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The outcome depends on the species of bacteria the fly harbors, the amount of bacteria, whether the bacteria is on or inside the fly, proximity to the source of the bacteria, and even the sex of the fly, Nayduch says. The Worst That Will Happen The worst case scenario would occur if the fly was harboring harmful bacteria and that bacteria had time to grow in your food.

Why You Should Never Eat Food If A Fly Landed On It

For example, if the fly explored a garbage can or animal droppings, and then spent a significant amount of time in your sandwich or in the serving dish. In cases like that, you could contract an infection from salmonella or E. In countries without established plumbing or sanitation systems, flies may harbor pathogens from human waste and pass on deadlier diseases like cholera, vibriosis, or dysentery, Nayduch says.

What Will Probably Happen Probably nothing. Our bodies are also skilled at navigating the countless microbes we encounter on a daily basis.

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The study also found that many of the bacteria flies carry is picked up from faeces and decaying organic matter, which is used to nurture their young. According to Dr Donald Bryant, Professor of Biotechnology at Penn State University, people generally underestimate how extensive the bacteria carried by flies can be. Dr Bryant said: "We believe that this may show a mechanism for pathogen transmission that has been overlooked by public health officials.

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  • So next time you're happy to eat something a fly has landed on, you might want to consider what they could be carrying first! What's On.

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    The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Instead, they transmit them on their feet and body, leaving behind pathogen-filled footprints.

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    To add the icing to the cake, they leave behind poop and vomit too. This allows them to suck up the resulting mishmash of regurgitated digestive fluids and dissolved food. One or two touchdowns on a sandwich is unlikely to end up causing an illness for the average healthy person.