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Luca Riley needs to chill. Or so he's always believed, crafting a Zen-like serenity to carry his underdog curlers to the edge of greatness. To reach Nationals, Team Riley just have to keep calm and beat their arch-rivals-and their hot new Canadian coach-in one final bonspiel. Luca and Oliver form an instant, irresistible bond. For the first time, Oliver shares the secret shame that's kept him off the ice for years, and Luca finds true acceptance for who he is.

Throwing Stones by Wendi Christner

As the tournament races toward a nail-biting climax, Oliver must face his past before it consumes him again. And Luca must choose between the dream he can taste and the man he could love. More Warriors are on the way!

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When Pete leaves to join the military during World War I, he gives Andrew his basketball and told him to practice hard. When Pete dies, Andrew promises himself he would be the best basketball player ever to make Pete proud. Before school starts, Bennie Esposito comes to town.

Throwing Stones

Bennie is the son of the owner of a carnival. Many people in town look down on Bennie because of his father's profession. When Andrew breaks his arm and Bennie takes his place on the basketball team, Andrew really begins to dislike Bennie. Andrew begins to write for the local paper, covering the basketball games, but his stories are often slanted to reflect his annoyance with Bennie.

When Andrew's arm mends and he is able to rejoin the team, he finds himself pushed to a more supportive role, unable to make the great plays he had made before.

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This increase Andrew's resentment towards Bennie. One night Andrew sneaks up to Bennie's house in an attempt to prove that Bennie and his aunt are bootleggers. However, when he stumbles upon a still inside an abandoned shack on his father's property, Andrew realizes who the real bootlegger is.

Andrew decides to get proof of the truth. Andrew borrows a camera from the newspaper publisher and sits in wait for the real owner of the still. When the man appears, Andrew discovers that his initial instinct was correct. The real bootlegger is the town sheriff.

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  7. When everything is said and done, Andrew realizes that Bennie is not the terrible person Andrew wanted to believe he was. Hence, Andrew swallows his pride and extends a peace offering to Bennie.

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    They lead their basketball team to the sectionals. Read more from the Study Guide.

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