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About a foot shorter and almost 30 years older than Elvis at the time of his death, Velas played the part more than he looked it. He waited until the last minute to emerge from his office-turned-dressing room, posed for photos, and autographed concert programs. Thank you very much,'' Velas said in his best Filipino-Southern drawl.

When the show ended, Helen Appel gave her former therapist a hug. Having made the trip from New Jersey just to see Velas, she told him, ''You were awesome. One of the longest-running national Elvis impersonator competitions, ''Images of the King'' contest in Tennessee, started 21 years ago and still attracts more than contestants annually. But thirty years after his death, the legend lives on in the unlikely surroundings of South Wales.

Thirty years on, there are more than 30, in the US alone. Add to that thousands-strong detachments in Asia and Europe, and fans optimistically predict that at the current rate, one in 10 people on Earth will be an ETA by In Britain, Presley-mania thrives at convention centres and themed restaurants from Greenock to Greenwich, but its unlikely centre is the seaside resort of Porthcawl. Yes, Elvis has entered Glamorgan. On an autumn weekend for the past four years, the former miners' retreat has been transformed as a glittering army of 60 sequinned and coiffed ETAs strut their stuff at the Porthcawl Elvis Festival, hoping to walk away with a coveted Elvie award.

Go here for the full story. Source: Naveen. More info soon. The reason we need this information is because as we continue to develop our ETA program we want to know if there is enough of demand for ETA's outside US to have multiple contests in other countries such as Australia. We are hopeful that there will be at least two contests in Australia this year affiliated with EPE. There was no guy named Bardo in our contest. This information is inaccurate and others have spread similar inaccuracies but I do assure you and please assure your fan club that the only way to compete in the ETA finals is by winning a prelim.

Have a great week. Elias2Elvis combines Presley's vocal and physical delivery. Just back from Memphis, She is the King will perform songs from her debut album as well as some of the more gospel and country orientated Elvis songs. With over 15 years' experience Danny Tupelo brings Elvis to life. His looks, combined with his Elvis sound-a-like voice really gets the fans' hearts thumping.

The Roxy, 69 George Street, Parramatta. Bookings: theroxy. The year-old, who is originally from Selby, performs all of Elvis's hits from the GI years through to his days in Las Vegas - three decades worth of music - with all his costumes coming direct from the USA. Talking about his show, Mark said: "It's something for everybody, full of energy, excitement.

The singer has recently signed up with a management company in Essex and is now planning on bringing Elvis to all the corners of the UK over the next 18 months with additional short tours planned abroad. He said: "Touring is the hardest part, been away from family and friends. We are flat out in , all over the world. The show will be followed by a disco and a bar is available. Christmas parties are welcome. To book tickets, telephone or or email marksummers-elvis hotmail. Here's your chance. Submit your best Elvis-like photo through Dec. How about a Christmas party with Elvis in the house?

Chesapeake is home to two of the top Elvis tribute artists in the area in Sterling Riggs and Jim Smith. And both entertainers will take their Elvis acts to your home for a birthday or anniversary party, graduation, family reunion or anniversary get-together. Riggs, a South Norfolk native, has been swinging the King's thing for 13 years. When not performing with backing rhythm tapes, he appears at bigger events, corporate meetings, festivals and concerts with his TKC The King's Court Band, a group that's been with him for 11 years.

He regularly performs up and down the East Coast and at the Beach's Viva Elvis festival, having won its first sound-alike-look-alike competition. That's me: nice 'n' gaudy! When not doing Presley for small private functions, he also does concerts, bigger corporate gigs and festivals with his Memories Band.

Smith won Virginia's Graceland-sanctioned Ultimate Elvis competition earlier this year, earning him the right to perform in Memphis for the national finals. I show up in street clothes and then I change prior to going on. For either, he'll use his own equipment and backing tapes. Both will give you total Elvis, performed with acute accuracy, fun and attention to details. For Sterling Riggs, call him at or go to www.

The top 20 submissions will be invited to Pearl River Resort to compete for the first, second and third place prizes. Entries must be received by Dec. After the contest, guests will enjoy an exciting concert featuring celebrated tribute artist Brandon Bennett and The Heartbreak Orchestra. Click here for Registration Form and Rules. Guests must be 21 years or older to attend. Professional Costumer delivers quality, custom made stagewear and accessories at affordable rates. Professional Costumer! This show will include many of Elvis' favorite Christmas tunes from the 50's and all the way through the 70's.

David Allen and The Fever Orchestra will amaze you with the authenticity, energy and pure excitement that made Elvis the King, now and forever. David Allen will perform his tribute to the 50's Elvis and then take you on that long, exciting road to Las Vegas. If you never had the chance to experience Elvis in concert, this is as close as it gets. Don't miss it! No reserved seating. There will be food and drinks available for purchase.

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Waxahachie, TX. It's an amazing old wooden building with wooden benches, so bring yourself a little cushion! Santa will be making an appearance too! Bring the little ones! Maynard is executive vice president of the chamber. His mother, the late Patsy Dollar, loved Presley so much that she and her husband Gene Dollar, got married on the same day that Elvis and Priscilla Presley wed. Our shows are family oriented.

Grand Performances

Everything is clean. We even do religious songs as part of our shows. We try to emphasize the impact that Elvis had on the world. Elvis came to my little town 32 years ago, and people are still talking about it like it just happened. He had an impact on everyone. By the time he was 11 years old, Dollar was on stage with his own Elvis tribute program, performing for an audience of fans. When he was visiting family in Bristol, Tenn.

He really knows a lot about Elvis. But Dollar has done more than collect Elvis scarfs and eyeglasses. Hodge entered the U. Army with Elvis, and after the two men were discharged, he moved to Graceland and became a close confidant. But he does more than sing and play guitar. He pronounces with pride that he has never smoked or used alcohol in his life. He was a great supporter of his community and opened the door for a lot of black artists to reach white audiences. Bluefield, WV. Some great shows Friday, Dec. See in the New Year with Elvis to the Max in a special "That's The Way It Was" live show, which features a string orchestra, taking you through the magic that is Elvis from to Befitted with authentic costumes, you will find yourself moved in time.

Based in Detroit, Max loves Australia so much that he has come back to do his second tour this year, with his August tour, touring with The Beatnix, with most shows selling out causing an incredible stir amongst fans across the nation. Everything about Max is just like The King. He is a haunting clone of the pelvis-swivelling King of Rock n Roll. Pellicano looks like, sings like and cavorts on stage like Elvis at his absolute best. The legend lives on through Max Pellicano. Celebrating Music from the 50s — 70s!!! First Night is an alcohol-free public festival that marks the passage from the old year to the new through the arts.

All First Night celebrations are licensed by First Night International and adhere to a set of standards. Ada has the only First Night event in Oklahoma. The activities, all on the ECU campus, will begin at 6 p. Many will perform simultaneously at one of seven venues. The buttons, which were designed by ECU senior Corey Fetters, will not cover the cost of food or beverages that will be offered by six vendors around the campus. The inaugural First Night Ada is being organized by community members and is supported by contributions from individuals and organizations. More information about the event is available from Rafes at tommyerafes aol.

Blue Christmas in Westland: You better watch out — you better not cry — Santa Claus is coming to town! All ages welcome. Show time is p. Advance reservations-ticket purchases are strongly advised as there is always a full house when Fred performs at the Last Lap.

Please note, a reservation-ticket purchase guarantees you will be admitted for the show, but it does not guarantee you a specific seat. Tickets are on sale now. For reservations and to buy tickets call and ask for Shari or Ron. Also, check out the Christmas Lunch With Santa show below for the same day! Admission price for children includes lunch and a surprise. To get tickets call and ask for Shari or Ron. Special Doug Church show in November. Give what you can. ALL proceeds will go toward helping these folks a mother and young daughter get back on their feet and stay warm during the coming colder months.

Donation boxes will be available for your kind offerings. This is the time of year when want is most keenly felt so let's spread a little wealth and warmth around. God has truly blessed us and we want to share some of that. Thank you all so very very much! It was opened to be able to serve more children with Cancer. Knowing this, I wanted to carry the show one step farther. I want to make this a very special visit for the children in the hospital. I just want to brighten their day. We are told that we will be seeing about 50 children. After the show myself and Mr.

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Clause are going to the childrens rooms and give them Christmas gifts. I would like to have some new Elvis Dolls to give to the children. I already have a few stuffed animals, some beany babies, and board games donated. But I would really like to have some Elvis Dolls to give to the children to commemorate the visit. Telephone: 02 Email : roxy palacegroup. Your wonderful vacation will include private parties, 2 private shows, games, prizes and all the fun of these exciting ports of call. Book your cabin today! According to director of development Daryl Groff, the remaining funds will be raised through community fundraising efforts.

And the first of those fundraisers will be held at 7 p.

Main St. Krick, from Leesport, has been performing as Elvis for 17 years. The year-old said he started singing Elvis songs at the age of 10, but didn't sing professionally until Krick has performed all over the U. He made his television debut in August, with a guest appearance on "It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle" that highlighted the 30th anniversary of Presely's death. Krick had his own band for 15 years, but it disbanded and he now uses a background music track. He tours with the Stamps Quartet from Nashville twice a year. He put aside his degree in computer programming and employment in accounting to perform.

The cost includes beverages and snacks. He said there are seats available at the Liberty Fire Hall, and more than have already been sold. To order tickets, call Hoffard at or visit Radio Shack, E. You can call Radio Shack for tickets at Here is the info on our next fan club event. A flyer is forthcoming next week but for now here are all the details!!

Hope to see you there, and please invite any Elvis Fans that you know!

Hôtel Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris (Hotel) (France) Deals

All are welcome!! With movies, trivia, give-aways, and prizes! Eddy Prince will be performing throughout the evening too! There is no admission needed for this one, so get there early. It's going to be packed! All the fun starts around 7pm, and lasts until 11pm or so. Source: Charmaine Voisine. Sydney, Australia. But just how his hometown will honor him is not yet decided, Pittston Mayor Joseph Keating said. Klush has been touring the northeastern United States, and is scheduled for a South American tour next weekend.

The tribute contest in Memphis was part of a week-long series of concerts, dances and memorials in memory of Presley, who died at Graceland, his Memphis residence, on Aug. He got pretty good at it". Klush, 38, won the championship round of a series of Elvis tribute contests held around the world. The second single from her highly anticipated, and appropriately named, album 'Edge Of Reality' has just been released.

Click here for more details. Garry is the consummate professional and puts on a high energy show. Read full tour details. Their continued support is deeply appreciated. Check website www. Album release date coming soon. Trent Carlini of Las Vegas will carry the Longview mantle to the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist competition in the King's hometown in August, after besting 18 other tribute artists in the local preliminaries Saturday.

Local producer Carol Shahin declared the Longview show, which featured morning performances leading to evening finals, an enthusiastic success. She credited the Longview audience. The Texas audience is unlike any other audience. They were on their feet many times through the night. In addition to winning the right to swivel against the best Aug.

She said Carlini had donated one-third of his cash winnings to McCoy's nonprofit foundation, which supports families with children facing disabling diseases. Shahin said she plans to produce another Elvis contest in the preliminaries. Before then, she added that she hopes to bring Saturday's three winners back to Longview to perform. ETA breaks world record: One of Quebec's best-known Elvis impersonators believes he has broken his own world record by singing songs by the King non-stop for two days. He will now file documents from his attempt to officials in charge of the Guinness World Records book.

Lalonde, who also goes by the name Scotty Davis, was allowed a minute break every four hours. An Elvis impersonator for more than 20 years, Lalonde set two similar Guinness records, singing for 42 hours and 30 minutes in and 44 hours and one minute in Before he started this time, he said his game plan was to mix ballads and slower songs with outbursts of faster tunes, such as Jailhouse Rock. He also said he would consume energy drinks and limit his food intake. I felt, in my throat, just a little bit, that it hurt," Lalonde said.

Although he ultimately was fine, "this time, I just felt a little bit nervous," he added. A medical crew was also on hand to check him out at the end.

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Lalonde staged his latest attempt as a fundraiser for local underprivileged children and estimates he raised a few thousand dollars. June Ed Enoch working to keep Elvis memory alive: To Ed Enoch, the death of Elvis Presley seems like it was only a few days ago, not 30 years. Sumner and the Stamps. It was all of those emotions put together. Elvis was a great entertainer and gave a great gift to society.

Elvis died on Aug. The last two years, we have booked them for a return on the day of the show. They truly enjoy performing with each other. Elvis in the building Saturday, judges will tell Golden and 19 other Elvis impersonators whether they have the right stuff to win the "Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest. There's a different wrinkle to the latest edition of "Legends in Concert," which runs through June 28 at Resorts Atlantic City.

For the first time in memory -- maybe the first time ever -- the popular musical mimic-fest is not anchored by an Elvis Presley impersonator. While there are sure to be some "Legends" devotees for whom this will be a major disappointment, it certainly doesn't detract from what is, overall, a typically strong program.

In Elvis' stead is Cookie Watkins, whose turn as Tina Turner is filled with appropriate amounts of sass, sizzle and sex appeal. Sporting a nest of blond hair and long legs accentuated by dangerously spiked heels, Watkins looks amazingly similar to the rhythm 'n' blues legend. She, likewise, delivers an excellent approximation of the pop 'n' soul diva's guttural vocal style on such songs as "What's Love Got To Do with It" and her late-'60s signature take on "Proud Mary.

Source: Christine Bamford, 12 June When he got out of Vietnam in , he started out as a songwriter for country artists. McDowell is currently recording his 45th album and performing live regularly. One of his favorite experiences in his career was working and recording with his friend and hero, Conway Twitty. We get them to dance and laugh. We just involve them in the show and make them feel a part of what we are doing and, basically, we have a ball.

For more information, call Field Auditorium. Tribute artists from throughout the Southwest are expected to compete in the event that is part of year-long, nationwide contest to determine the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist. Her daughter has benefitted from the East Texas Angel Network, a charitable foundation started by Neal McCoy and his wife, Melinda, to help the children of East Texas and their families.

ETAN is committed to enhancing the lives of the children of East Texas who are living with terminal or life-threatening diseases. ETAN, through fundraising activities such as Love Me Tender, provides financial assistance for medical treatments and related costs to the children of East Texas and their families. The Longview event is one of 23 such contests nationwide that will ultimately lead to the final Ultimate Elvis Contest in Memphis. For more information visit www. This competition is part of the first Elvis tribute artist contest officially endorsed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

The preliminary competition and concert will be held at Conseco Fieldhouse on Friday, July 13, at p.

rafes grand performance Manual

Elvis Tribute Artists ETAs will be judged on vocals, appearance, performance, stage presence and their overall tribute to Elvis. Pennsylvania St. Registration ends July 10 at p. Source: Amber Smith, 1 June We are holding this competition because we are huge fans of Elvis and truly respect the efforts and contributions of Elvis Tribute Artists everywhere who keep the memory of Elvis Presley alive and well. Among the many benefits of coming to our contest location to compete, the biggest advantage to an ETA would be the increased chance that they would win our preliminary round and get to Memphis for the competition there.

This would be especially beneficial to them if they have already registered in a high-traffic competition with many competitors. We are accepting registrations of ETAs up until May 31st and we have limited spots available — both professional and amateurs are welcome to compete and registration can be completed online or mailed in. I invite you to go to our contest website at www. I have also included a flyer and our press release to send out to your members if you wish to do so.

Please consider assisting us by spreading the word about our location to your fan club members and to your networks. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Matt King's. He has even met the man's legendary manager, Colonel Tom Parker, being a special guest to Memphis in Each finalist also received cash and prizes.

Fontana, a drummer for Presley for 15 years whose snare drum playing was a "Jailhouse Rock" highlight, attended the Elvis Festival. Source: TBO. Elvis impersonators may be answer to Japanese island's problem - "Grace is land here we come! When I came here 10 years ago, the population was Now it is almost Which goes to show that anyone can have his or her own island if one waits long enough. Soon, I'll be able to change the name to Amy Island. People will have to know the password to get onto the island and they may even have to log in before they come.

But of course, the island would be nothing without all the people on it who make it such a special place. Which is why everyone is searching for a way to increase the population here. Some ideas have been suggested. A bridge was once planned to connect our island and the five other islands in the Kasaoka island chain to the mainland.

Bridges, long the symbol of prosperity and economic success in Japan, would bring tourists, commerce and jobs. Of all the five islands in our chain, Shiraishi Island was the only island that protested it. And without this approval, the bridge could not be built. The Shiraishi people value their homeland and realize that a bridge will also bring crime, pollution, and other components of city life to this small, protected island community. Furthermore, a bridge would threaten the aura of the island, a special atmosphere created through the time-honored formula of interaction among the local people.

Here, we don't have amusement parks, game centers, and shopping malls — we are the entertainment! So the question is more how to revitalize the area while preserving the island atmosphere and sustaining a population. Most people blame Japan's declining population on the lack of children being born. But on our island of , where most people are way past child-bearing age, concentrating on increasing the population by having more children is silly.

Why don't we consider instead, trying to stop people from dying? After all, it's the people who are dying who are causing the decrease in population. Besides, once grandma and gramps die, the ancestral home is abandoned and no one benefits. These days, there is practically no chance that these people's grown children will ever move back to the island.

As long as grandma and gramps are alive and eating and drinking, family members will come to visit and the local tradesman, grocers, and restaurants will benefit. And, if we want to stop the dying, we're going to have to stop the hospital boat from coming. The hospital boat comes every couple of months and offers checkups, screening, testing, etc.

But, am I the only one who has noticed that every time the boat comes, we lose a few islanders soon after they've been screened? Save the population! Stop that boat from coming! Some people suggest immigration as a possible answer to the population problems. You've heard of Ellis Island in the U. Over 12 million immigrants landed there between and Well, everyone also knows that immigration is not really the Japanese way. So, if we can't have an Ellis Island, how about an Elvis Island?

Japan loves Elvis Presley and there are many Elvis impersonators here, so perhaps we could get all them to come and live here on Shiraishi Island. With all of them on one Elvis Island, they could live, not in Graceland but Grace-island. They could build their own mansions with jungle rooms and racquetball courts. Former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi would surely have a mansion here.

Elvis impersonators wouldn't need a bridge to drive a car here either as they could just fly here in their private jets. And Elvis impersonators love to interact with people.

Multitrack Seaboard GRAND performance

We could all sing karaoke and gyrate our hips together every day. And there would be live concerts on the beach every weekend. Perhaps the best thing about an Elvis Island is that we'd never have to worry about the population declining again. Because, as every knows, Elvis lives forever! Sat May 12, 8pm. Saturday, June 2, Join this special pre-Elvis tour get together, and meet your fellow travelers who will join you on your tour to Memphis. Come to Casino Rama and join the group for fun and games! Come on out and Support your Favorite. John Cigan. I have seen him perform LIVE 3 times, he is one amazing performer.

And they are all available thru the Fan Club. Produced in Japan but available on a limited time basis. It's a great collaboration between America and Japan. The Prime Minister of Japan will love this album with a special song dedicated to him. It's filled with songs from Jamie's own albums as well as songs from several other artists. Everything about Max is just like the King. Rolling Stone Magazine. These fab four musicians, keep their tribute to The Beatles breathtakingly real as they re-create with frightening accuracy the sound, feel and energy that was The Beatles.

From the early hits, such as I Want to hold your hand and She loves you, through to the famous Sgt. Bookings can be made through Ticketek — www. Canberra Ticketing 02 Visit the tour website. Catharines ON. No reservations, seating is first come first served. Please visit www. The Merseyside heat will take place at Southport Theatre on April 21 and Elvises are expected to try out their crooning and hip-swiveling gyrations on a panel of judges.

Lovers of Elvis, male and female and of any age, will get the chance to battle it out for three places in the One Night Of Elvis: The Return To Memphis show to take place that night. The audience will pick a winner to go to the UK grand final in Blackpool in June, where they will battle it out for a place in the international final in Memphis, USA, in August. People adore his music. There is a huge appetite and audience for Elvis even after all these years. People have to be prepared to sing one Elvis song, without backing, for the judges. It is a bit like X-Factor but without the Simon Cowell cynicism.

We know people will turn up in sunglasses and wigs and jumpsuits that have been made for them. It is a really good opportunity for our winner to compete for a nice holiday to Memphis. If so contact Mary Murtagh on or email:. Contact: Mary murtagh liverpoolecho. Holland, NY. News, Source: Charmaine Voisine. Feel free to pass this along to your friends! Sydney singer Jacqueline Feilich is the only Australian competitor - and one of a handful of women - to make the second round of an official Elvis impersonator competition being held for the first time by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

The owners of the giant Elvis corporation usually snub impersonators. This is the first time they've embraced international Elvis performers. Feilich is among 72 competitors chosen for the Elvis competition - there are about , Elvis impersonators worldwide - and will travel to Tupelo, Mississippi, in June to strut her stuff. The year-old gemologist has been copying Elvis since she was three.

After 10 years of building up a profile under her performance name She is the King, she works as a full-time Elvis impersonator. Feilich sent a digital audition to Elvis Presley Enterprises late last year. She waited three months to hear if she was successful, such was the demand for auditions. Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 25 March ETA makes history at Graceland: For the first time in history Graceland has endorsed and approved an Elvis Tribute Artist to participate in one of their licensed events.

The event occurred yesterday in Memphis. Qualifying rounds will be held on June 14th and 15th. The final contest will begin at p. Any Elvis tribute artist ETA is welcome to participate. Applications are available online at www. There will be music, food booths, and many downtown businesses will be open. During the Cruise In an Elvis look-a-like competition for children and adults will be held along with an Elvis Car look-a-like contest. For more information about the Cruise In contact Harrodsburg First at or email at harrrodsburgfirst bellsouth.

Get your cameras, cars, and Elvis records ready to welcome Elvis back to Harrodsburg! Source: EPE , 20 March Visit www. Reservations available. At the Sikorski Hall, Stevenson Rd. Reservations available with the purchase of a full table. Tickets are selling quickly, buy your tickets today.

For more info contact Nora at or robinkellyfanclub sympatico. Avoid disappointment and buy your tickets early. See Robin at the pub crawl on Thursday night, at the Street Dance on Friday night and on the arena stage Saturday afternoon when he will be co-hosting with Matt King and Anthony Von in the "Long Live the King" matinee show, 2 pm - 4 pm. For tickets contact the Collingwood Elvis Festival at or visit www. Long recognized for his showmanship abilities Rick Saucedo entertains his audiences with musical abilities only rivaled by Elvis. Food and refreshments will also be available for purchase.

The program includes two performances with one Intermission. Seating is limited and ticket orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Handicapped accommodations can be made at the time tickets are purchased. The money raised from this event will be donated to local charitable organizations and churches and to support seminarians of the Diocese of Joliet. If special seating arrangements are required please contact Nora.

Elvis memorabilia vendor, King's Collectibles will be at the event as well as a Collingwood Elvis Festival representative available to answer any questions you may have about the festival, events and tickets. However, we do wish to point out that the ticket sales only begins on March 12th for ElvisMatters members.

On Monday April 2nd, ticket sales for the general public commences. The name of the special guest for Eindhoven cannot be revealed for contractual reasons. For Belgium, the immensely popular Will Tura will do a special guest performance with his musical heroes, the Full Elvis Cast. Tickets for this amazing live show go on sale on Monday, April 2nd. All details to follow soon on this website and Elvis Matters' brand new own website. Jamie Aaron Kelly on YouTube. Through an online contest we offer a service to ETAs and fans who are often unable to travel and attend the traditional contest.

The online contest will allow ETAs and FANS worldwide to participate in the same event together without the time and expense of traveling to a traditional contest. Their best photo. Their best video. Their best song. And their bio. Fans can register online as well and login and vote for their favorite contestant. Complete rules and regulations and details are available here. News, Source: Elvii Radio, 11 Feb Since leaving EPE Patsy has been busy operating her successfull promotions and management company.

Listen for exclusive interviews with Elvis' friends, family, band-members, co-stars and more. News, Source: Elvii Radio , 11 Feb EPE's first-ever Elvis tribute artist contest will see winners of the preliminary rounds in Memphis during Elvis Week to compete for the ultimate title. The city of Arnold, Missouri, is the first preliminary round location scheduled to pick their winner on March Visit the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest site for a full schedule of confirmed contest locations.

In Australia, the annual Wintersun festival has also been accepted to stage the "downunder" preliminary contest. He gave his age, 67, where he grew up, Philadelphia, and where he lives now, a home in New Jersey for the mentally disabled. But then, seeing the man in black wearing shades and thick sideburns a few feet away, Gabriele — sporting his own red cape and jumpsuit — re-focused. You look sharp, man. He now was admiring the sideburns on this particular imitator of the King, Ruben Castillo.

I'm working on mine, here," he said, touching his temples. Castillo had just finished singing a number. About six of his fellow impersonators — collars up, drenched in cologne — mingled in the theater lobby waiting for their turns on-stage. The three-hour concert was a benefit to raise money for The Arc, a nonprofit agency that represents those with special needs.

About people bought tickets. In fact, she said, this concert fundraiser began four years ago with one act from impersonator Andrew Howard before a small crowd of clients at the agency's main office on Cedar Bridge Road. It was so popular, they moved the show to the Toms River Elks Lodge. When even that venue grew too small, the show moved to the luxurious Strand Theatre for Saturday.

This year, Arc also joined forces with Howard Enterprises, which held an Elvis convention at the theater an hour before the show. I like the fans' reactions. There's a certain adrenaline rush you get that you can only find maybe in skydiving. It seems many of the impersonators more stumbled than intended on a side-career as an Elvis double. For Andrew Howard, it was Halloween night years ago when he dressed as the rocker.

He now has run these conventions for six years. His best impersonation, however, is Johnny Cash. Elvis and Hank Williams. And Beltway 8. Freeport exit. Reservations required: The Lonestar Club. Shaver, Pasadena. Raffle Prize: 50 th Anniversary Harley Davidson. For more info. Contact: Virginia Little Motorcycle rally begins at Hooks. Airport and ends at Lonestar Club, with various stops to Hooters and Stubbs. First bike out at 10 AM. Last bike out at 11 AM. Downtown Houston. Location: St. Bus Tour to Memphis! Graceland is preparing for the largest number of fans ever, from around the world, for celebrations during Elvis Week All of this and much more!!!

Street parking is especially difficult for Thursday or Friday concerts. Exit toward 4th and Hill Street and walk uphill on 4th. There is an escalator up to California Plaza from the corner of 4th and Olive. For venues open for a drink or food after the concert, check out Where to Go After the Show.

Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Share Pin Email. The Organization Grand Performances is a non-profit organization that organizes a series of free, high-quality world music concerts every summer in Downtown Los Angeles. Full-Service Restaurants on the Plaza. Blue Cow Kitchen and Bar has locally sourced seasonal bar food with patio seating and a bar. Noe is an upscale restaurant inside the Omni Hotel facing the Plaza featuring "a fresh and frequently rotating Neo Bistro menu" with an Asian flair.

Counter-Service Restaurants on the Plaza. Mendocino Farms serves gourmet sandwiches including seasonal selections. Mixt Greens has good organic salads and a few sandwiches. Pressed Juicery has cold-pressed juices. Subway is also just across the street farther up Grand in the same building. Vespaio is an upscale Italian-American restaurant across the street between Subway and the Broad museum.

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