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Top questions about San Francisco. She was freed after 21 months when the Court of Appeal quashed the murder conviction on a technicality. A second jury then found her guilty at a retrial after the judge refused to allow the jury to hear certain evidence after ruling that it had no bearing on the case. But she was dramatically freed by the Court of Appeal in , when her conviction was declared unsafe. Since then there have been no new lines of enquiry into who was responsible for Mrs Greig's death.

The year-old had sustained head and neck injuries during the early hours of Monday October 5, Kent-born Mr Coniam had driven HGVs since and was an agency driver for several companies in Notts and Derbyshire, making regular runs to Italy, Spain and the Netherlands as well as domestic work. Police have never worked out who was responsible for Mr Coniam's killing, but suspect it might have been connected to the victim's drug addiction.

Some of the companies Mr Coniam drove for told police they became suspicious of his activities when he consistently took longer than expected to complete journeys. It should have been her day off. He was then spotted walking along Mansfield Road shortly after 2. He was also seen half an hour later in Silverdale Road, Basford, carrying the drawer.

It was found the next day in a Basford garden. IT was not unusual for taxi driver John Landa to be out all night and as he got into his cab on Friday, August 13, , he paused to share a joke with his daughter. Mr Landa's shift was due to end when he was dispatched to Peel Street at about 4am to pick up a fare waiting at a telephone box. At about 4. She went out into the street to find the body of Mr Landa on the pavement yards away from his cab.

A year later, the couple were married. They settled in South Dakota, where they remained for several years before Mrs Maschek returned to the city alone to move into a bedsit in Douglas Road, Lenton. It was there that her battered body was found on Wednesday, July 14, She had been struck with a flat instrument.

Suspicion eventually fell on a "scruffy" young man who would chat with Joan about classical music and ballet. An artist's impression of the long-haired man in his 20s was released — but police never found him. The year-old, from Germany, went out for a quiet drink on the evening of Friday, September 24, He usually met up with a business friend but as he was on holiday, Mr Stevens went alone, telling his wife he was going to the Albert Hotel. His body was found in St Ann's Hill Road shortly before midnight with stab wounds to the chest and abdomen. The caravan was found secure and nothing had been stolen, leading police to assume Mr Cope had invited his attacker inside.

The case was thrown into the spotlight in when builders converting the former Newark Police Station found a bag of evidence containing bicycle handlebars. But a police spokesman later said they had been forensically tested and eliminated as the murder weapon. He was stabbed 14 times at the base of his skull as he walked the family's pet dog, Blackie, in the early hours of September 8, The evening before Mr Wilson's death was a busy one. He watched Nottingham Forest secure a win over Watford that afternoon before welcoming customers to his Sneinton pub the Fox and Grapes.

Smug, Mrs. Guggenheim and other now-famous characters in a book with simple, entertaining advice on how to attain the best results possible. Published in and reprinted in , this was voted the 1 book of all time in the December ACBL Bulletin survey. A thick volume packed with information on people, conventions, card combinations, bridge terms, history and just about anything else you might ever want to know about bridge.

This is the 7th edition, updated in late A quick-start introduction to the basics of bidding and play. Bayone keeps it simple and emphasizes how to have fun learning and playing. A beginner's guide with quick-start introductions to key principles, interactive quizzes and self-tests. The author offers additional articles on a companion website to help learners track their progress. It features tips on planning the play and reinforces the concepts with self-quizzes and detailed explanations of the solutions.

A teaching course and guide to all things bridge, this hard-cover volume includes a history of the game and its champions, a beginner tutorial, sample games, rules and reference sections. A majority of the later chapters are written for intermediate and higher-level players. Designed for newcomers, this well-organized manual offers an easy, step-by-step approach and a refreshing writing style.

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A workbook for bridge teachers and learners who want to teach themselves how to play. This is the first in the three-volume "Valentine" series that includes Intermediate and Advanced Bridge texts plus a teacher's manual. A how-to book for beginners who want to learn more about planning the play, managing entries, building tricks and eliminating losers. The original "bible" for the Standard American 5-card-major system, this classic was updated in and remains a solid reference for beginners and advancing players. The Club Series manual teaches bidding; the Diamond Series teaches play of the hand.

Other titles by Audrey Grant are here. These popular books feature easy-to-understand "how-to's" on all the basics, from one of the game's best teachers and most readable authors. Both volumes include some advanced material. An entertaining, detailed introduction to the basics of bidding and play. The large-print edition features updated information on the latest bidding techniques and an expanded section on playing bridge online. Two volumes with succinct lessons that teach the basics of the standard bidding system used by most players in North America.

Designed for adults who want to introduce bridge to children. Now in its 20th printing, this is a sound introduction to the basics, with lots of illustrations and a pleasant writing style. The tips here are valuable for learners and for party-bridge players who want to make the transition to duplicate bridge. A comprehensive lesson book for learners, with good explanations of the logic behind bridge bidding. Each chapter has many quiz hands. Fifty declarer and defensive problems, presented in approximate order of difficulty.

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The emphasis is on planning the play at the first trick. Clear descriptions of the basics from this award-winning teacher. Bidding summaries and fundamentals of offensive and defensive bidding and play. A beginner's text that will appeal to those who eventually want to play duplicate bridge.

In addition to the basics, the author teaches weak two-bids, Jacoby transfers and other popular conventions. This learner's manual covers every aspect of the game -- bidding, declarer play, defense and scoring -- with user-friendly tips, stories and quizzes. The focus here is on bidding decisions. Each section contains a brief introduction on a specific topic, followed by problems that allow readers to practice their new skills.

Good instruction on the basics of declarer play, including suit establishment, finessing and ruffing losers. It also focuses on how declarer forms a plan for the entire hand. Subtitled "A Complete System for Bridge Beginners and Advancing Players", this book uses a stop-action format to encourage the reader to think through bidding, play and defense problems. A well-written overview of the basics of defense. Eight lessons and many practical examples explain opening leads, signaling, second- and third-hand play, discards and other topics. A comprehensive, day course for absolute beginners.

The basics are presented in an short, easy steps, with a handy index for quick reference. Beginner lessons written for children. The 18th edition of a self-teaching textbook for learners and advancing players who want to tune up their skills. This revised edition features a chapter on the popular 2-over-1 bidding system. Lessons begin with the bare basics and progress to more advanced topics, including tips on how to add popular conventions to your system. Order direct from the author through this link. A series of declarer-play problems with a theme of finding extra tricks and a discussion of how to determine when it's necessary to risk your contract.

By Marty Bergen. Modern advice and interesting ideas -- all with a good dose of humor -- on how to evaluate bridge hands, tune up your bidding and make at-the-table decisions. Good explanations of duplicate scoring and how to make critical decisions in pair and team games -- how to choose contracts and when to be aggressive vs. Named Bridge Book of the Year, this "Bridge Techniques" series teaches the most important aspects of card play. Each page book features specific techniques, example hands and explanations of the strategies from declarer's and defenders' points of view.

Three volumes in the "Essential Bridge Plays" series.

“Rectify” Is a Quiet Marvel

Each page book describes standard techniques and advanced strategies. Each volume offers a series of weekly tips, designed to keep bridge enthusiasts entertained and occupied for the whole year. Straightforward explanations of two declarer-play strategies and techniques, written in a conversational style with excellent quizzes and recaps. A unique book that explores unusual ways to play a bridge hand, with explanations of why and when such techniques may be necessary. The methods include strategies for creating entries, surviving bad trump breaks, executing "elopements" and inducing the defenders to help you.

What's your line? One hundred problems covering a wide range of card-play techniques. Each is presented in a two-hand format with solution and full deal, bidding tips and points to remember. A good discussion of the purpose and types of defensive signals, with examples, quizzes and recommendations. Also included is an analysis of the methods used by eight world-class pairs. Each book offers an analysis of ten topics in bidding and play, ranging from cuebids to special doubles to creative fit-showing bids. The sequel includes tips on adding helpful conventions Jacoby 2NT, Lebensohl and three forms of keycard Blackwood.

An instructional book on declarer-play with a focus on managing the trump suit -- unblocking, endplays, safety plays, avoidance plays, entry management, playing Moysian fits and other techniques. Matchpoint pair and IMP team events use different scoring systems and require different strategies. This book offers sound advice on how to develop your personal style and make successful bidding and play decisions at each form of scoring.

Links to the preface and table of contents are here.

Goon Talk: Bob Dylan's The Beaten Path: Selling the Brooklyn Bridge

Thorough discussions of the risks and rewards of penalty doubles and tips for defending doubled contracts. A focus on how to think at the bridge table. The author offers ideas for improving your memory, visualizing layouts, evaluating hands, timing your bids and plays, and becoming a successful declarer. A treatise on how to bid, play and defend "everyone's favorite contract.

Part II covers play and defense of 3NT contracts. An interesting and original approach to teaching the nuances of hand evaluation. The book includes numerous exercises and quizzes that explain how to make inferences and think through a problem. A highly recommended book with detailed tips and techniques on how to develop the critical skill of counting a bridge hand. If you can count to 13, this book is sure to improve your defense and declarer play. Answers to a wide range of opening-lead questions: Active or passive?

Lead partner's suit or your own? Lead trumps? Be deceptive? These and other issues are covered in an approachable book aimed at players who want to improve this important skill. Concise instruction with a focus on the rationale behind the recommendations. Spiral bound. Also available for Kindle e-reader. A light-hearted discussion for advancing players who want to make expert-level decisions. Its advice comes with anecdotes, quizzes and lots of bidding gimmicks. An updated reprint of a title, this well-organized book presents common play problems and leads the reader to each solution through a series of questions and answers.

Practical advice on how to use logic and different types of reasoning to enhance your card play and enjoyment of the game. This book reviews basic bidding concepts, then suggests and explains refinements to help novices progress to the next level. The recommendations include several popular conventions for advancing players.

A unique way to introduce bridge to children, full of cartoons, activities and quizzes. Clear instructions, examples and practice deals on how to use endplays and throw-ins to win extra tricks as declarer. All the basics of Two-Over-One system and the Forcing Notrump convention, with color-coded bidding charts, summaries, exercises and examples. Instruction and practice deals that focus on how to improve your opening leads to notrump contracts and how the lead affects decisions later in the play.

Insight into how experts think at the table, with interesting explanations of how to adopt their strategies and techniques. Based on the acclaimed Step by Step Signaling , this revised edition includes explanations and evaluations of signaling methods popular among today's experts. Every chapter features practical examples of defensive plays by the world's top players. Real-life deals featuring the bridge-playing rabbi, Leonard Helman, and a wealth of tips on bidding and play. Bridge Master vs.

A collection of deals that illustrate the difference between expert players and would-be experts. The examples illustrate common decisions in bidding, play and defense where the amateur will often go wrong, but the expert never will. Written in the style of Terence Reese, this book leads the reader through a logical but ultimately unsuccessful line of play that was taken on actual deals from top-level events.

The expert declarer then realizes how he could have improved the play and why he should have found the winning line. This new book includes hundreds of illustrated hands and covers a wide range of topics -- from bidding systems and conventions to declarer-play tips to a history of the World Bridge Championships. It also includes information on bridge software and advice on playing clubs, tournaments and online sites.

Each volume has challenging defensive problems, with excellent, easy-to-follow explanations of the logic behind the recommended plays. Instructional quiz hands in an interesting format -- each is presented first as a declarer-play problem, then as a defensive problem. Volume I was Bridge Book of the Year. Kantar's newest volumes of defensive tips, with some new ideas that can benefit players of all levels.

Modern Bridge Defense covers basic concepts leads, signalling, discarding, etc. Advanced Bridge Defense offers a thorough exploration of counting the hand, making inferences, falsecarding, using lead-directing doubles and other strategies. Great advice, lots of examples and an entertaining writing style from this prolific and popular author.

The theme is finding and combining as many lines as possible to optimize the chances of making a contract. From one of the bridge world's most popular authors comes a collection of tips that will improve defensive play. This new edition is based on Kantar's book, but has been completely revised and updated to reflect modern bidding. It also includes many new tips. Each book offers hundreds of easy-to-understand tips, strategies and "rules" to improve your bidding, declarer play and defense.

Gamesman Bridge By Eddie Kantar. You'll find Kantar's classic wit, wisdom and excellent bridge lessons in this reprint of a title. Two excellent books with timeless advice from one of the game's greatest players and authors. Winning is two complete books in one volume -- a basic course and an advanced section with insights into expert-level strategy and psychology.

Competitive Biddin g was the first complete treatment of defensive bidding, offering sound, timeless advice that can improve any player's judgment. A comprehensive, page encyclopedia that covers hundreds of conventions and treatments. It doesn't have information on newer conventions last printing was in , but it's still a valuable addition to any bridge library. Subtitled "How to think like an expert", this is an insightful and well-written discussion of card reading, probabilities, deceptive plays and many other expert techniques, including mental rehearsal, concentration and relaxation. An excellent introduction to the thought processes and strategies that affect success in matchpoint events.

The book also includes expert-level analysis that will benefit players of all skill levels. The book teaches the reader how to make the correct inferences and deductions and how to assess timing issues.

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A discussion of bridge bidding rules and how to determine when they do and do not apply, especially in competitive auctions. A collection of simple, common problems that often cause trouble for advancing players. A series with instructional tips and quizzes designed to make you a brilliant declarer. Each volume focuses on a specific declarer-play technique -- safety plays and endplays Vol. I , playing suit combinations Vol. II , trump management Vol. III and timing and communication Vol. By Ron Klinger. The Master Bridge Series, written by an Australian who is one of the game's most popular teachers and authors.

Supplements to the Master Bridge Series, these "fast-fact" reference guides offer rules, guidelines and lists in a handy, flip-open format. Quiz books of bridge problems from major national and international championships. The stakes are high and in almost every case, you have the chance to do better than the declarers and defenders did at the table. Knave of Hearts By Geoff Lacey. Entertaining and instructional accounts of hands from duplicate bridge games. A thorough discussion of the thought processes declarer uses to plan the play.

A sequel to The Fun Way to Serious Bridge , this entertaining volume features tips on counting, refining your bidding system and developing advanced declarer skills. A guide for social bridge players who want to refine their skills. It includes solid advice, many example hands and a reader's test.

A clear discussion of counting, card-reading and other techniques experts use to reconstruct concealed hands at the bridge table. A recently updated collection of some of the late author's best problems for intermediate and advanced players. Excellent intermediate-level guides for improving your accuracy in two important areas of bidding.

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  • Defense and declarer-play problems with a focus on inferences, common themes and partnership defense skills. The explanations include example hands and revision quizzes. A recently reprinted book with provocative bridge hands and a cast of fictional, historical and mythological characters. This pocket-size book features concise, easy-to-understand tips on a wide range of bridge topics -- from devising a bidding system to reading your opponents' cards.

    Unique problem books where you're shown all four hands and asked whether declarer or defenders should prevail with best play. A fascinating challenge for the advancing player. Almost practical and interesting play problems with excellent analyses. By Julian Pottage. Instruction, examples and quizzes that demonstrate how to bid, play and defend a wide range of hands. Each chapter features a "golden rule", with good descriptions of how and when to use each technique, how it works, and when the rule should be broken.

    Instruction and examples on choosing defensive strategies and visualizing declarer's possible hands. Knowing when to break the guidelines for bidding and play is one of the marks of an expert player. This is the first of a planned four-book series that focuses on situations where you need to do something that seems to go against the old advice, but is the killing lead or play. Subtitled "The Art of Bamboozling at Bridge" -- how to use deceptive carding to take more tricks as declarer and defender. Fifty instructive deals that focus on how an expert analyzes the opening lead and plans the play of the hand.

    A hardcover book designed for less experienced or social player who is eager to improve but keeps making the same mistakes — and is often unaware that they are mistakes. Bridge Lessons by Andrew Robson. A volume series on specific topics regarding bidding, defense and declarer play. Fundamental bridge principles, one for each letter of the alphabet, with instructional hands from actual duplicate competitions. These classics were out of print for many years, but are now available in attractive new volumes reprinted in and All offer valuable instruction and fascinating, often brilliant, analyses for advancing players.

    The author discusses bridge techniques and some intangibles -- adaptability, psychology, partnership skills -- that are necessary to become a winning bridge player. The emphasis is on when to ignore rules and use your judgment to find the best bid or play. Two comprehensive guides to every aspect of play and defense, with tips on strategy, technique and psychology. Hundreds of example hands clearly demonstrate the principles. Explains many of the major conventions used by modern players in a more readable but not as comprehensive format than Kearse's Bridge Conventions Completete.

    If you're just beginning to add new conventions to your system and want to know which are most valuable, this is an excellent choice. Six valuable books that concentrate on developing your judgment and decision-making skills. Roth explains the most common causes of errors and provides clear, readable explanations of how to recognize the dangerous situations and correct your technique. How Good is Your Bridge? All books in the "25" series offer clear, simple explanations of practical aspects of bidding and play.

    Each book has good material on the basics and includes tips and ideas for more advanced players. The Pocket Guides are condensed versions of the full books. Good explanations of the basics of defense, starting with the opening lead. The "Practice Your Bidding" series, featuring simple explanations and many examples for each bidding tool. The author covers many useful agreements and conventions that can improve slam bidding. The book also offers tips for judging slam situations and dealing with competition, plus several quiz hands. A sequel to Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand , this new volume focuses on the use of more advanced techniques.

    It covers safety plays, avoidance plays, trump control situations, dummy reversals and endplays. Should I or Shouldn't I? By Marc Smith. Good instruction on trump management, with an emphasis on the types of deals where you need to delay drawing trumps or take special care when leading the suit. The author gives a step-by-step instructions for how to spot these situations at the table and learn the proper techniques for handling them.

    By Frank Stewart. Highly readable books, each with excellent advice on constructive bidding, logical thinking and card reading. Stewart also offers an interesting focus on developing your "table presence" and understanding other psychological aspects of the game. Tips for how to make your own luck by improving bidding, play and hand-evaluation skills.

    Explanations and recommendations of useful conventions and treatments for competitive bidding. The book also provides an overview of the fundamentals of preempting, making overcalls and using various types of doubles. Well-written, often humorous, advice for beginners who know the fundamentals and want to reduce their mistakes. Surviving Duplicate Bridge: The first The author shares the highs and lows of learning duplicate bridge with her husband as her partner.

    She also includes tips on how bridge teachers can help students become more comfortable with the game. A humorous and instructional discussion of how to avoid common errors at the bridge table. The character of Professor Gaston Gitane-Gauloise demonstrates his unique Inverted Bridge Teaching Method, showing you by example what not to do when playing bridge. Bergen outlines his personal recommendations for conventions and treatments, many of which are now widely used by tournament players.

    Read these books with your partner. You'll need to choose your agreements carefully and discuss them at length, but you'll find that many of his gadgets are practical, powerful weapons.