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There is significant geological evidence that Caney Creek was once the original channel of the Colorado River.

Beyond the Past The Caney Creek Series Volume 2

According to a report authored by the U. Department of Agriculture:. Caney Creek occupies a former course of the Colorado River Recently, within the past several hundred to several thousand years, the Colorado River has been diverted from its old Caney Creek course to its present course along the south wall of the alluvial valley and in the narrow alluvial belt south of Wharton.

The course south of Wharton most likely occupies the much enlarged channel of a minor stream that is headed in the direction of the larger alluvial plain. The diversion may be related to faulting and regional tilting in the Eagle Lake area to the north where Caney Creek originates. The headwaters of Caney Creek are in Wharton County.

The channel - largely dry, but spotted with many small ponds - can be traced on satellite photos and topographic maps to the little town of Glen Flora, about six miles northwest of Wharton. This location can be viewed on the map in Figure 1 by panning up or zooming out. It stops about a quarter of a mile short of the Colorado River. Once the Colorado cut through to its new channel, the banks of the old channel would have gradually eroded. Sediment runoff from the drainage area would have collected on the bottom because there would be less water flowing through to push it downstream and out into the Gulf.

This process would have taken a long time, however. In the s, vessels weighing up to tons navigated 30 to 40 miles up Caney Creek. The wreck of a paddlewheel steamboat still lies beneath the waters of Caney Creek a few miles outside of Bay City, 25 miles from the coastline.

If Caney Creek was still large enough in the s to be a major shipping artery, one can only imagine how big it would have been in the s. They most likely crossed Caney Creek on their first day of walking, which may have been around November 9. The expedition chronicles inform us that two of the other boats had a combined total of about 80 survivors when they landed. They were from the combined parties of two boats that landed on Follet's Island in Brazoria County.

One of the natives of Follet's Island went with them as their guide. There were eleven men in this party by the time they reached Matagorda County and Caney Creek. This was probably on the fourth day of their journey, or April 4. The Joint Report states that when this group reached Caney Creek, they encountered some natives on both sides of it.

This is the first mention of natives on the Texas coast by any of the expedition parties since leaving Follet's Island. The natives on the east bank ran from them. Those on the west side crossed over to meet them. They took the Europeans across the river and gave them some food.

The travelers spent the night there. The expedition chronicles state that Cabeza de Vaca was too ill to join Dorantes's party, but that after that group left, he recovered. He then did a lot of traveling for the next four years. His travels supposedly took him as far as Matagorda Bay then back to Galveston Bay, twice. In the spring of , he picked up Lope de Oviedo, another man who had been too ill to join Dorantes's party, and they left Follet's Island together. If so, then when these two men crossed Caney Creek in , it would have been Cabeza de Vaca's third time to cross it and Oviedo's first.

The first settlers came into the Caney Creek area in the early s as part of Stephen F. Austin's colony. George Sargent, an Englishman, purchased some bottomland on the east bank of the creek near the Gulf coast in and built a house there. The area around his homestead has been settled continuously up to the present, but hurricane after hurricane deterred the community's growth for decades.

Sargent himself died in a hurricane in In , the town of Sargent had a population of By , it had 80 residents, a school, and a few businesses. I highly recommend this novel and this series; it is a worthy read. I hope to see the series continued, as I am a bit attached to this East Tennessee family.

Willis pulls out victory over Caney Creek

This is a continuation of the Jim Callaway family. Jim and Caroline's children are away at college. Jim's first wife was Callie's sister. Callie, Arthur and their children Art and Jennifer still get together with the Callaway family on a regular basis. They all attend the same church as well. At the beginning of the story, Art is in a facility for having legal issues. He is released just in time to get into college.

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Arthur and Art visit the school Art has chosen and spend time talking with people at the school who give Art good advice. Meanwhile Callie has been struggling with health issues. She has a rare progressive brain disease. She has trouble with her balance and will eventually be in a wheelchair, then bed ridden and will eventually die.

Her illness is progressing fast. Yet she has peace about it because before Jesus left this earth He said he would leave us peace. As Callie gets worse, EmmaJean and Caroline spend their days with Callie and sometimes help with the evening meal. When the end of her life gets near Callie wishes to go to the ocean. Callie, Arthur, Jim and Caroline go on the trip together. But the trip is cut short when Callie has a bad day. Even though this is the third book in the series, the author has given enough back ground that it is easy to understand.

I do think it would be better to read the series in order to get the full story. This is a story of strength, peace and second chances. I like how Art has changed his life around and is now in college. I especially like the part of the story that Callie gives her family instructions of her passing. She has so much peace and strength as she goes through the illness. As I read the story I wanted so much for a miracle to happen. And wanted more treatment to help Callie. But this story takes place in when the medical field was so much different that it is today.

I really enjoyed reading this story. It is so powerful showing us the strength and love the family has to help Callie get through her illness.

And I like the author shows us the lives of small town life in the 50's, a time and place where everyone knows and cares for each other. I received a copy of this book from the author and Book Club Network. I have chosen to write this honest review. May 06, Mary rated it really liked it.

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The story takes place in , in Tennessee. This is the first Caney Creek book that I have read. I was able to understand it, although I am sure it would have been easier to follow and more fun had I read the first two. This story covers the lives of many different characters, and does it quite well. They mostly all live in the same small town, and go to the same small church.

Their relationships are full, loving and supportive. The encouragement they give each other is astonishing. When one of their loved ones finds out she has a terminal illness they all gather around her and help. Some help with prayer, others with a listening ear, and some spend their days with her. As her disease progresses she chooses to respond with grace and gentleness.

We see her family heartbroken and desperately clinging to every moment with her. Jo Huddleston also has us spend time with a few other couples, and we see how their relationships are changing. We see the tougher parts of marriage exposed, some of the insecurities many women today face, and how these issues are discussed privately, but with honesty. Prayer and faith in God are strong themes throughout this book. While this book is easy reading, I occasionally found some of the extensive dialog to be a bit tedious. But, I definitely needed to finish the book, because I had to find out how the lives of these characters would turn out!

I received this book from The Book Club Network and the author in exchange for my honest review. May 16, Melissa rated it it was amazing. Once again I found myself in Caney Creek visiting with old friends. I love how this series is set in the 's where family and friends were more important than they are now.

I love how this family supports, loves and cares for one another. The whole town seems to know one another and is willing to help. Jim Callaway is looking forward to a quiet life. However, Callie gets some devastating news from the doctor.

The whole family must pull together to walk this new journey together. Will Callie be able to help her family understand that all things work through God? Emmajean must decide if her new relationship is worth the time when he asks to meet her parents?

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As we watch this family gather around one of their own, we see strength and commitment. We see the love of God shine through. I have fallen in love with this series and this family.

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I wonder if there is a fourth books in the works. I received a copy through Bookfun. The review was written on my own accord. Oct 26, C. Claiming Peace is the third book in the Caney Creek Series. I did not read the first two and feel that it would have been helpful if I did.

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There were a few things that I was confused about that probably would have been made clear if I had read the prior books. This is a tender story that takes place in the early s and focuses on the Callaway family and friends. My favorite character was Callie. She is a very strong person who puts others before herself. She is very selfless and even when dealt with some devastating news she is concerned for the welfare and happiness of her family. This novel reminds us how important family is.

Duncan, Amazon review. And very uplifting. Great story. Looking forward to more of the same. You will laugh, cry, and rejoice about many incidents in the book; I know I did. I highly recommend this book to readers of all different genres. Go on. Pick it up and let it change your perspective. You will be glad that you did. I loved it! Could not stop reading til the end! Oh my goodness what a great read!! I loved, loved, loved this book!

Beyond the Past (Caney Creek #2) by Jo Huddleston

I was able to lose myself in the characters, to become one of them. I was so caught up in the story and I appreciate the way you provided the scriptural redemption message. The characters and story are realistic and the situations presented are much like many of our lives today If you have not read the first book, That Summer , you should do so today. These stories will enrich your life I can't wait for Book 3 to be published! Thank you for lots of pleasant hours of reading.

Loved all three books!