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Learn how to tie 21 of the most effective salt- and freshwater patterns. The complete reference for matching coastal prey fish and invertebrates with the fly patterns that imitate them.

Early Fly Days

Photos of gamefish prey, information on the habitats, locations, and seasons in which the prey are most likely found, and photos and recipes of the flies to imitate them help you create, tie, and use flies. The focus is on fly fishing for coastal gamefish in warm-temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions. Essential Saltwater Flies gathers in one handy volume the best flies--including the Deceiver, Surf Candy, and Gotcha--for catching the most sought-after saltwater species.

Ed Jaworowski distills the many saltwater flies available today to the essential, innovative flies that are the foundation of the sport and shares tying techniques and tips as well as knot-tying instructions and notes for fishing the flies. Clouser's approach to fly design begins and ends onstream, with a lot of time spent in between at the workbench.

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Careful observation of the behaviour, habitats, and physical features of the foods fish eat is essential to developing a fly that looks and acts like the real thing. But the pattern must also pass rigorous standards of durability, ease of casting, and most importantly, consistently catching fish before it can be called a winner.

Including variations on his famous original Deep Minnow, Clouser presents recipes for seventeen of his most successful patterns for baitfish, subsurface freshwater foods, and surface flies with detailed explanations and superb full-colour photographs to accompany every step. Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies provides complete illustrated step-by-step instructions and sequence photos for tying a wide variety of the newest and best saltwater patterns: baitfish imitations, flats flies, epoxy flies, topwater flies, and more. Hundreds of photographs and complete recipes depict more than one hundred patterns from some of the world's greatest guides, designed for fishing for all of the most popular saltwater gamefish.

Also included is knowledgeable advice on fly selection, plus tying and fishing tips. Bob Popovics is the fly tier whose techniques with epoxy and silicone revolutionized saltwater fly tying. The family of flies Bob Popovics developed over the last three decades dubbed "Pop Fleyes," a spelling that incorporates part of his last name with the fact that eyes are a prominent feature in their design have proven devastatingly effective for stripers, bluefish, false albacore, and many more species.

This book goes beyond the basic recipe format to provide the thinking behind Popovics's pattern development, a guide to key tying techniques and detailed notes on how to fish Pop Fleyes most effectively. A perfect fish is a remarkable accomplishment. Kenny Abrams manages to smoothly meld fly-tying and flyfishing technique, with philosophy and art. The narrative is poetic yet descriptive. The art is alive. The flyfishing information is incredibly interspersed with thoughts on technique, and philosophy. A book you can read and re-read and continue to gain insight and information.

Saltwater Fly Patterns is a compilation of superb color photographs and clear, effective recipes for hundreds of the most popular and proven flies used by the experts. This is the much-needed complete revision of the standard handbook on saltwater fly patterns. This new edition includes twenty new color plates and brings the total number of flies shown and described to more than Saltwater Flies of the Northeast is all about productive saltwater patterns of the Northeast--flies that are designed to consistently catch fish. Bradley A.

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Rocks, Rivers and the Changing Earth. Herman Schneider. Fly Fisher's Playbook. Duane Redford. Essential Saltwater Flies. Ed Jaworowski. Fleye Design. Bob Popovics. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long.

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