differentiated by an uncommon blend of expertise in strategic management and hands on approach to execution. This unique blend of skills set has allowed him to successfully approach business strategy with a wide lens while decoupling initiatives translating into the achievement of business objectives. As the head of data management program at MUTB-NY, he realigned the focus of the program to be consistent with the data management strategy at MUFG global as well as build the data management office to execute on semantic data management across the Bank.

He has successfully executed on the various deliverables of the program and transitioned most to BAU processes. The program is currently in Phase 3 and on pace to satisfy its regulatory requirements. Previously, Ayo Olayinka worked as the Director of Data Operations for a startup Data Aggregation Company where he was responsible for the daily management of the data operations involved in financial aggregation and reporting for the wealth management departments of global banks.

He is currently working on his dissertation for the Doctor of Business Administration — Project Management. Ayo lives in Albany, NY with his wife and twin sons. She is responsible for managing the adoption of Data Governance standards and processes in Wealth Management. She works closely with IT, Business Stewards and Enterprise to identify and resolve data quality issues that impact the business. Peggy has over 15 years of experience in data management, stewardship and governance. In addition, she led a winning Innovation Boot Camp team with a proof of concept on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning aimed at improving the underwriting process.

She is a member of the Data Governance Professional Organization. In her spare time, she hosts externships for Cornell freshmen students in order to increase the awareness of data and analytics among undergraduates. He works closely with the Global Distribution and Product Management areas at Napier Park, with responsibility for coordinating investor on-boarding. Grant holds a B.

Nick holds the position of Global Asset Data Manager for Northern Trust, which includes responsibility for worldwide, shared service, reference data operations and for working across the enterprise to assess and define the business, operational and technology data needs and solutions from both a short term and strategic perspective. His role also encompasses leading Northern's Asset Data Governance agenda as well as defining global reference data standards and policies. Joseph A. In this role, Joseph manages the efforts related to data governance, data quality, data catalog management and data incident management for Enterprise Data Management.

Joseph is also responsible for Enterprise Data Risk Management framework which includes policies, standards and principles related to assessing and challenging Data Risk for the Enterprise. In that role, Joseph was responsible for data governance process and policies that ensured a high level of quality and integrity for Nationwide financial Information reported to the NAIC, SEC and other internal constituents. Knopf in The book blends autobiography with what Kingston purports to be old Chinese folktales , although several scholars have questioned the accuracy and authenticity of these folktales.

The specific genre of The Woman Warrior has been disputed due to Kingston's blend of perspectives, specifically traditional Chinese folktale and memoir. With this mixture, Kingston tries to provide her audience with the cultural, familial, and personal context needed to understand her unique position as a first-generation Chinese-American woman. Susan Stanford Friedman's assessment of autobiography with regard to women and minority groups explains Kingston's intricate blend of perspective and genre: women and cultural minorities often don't have the privilege of viewing themselves as individuals isolated from their gender or racial group.

Kingston illustrates this condition through her use of Chinese talk-story, her mother's traditional Chinese perspective, and her own first-person view as a Chinese American. In the first part of this chapter, the narrator is recounting how her mother once told her the story of the No-Name Woman. The chapter essentially opens as a vignette told from the mother's point of view. She tells the story of the No Name Woman, her husband's deceased sister. Kingston uses her own experiences with Chinese tradition and culture to substantiate alternate "versions" of the tale.

At the end of "No Name Woman", Kingston reflects on the importance of her mother's story. She concludes that the real lesson is not how No Name Woman died; rather, why she was forgotten. In the first part of "White Tigers", Kingston recounts her mother's talk-story of Fa Mu Lan , a woman warrior who took her father's place in battle.

Kingston reverts to talking about her life in America and compares it to the story of Fa Mu Lan. She cannot gather the courage to speak up against her racist boss, let alone save her people in China. In the end, Kingston decides that she and Fa Mu Lan are similar. Using her mother's old diplomas and photos from her years in China, Kingston recounts the story of her mother's life as a lady scholar. Brave Orchid, Kingston's mother, returns home after two years of study. Kingston was born during World War II and grew up with her mother's talk-stories.

Her mother taught her that all white people around her were "ghosts". Moon Orchid is emigrating to the United States after being separated from her sister for 30 years. The sisters arrive back at Brave Orchid's house in the Valley. They are greeted by Brave Orchid's husband, who has aged significantly in Moon Orchid's eyes.

Moon Orchid spends the summer in Brave Orchid's house.