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The book received a warm welcome when it was released in , as did Twisted and The Baby-Sitter , released in and , respectively. Stine launched his first horror book series for young adults, Fear Street , in Described as "where your worst nightmares lives," the series explored the dark misadventures of students at Shadyside High School. Fear Street grew to include roughly novels, eventually selling more than 80 million copies. In , Stine started taking younger readers on their own thrill ride with the Goosebumps series. These books, which he produced through his wife Jane's Parachute Press book-packaging company, targeted the tween market.

The first title, Welcome to Dead House , was quickly followed by more novels. At one point, Stine was writing one or two books each month.

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Each title featured the trademark elements of the series: Page-turning plots and daring cliffhangers at the end of each chapter. Goosebumps soon became a literary phenomenon. The books became bestsellers in the United States and abroad, and were eventually translated into 16 different languages.

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Goosebumps was turned into a television series as well. The tremendous popularity of the series turned Stine into one of the most successful children's writers of all time, drawing comparisons between Stine and adult horror writer Stephen King. As the s came to a close, Goosebumps fever began to fade.

Stine launched a new series in , Nightmare Room , with each title featuring an online component. In , he mixed humor and horror in Who Let the Ghosts Out? Stine continues to branch out into new directions, writing about common student fears in 's It's the First Day of School The beloved Goosebumps book series was made into a Hollywood big budget film in October , starring Jack Black as a fictionalized version of Stine.

The film won fans and critics over at the box office, and discussions for a sequel is underway. We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Sign up for the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives. Gerald Ford became the 38th president of the United States following Richard Nixon's resignation, in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal.

Soviet spy William Fisher, a. Rudolf Abel, was convicted of espionage in the U. American radio and television news broadcaster Edward R. The first female prime minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher was a controversial figurehead of conservative ideology during her time in office. Writer E.

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Draw your inspiration from collections of objects and artifacts from your favorite display. Examples: Pre-historic days, Egyptians, Art Galleries, etc. Standing in Line : Think of a time you had to stand in line for something. Maybe you were waiting in a check-out line at the store, or you had to stand in line to enter a concert or event. Junk Mail Prose: Take some inspiration from your latest junk mail. Recipe : Write your poem in the form of a recipe. This can be for something tangible, such as a cake, or it can be a more abstract concept such as love or happiness.

List ingredients and directions for mixing and tips for cooking up your concept to perfection. Do you like sweaters? Some people love their coziness, others find them scratchy and too hot.

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Use your feelings about sweaters in a poem. Overgrown : Use Little Shop of Horrors for inspiration, or let your imagination run wild on what might happen if a plant or flower came to life or started spreading rapidly to take over the world. Interference: Write a poem that is about someone or something coming in between you and your goals.

Locked in a Jar: Imagine you are a tiny person, who has been captured and put into a jar for display or science.

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Weirder Than Fiction: Think of the most unbelievable moment in your life, and write a poem about the experience. Do you like fast food? Write about a recent fast food experience in a poem — good or bad! Unemployed: Write a poem about quitting or being fired from a job you depended on. Boxes: What kinds of family secrets or stories might be hiding in that untouched box in the attic? No One Understands : Write about what it feels like when no one understands or agrees with your opinion.

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Criminal Minds : Write a poem from the perspective of a high-profile criminal who is always on the run from law enforcement. Marathon Runner : Write a poem about what training you might be doing to accomplish a difficult challenge in your life. Passing the Church : Write a poem about noticing something interesting while passing by a church near your home. Luster: Create a descriptive poem about something that has a soft glow or sheen to it.

Clipboard: Write a poem about someone who is all business like and set in their ways of following a system. Architect : Imagine you are hired to design a building for a humanitarian cause you are passionate about. Movie Character : Think of a recent movie you watched, and create a poem about one character specifically, or an interaction between two characters that was memorable. Potential Energy : Write about an experience where you had a lot of potential for success, but failed. Listen Up: Write a poem telling someone they are better than they think they are.

Basket Case: Has there ever been a time when you thought you might lose your mind? Jot your feelings and thoughts down in verse form. Lucky Guess: Many times in our life we have to make a good guess for what is the best decision. Use this poetry idea to write about feelings related to guessing something right — or wrong. Dear Reader: What audience enjoys reading the type of poetry you like to write? Craft a note to your potential audience that addresses their biggest fears, hopes, and dreams.

Ladders in the Sky : Imagine there are ladders that take you up to the clouds. What could be up there? What feelings do you have about climbing the ladders, or is their a mystery as to how they got there in the first place? Where might this ladder to the sky lead?

25 Creative Writing Prompts

Write about it! Paranoia : What would it be like if you felt like someone was watching you but no one believed you? Coming Home to Secrets: Imagine a person who puts on a good act to cover up a secret they deal with at home. Productivity: Talk about your greatest struggles with time management and organization. Signs of the Times : How has a place you are familiar with changed over the past 10 years? Sleepless Nights : What ideas and feelings keep you up at night? By George : You can choose any name, but think of notable figures or celebrities who share a common first name, and combine their personalities and physical characteristics into one piece of poetry.

Shelter : Write a poem about a time you were thankful for shelter from a storm. Cafeteria : Create a poem inspired by the people who might be eating lunch in a cafeteria at school or at a hospital. There are unlimited possibilities for ways you can use these poem ideas to write poetry. While not every poem you write will be an award-winning masterpiece, using these poem starters as a regular exercise can help you better your craft as a writer.

I wanted to share it on here, so I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for this article! I love the profundity and open-endedness of the prompts. He swung his arm with force He caused a loud bang He hurt his own hand He left with some blood. He is the man that punched the mailbox His hand dripped blood on it He left it with a dent He left it alone after that.

Interesting tips and keywords for boosting inspiration. Take me back to those days, When I was allowed to dream, Where no one use to scream. Take me back to those days, When I was a child, Where I never use to find reasons to smile.

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Take me back those carefreee days, When I was far away from school days. Take me back to those days , where every one used to prase, no matter how foolish i behave. I had good inspiration from 51, locked in a jar. I used it more metaphorically instead of literally. I need to move, I need to soar, I need to be able to speak my opinions and more. Just wanted to add a twist to this promt. If anyone has any creative criticism, go ahead!

My brain is out of order My thoughts have filled it to the brim Of my deepest thoughts of who I am Who we are As people We are out of order Never focusing on what we want Our passions All we ever get is work on top of work Pushing us down and down Like a giant hand Squeezing us into the depths of our depressions Until We can do anything But take it Anymore.

Was inspired by 77 listen up Listen up…….! When would you listen up! No matter who shut you up! Stand straight and look up! You might have been down Like you have no crown Because deep down You were shut down.