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To paraphrase our dear friend in growing older, Mr.

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It happens to everyone. Here are 5 signs that your kid's way too old for a 'sitter.

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Here's hoping they serve as helpful reminders. They starting looking like a baby prostitute and acting like drunk wolverines. No babysitter can tame them. At least not for what you're paying.

Dear Babysitter's & Nanny's (From A Mom)

Unlike a sitter for a baby or child , a sitter for a teenager requires finding the fine balance between caregiver and friend. Michelle LaRowe, editor in chief of eNannySource. They will know when to be make their presence known and when to sink into the background. And they will be a good role model and can inspire your teen to make good choices and be the best he can be.

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Unlike younger kids, their charges are uniquely susceptible to peer pressure and risky behavior. This trend is helping to fuel the current nanny boom -- there are about nanny agencies today, compared with 45 in But there's an open secret among the country's swelling nanny population: Few of them have any interest in looking after your teenagers.

Epstein tells the nannies right at the outset that the teens don't want them around either. You're the nanny. Unlike babies, who love their sitters unconditionally, teens are judgmental. Many teens today will tolerate babysitters only if they're "very, very hip," says Ms. Nannies have to pass the carpool test.

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Despite such challenges, some nannies and teens form deep bonds. Success is rooted in the hiring process, and in the expectations of the parents, teens and nannies. For starters, parents need an honest job description.

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Are you looking for a carpool driver, a homework nag, a household manager, a pal, a cop? You also want a nanny who's aware of teen culture, and whose interests -- sports, computers, music -- match your teens' interests.

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  • Intellect is crucial, too. A baby's nanny needs to be more loving than book smart. But a teen's nanny ought to be engaging and worldly, especially if you need her to match wits with a duplicitous or mannerless Merit Scholar. But be prepared to pay a premium. Some qualified nannies see it as battle pay. In Texas, a year-old brandished a butcher knife at his nanny and said, "I could kill you and no one would know.

    What Age Do You Stop Needing A Babysitter?

    One nanny told me that she caught a year-old boy visiting pornographic Web sites. Though she risked his ire, she made the hard decision to tell his mom. In nanny support groups, nannies discuss such "gray areas" of dealing with teens, says Sue Downey, a nanny and co-founder of the member Philly Nannies.

    Discipline is also a hot topic in these support groups; unlike a toddler, teens won't stand for a time-out, and you can't stop them from walking out the door. Nannies also share issues that upset them.