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    How do they make those crazy designs on Major League Baseball outfields?

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    Do soil test and apply what is needed

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    Baseball Field Maintenance

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    Basic baseball field maintenance – SportsTurf

    Super Sopper. Tarp Repair Tape. Tarp Sandbags. Tarp Tube Covers. How often should the infield be leveled? According to Auchter, leveling should be done after every use. As soon as play is finished, scan the infield for uneven areas. For smaller areas, you can typically use a leveling rake. Level the area by raking the material from a high spot and depositing it into the low spot.

    If the infield mix is dry, wet the newly leveled area and tamp it down to help keep it in place. Bigger jobs may require the use of a leveling attachment for your tractor or riding mower.

    Basic baseball field maintenance

    Before using a leveling attachment, use a nail drag or needle tines to loosen the infield material. When leveling, make wide sweeping turns in several directions over your target area. Again, if the infield is dry, water the area and tamp it down to help keep the freshly leveled infield mix in place. Grooming prepares the field surface for play, providing a smooth, finished look.

    Remember, grooming should only be done after you have finished leveling. If you live in an area with cold winters, you may wonder what you should do with the infield surface during the offseason. Skip to content. She shared the two key techniques for infield maintenance she uses: leveling and grooming. Auchter suggests following these steps for the best grooming results: Remove all bases and fill each hole with a rubber plug or similar product.

    After scarifying the field, finish grooming the field with a drag mat or broom. When you are a few feet from the outfield grass, lift the drag and shake off any excess field mix.

    Then, hand rake the edges to prevent lip build-up. Use a rake to smooth out the pile left by the drag.