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Robert Hawke

The Hawke government created the accord mechanism — an agreement between Labor and the ACTU aimed at achieving wages restraint. It also floated the dollar, opened Australia to foreign banks and financial institutions, dismantled protectionism by reducing tariffs and pursuing trade liberalisation, privatised government assets and pursued tax reform.

Hawke: The Larrikin & The Leader - Episode 2: The Prime Ministership

Early in the life of his government, Hawke stopped the Tasmanian government building the Franklin Dam. It introduced Medicare, compulsory superannuation, the higher education contribution scheme for university loans, and pursued reforms to pensions and welfare payments.

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Keating had served a long parliamentary apprenticeship; having arrived in Canberra in at the age of 25, he saw himself as the natural successor to Hayden. Despite his own ambitions, Keating backed Hawke when he moved against Hayden in By , the stresses of public life were closing in for Hawke. The rambunctious prime minister-in-waiting McGregor had first interviewed in was a transformed figure. Hawke repudiated the Kirribilli agreement after Keating delivered an off-the-record address at the National Press Club in December The government was by this point damaged by an economic recession and paralysed by the standoff between the two dominant figures of the period.

Bob Brown: Hawke was our environmental prime minister

Keating launched an unsuccessful leadership challenge in June , then made a second, successful attempt in December. After politics, Hawke went into business and pursued a television career.

He is my best friend. So he was certainly Mr. His death comes just days before a general election that has seen a heated campaign which will probably see a change of leadership. The centre-left Labor party has led the polls for months and is tipped to squeak over the finishing line, making Bill Shorten the sixth prime minister sworn into office in a decade.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who came to office less than a year ago via a party coup has campaigned virtually solo. Hawke was riding high in opinion polls by the mids and won re-election in despite an economic downturn.

Australian 'larrikin' ex-Prime Minister Bob Hawke dies at 89 | The Japan Times

However, with no sign that Hawke would retire, Keating challenged him for the leadership in Hawke saw off the first challenge but eventually lost to Keating a few months later in a party-room coup. He appeared as a media commentator and was in demand as a public speaker. Click to enlarge.

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