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Remote Control (The Clash song)

Top Albums See all 85 albums. No results were found for that selection. London Calling The Clash. Sound System The Clash. The Clash The Clash. Essential Clash The Clash. Give 'em Enough Rope The Clash. The Clash U. Sort by:. Customer Review Release Date Bestselling. Sample this song. Title Artist.

Rock the Casbah Remastered. Rock the Casbah Remastered on Sound System. Rock the Casbah Remastered on Combat Rock. London Calling Remastered. London Calling Remastered on London Calling. Train in Vain Remastered. Train in Vain Remastered on London Calling. I Fought the Law Remastered. I Fought the Law. I Fought the Law on Hits Back.

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There had been a lot of intense activity in five years. Secondly, I felt we'd run out of idea gasoline. And thirdly, I wanted to shut up and let someone else have a go at it. This period of disintegration, featuring interviews with members of the Clash, is the subject matter of Danny Garcia's book and film, The Rise and Fall of the Clash.

After the break-up, Strummer contacted Jones in an effort to reform the Clash. Jones, however, had already formed a new band, Big Audio Dynamite B. The two did work together on their respective projects. Jones helped out with the two songs Strummer wrote and performed for the Sid and Nancy soundtrack. Strummer, in turn, cowrote a number of the tracks on the second B. Simonon formed a band called Havana 3am. Headon recorded a solo album , before once again spiraling into drug abuse.

Chimes drummed with a succession of different acts. That same year, Strummer reportedly cried when he learned that "Rock the Casbah" had been adopted as a slogan by US bomber pilots in the Gulf War. Simonon did not want to participate because he believed that playing at the high-priced event would not have been in the spirit of the Clash. Strummer's sudden death from a congenital heart defect on 22 December ended any possibility of a full reunion.

This was the first time since that Headon and Jones had performed together on stage. The song is the namesake of a charity founded by Bragg which gives musical instruments and lessons to prison inmates. Jones, Headon, and Bragg were backed by former inmates during the session, which was filmed for a documentary about the charity, "Breaking Rocks. This reunion marked the first time the two performers had worked together in over twenty years.

They later joined Gorillaz on their world tour for the remainder of In July , Strummer's daughters, Jazz and Lola, gave a rare interview to discuss the upcoming tenth anniversary of their father's passing, his legacy and the possibility of a Clash reunion had their father lived. Jazz said "There was talk about the Clash reforming before he died. But there had been talk for years and years about them reforming. They had been offered stupid amounts of money to do it, but they were very good at keeping the moral high ground and saying no.

But I think if Dad hadn't died, it would have happened. It felt like it was in the air. On 9 September in the UK and a day later in the US , the Clash released Sound System , a twelve-disc box set featuring their studio albums completely re-mastered on eight discs with an additional three discs featuring demos, non-album singles, rarities and B-sides, a DVD with previously unseen footage by both Don Letts and Julien Temple, original promo videos and live footage, an owner's manual booklet, reprints of the band's original 'Armagideon Times' fanzine as well as a brand new edition curated and designed by Paul Simonon and merchandise including dog tags, badges, stickers and an exclusive Clash poster.

Both Mick Jones and Paul Simonon oversaw the project including the re-masters. The box set came in a package shaped as an 80s ghetto blaster. The box set was accompanied by 5 Album Studio Set , which contains only the first five studio albums excluding Cut the Crap , and The Clash Hits Back , a track, two-CD best of collection sequenced to copy the set played by the band at the Brixton Fair Deal now the Academy on 19 July In a 3 September interview with Rolling Stone , Mick Jones discussed the band reuniting saying it likely would have never happened.

Jones said "There were a few moments at the time I was up for it Hall of Fame reunion in , Joe was up for it. Paul wasn't. And neither, probably, was Topper, who didn't wind up even coming in the end. It didn't look like a performance was going to happen anyway.

I mean, you usually play at that ceremony when you get in. Joe had passed by that point, so we didn't. We were never in agreement. It was never at a point where all of us wanted to do it at the same time. Most importantly for us, we became friends again after the group broke up, and continued that way for the rest of the time. That was more important to us than the band".

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Jones also stated that the Sound System box set was the last time he will ever be involved in the band's releases. This is it for me, and I say that with an exclamation mark. In an October interview with BBC 6Music, Jones confirmed that Strummer did have intentions of a Clash reunion and in fact new music was being written for a possible album. In the months prior to Strummer's death, Jones and Strummer began working on new music for what he thought would be the next Mescaleros album.

Jones said "We wrote a batch — we didn't use to write one, we used to write a batch at a time — like gumbo. The idea was he was going to go into the studio with the Mescaleros during the day and then send them all home. I'd come in all night and we'd all work all night. Jones was curious as to what would become of the songs he and Strummer were working on and Strummer informed him that they were going to be used for the next Clash album.

The Clash's music was often charged with left-wing ideological sentiments. The Clash are credited with pioneering the advocacy of radical politics in punk rock, and were dubbed the "Thinking Man's Yobs" by NME. Their politics were made explicit in the lyrics of such early recordings as "White Riot", which encouraged disaffected white youths to riot like their black counterparts; " Career Opportunities ", which addressed the alienation of low-paid, routinised jobs and discontent over the lack of alternatives; and "London's Burning", about the bleakness and boredom of life in the inner city.

The title of Sandinista! The band's political sentiments were reflected in their resistance to the music industry's usual profit motivations; even at their peak, tickets to shows and souvenirs were reasonably priced. The Clash are mainly described as a punk rock band. The Clash was number 77 and Sandinista! Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers , the first major punk band from Northern Ireland , explained the record's impact:. Up to that point we'd still been singing about bowling down California highways.

I mean, it meant nothing to me. Although the Damned and the Pistols were great, they were only exciting musically; lyrically, I couldn't really make out a lot if it The Clash also inspired many musicians who were only loosely associated, if at all, with punk. The band's embrace of ska, reggae and England's Jamaican subculture helped provide the impetus for the 2 Tone movement that emerged amid the fallout of the punk explosion. They wrote the rule book for U2. We took that from the Clash, because we were very similar in that regard.

Public Enemy just did it 10 years later".

According to biographer Antonio Ambrosio, The Clash's involvement with Jamaican musical and production styles has inspired similar cross-cultural efforts by bands such as Bad Brains , Massive Attack , , Sublime and No Doubt. The band has also had a notable impact on music in the Spanish-speaking world. In , a Clash tribute album featuring performances by Buenos Aires punk bands was released. London Town a film in which tells the story of a Clash-obsessed teenager who crosses paths with Joe Strummer by happenstance in and finds his life changing as a result, was released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

English punk band. This article is about the English band. For the Thai band, see Clash Thai band. For other uses, see Clash disambiguation. The Clash in concert, 21 May Not pictured: Topper Headon drums. Punk rock post-punk new wave. Signing that contract did bother me a lot. I've been turning it over in my mind, but now I've come to terms with it. I've realised that all it boils down to is perhaps two-year's security Before, all I could think about was my stomach Now I feel free to think—and free to write down what I'm thinking about I'm much too far gone for that, I tell you.

The moment that best exemplifies the Clash The band was playing before 20, people and had been under fire from a crowd that was throwing bottles at the stage. But that wasn't what bothered lead singer Joe Strummer. What enraged him was a foot-high barbed-wire fence strung between concrete posts and forming a barrier between the group and the audience The Clash were the only performers at the show who tried to do anything about the obstacle.

They were more willing to run the risk of the crowd than to tolerate barbed wire that was meant to fend off that crowd. This is more or less what the Clash were about: fighting the good fight that few others would fight. Main article: List of the Clash band members. Main articles: The Clash discography and List of songs recorded by the Clash. Buckley, Peter, ed. The Rough Guide to Rock 3d ed. London: Rough Guides. CS1 maint: Extra text: authors list link Campo, Alberto Florence, Italy: Giunti Editore.

The 200 Best Albums of the 1980s

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London, England. MTV News. Retrieved 17 November Jones's later take on the matter: "Bernie had a hand in everything. Not the lyrics—he didn't help with the lyrics. He didn't tell us not to write love songs, as the myth goes—that's kind of simplified version of it. He told us to write what we knew about" Robb , p. Archived from the original on 4 November Retrieved 27 November Retrieved 31 December Rolling Stone : 38— Gray misspells the character's name as Micky.

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