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Every human being was saved by this unmerited favor called grace, but not all know it. In this ground breaking book, Isis Perez-Gonzalez - who is not a pastor or religious educator, but rather a mental health professional - takes biblical references, counseling strategies and her testimony to create a book about activating grace from the point of view of a believer.

In Practical Grace: Through the Eyes of a Believer, Isis teaches you how to connect with the real you which is spirit. She explains, You are one with God. All these works are also performed by the Father and the Son.

The Believer's Position in Christ

Since God is not morally neutral and does not choose to be holy, but He is holy, all His works necessarily share in His holiness. The Spirit who is holy in Himself makes believers holy, sanctifies them, by working faith in Christ in them and He becomes the source of all their good works. Sanctification means that the Spirit permeates everything the Christian thinks, says and does.

The Spirit who alone creates faith is no less active after conversion than He was before. The first is from J. This excerpt is from volume 2, pp.

The Believer's Position in Christ | Cru

In one of the Northhamptonshire parishes where he preached before , there lived a ploughman who usually attended the ministry of Dr. Doddridge, and was well-informed in the doctrines of grace.

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Hervey being ordered by his physicians, for the benefit of his health, to follow the plough, in order to smell the fresh earth, frequently accompanied this ploughman when he was working. Then said Mr. In this way I shot my random bolt.

Your Identity in Christ

Doddridge at Northampton. We rise early in the morning, and have prayer before we set out, in which I find pleasure. Walking there and back I find pleasure.

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Under the sermon I find pleasure. We return, read a portion of Scripture, and go to prayer in the evening, and I find pleasure. But yet, to this moment, I find it the hardest thing to deny righteous self, I mean to renounce my own strength and righteousness, and not to lean on that for holiness or rely on this for justification. All of the following is true of every genuine believer in Jesus Christ. Before the world had even been created, God knew and chose those who would be saved, and in the course of time He called them to Himself.

Do we fully understand it? No way! Not until He explains it all in heaven. Do we still believe it? How near to God has Jesus brought the believer? In our position, just as near as Christ is himself! His blood has been poured out for the sins of the world and the temple curtain has been torn in two!

Practical Grace: Through the Eyes of a Believer

Can someone born, then become be unborn? Can a son in a family somehow cease from being a son? Or can someone who has been adopted, be un-adopted? No, no, and finally, no! A and you are forever a son of your father. The same applies for our spiritual birth! Yet could a perfectly holy God allow anything less than perfection into His presence? Obviously not!

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The answer is therefore yes, you do have to be perfect, but how could this ever be achieved by a sinful creation? In Christ, righteousness and perfection is a gift! He forgave us all our sins. We are forever united and joined to Christ and His history is our history! In a parable about the kingdom of God, Jesus likened Himself to a man who found a treasure in a field. And because of His immense joy, He sold all that He had so that He could purchase that field.

The treasure within the field stands for those in the world who believe in His name.

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There is no true Christian alive that has not been given the Holy Spirit. Think of it — when we were sinners and enemies of God, He fully justified us from every charge because our faith in the work of His precious son Jesus. How much more now, as His treasured possession, will believers find themselves the object of His care! Last, but most important of all, He has given us a heavenly citizenship — where we will be fellow heirs with the King of Kings! We live as strangers and exiles on this earth, far from our true home to come.

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We are ambassadors of God in a country not our own. But our heavenly home is assured and our inheritance is waiting, kept safe by God himself! One last thought The more we stand in awe of its perfection.

With such a creative and all-powerful God, do you think He would complete anything less than perfection in His most important work — our salvation? The riches of His grace detailed above are just part of the fact that confirm that He has indeed completed His most perfect work in those that believe! The new creation is the most wondrous of all His creations! Ok, so there is still one more thought Commenting on the entire list of the work done for the believer, Lewis Sperry Chafer wrote the following:. To this much more is yet to be added according to Phil 1. Nothing less than this would satisfy His boundless love.

I hope you have seen something more of His amazing work for everyone who has been born again. And then, for the ages that are to come, His bride shall be a visible witness to the incredible kindness and grace of God. Ephesians Let me end with a quote which seems appropriate and will one day be reality