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Never missing a beat. Action packed and drenched in emotion from start to finish. These two books blew me away and I usually write long reviews but when a book is this great, there is no need. These two books blew me away and kept me on the edge of my seat! My stomach churning and palms sweating. I honestly had no idea how it would all play out.

Expect the unexpected.

Bound by Lies

Who will live? Who will die? Who will get redemption? Who will be forgiven? If you think you have the answers, you don't. Every single character in these books demands attention. You do not know who to love more. Rebecca's character and plot development is spot on. I adored the continue faith throughout, it gave me chills. Be prepared. Rebecca is not playing! She is out with guns blazing These books were even better then watching a blockbuster film!! I'm am so proud and impressed by Rebecca Shea. She continues to improve and grow as an author.

I think her greatness is just coming to fruition I can only imagine what she has in store for us next!! Keep going lady! Show them who is the boss. View 1 comment. Nov 15, Holly rated it it was amazing. This review is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. Reason being, I'm not trying to slip and spoil things here. Quite frankly I'm afraid to say if I did, or didn't like it for fear someone may use that as in indicator of what goes down in this conclusion lol. I did love it for the record. I think Rebecca did an extraordinary job of weaving everyone's storylines together, giving us much needed answers and closure; she did her characters justice.

There were parts that I never expected to ha This review is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. There were parts that I never expected to happen causing me to text her threatening bodily harm, quickly followed by texts apologizing and me telling her I loved her again. There were messages of "You enjoy emotionally cutting me, don't you?

Can he die, please? I was happy to see other characters learn and grow into more positive versions of themselves. For me, this is a multiple reread series of books. I'm convinced this is Rebecca at her writing desk thinking of ways to screw with my tender reader emotions Mar 18, Joy rated it really liked it Shelves: heavy-subject-matter , hot-alpha-males-i-love , reviewed , books-that-made-me-cry , sweet-love-story , angst.

So happy that I read this series! Suspense is not my go-to normally but I definitely enjoyed switching it up a bit and reading Emilia's story!

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I went through this book not knowing what to expect. I was happy with this books ending and I can't wait for book three!!! This is the conclusion to this series and picks up right where Broken by Lies finished. This book takes no prisoners, you dive straight into the aftermath of th Bound by Lies Bound and Broken 2 by Rebecca Shea 4 stars!!

This book takes no prisoners, you dive straight into the aftermath of the cliff hanger we were left with and you need to hit the floor running My lungs burn. My heart aches. My head screams. But that was the beauty of the start of this book, you had no time to think, that fear and rush of the ending of book 1 comes flooding back, those emotions, that fear that trepidation and it literally crushes you. Just when you think all is well, bam, she does it again. So be prepared, tissues, wine, alcohol, chocolate, ice-cream, whatever floats your boat, stock up on it, because you are going to need it.

Emilia is stuck; she knows that the fall out is not going to be good, she knows that she will most likely be the next target so she needs to stay safe, but who can she trust? Everything she thought she knew has been turned on its head, she is distraught, she is scared, she is alone or is she? Sam, the man, or is he? He seems to be the ideal man as her protector, but will emotions get in the way, especially when the person he has to protect becomes even more valuable?

We knew they were estranged but what had really happened to get them there? We got answers and I have to say, one bit that was revealed, really changed my opinion of Sam, it actually brought tears to my eyes. This is one of those books that you cannot review without giving away too much of the story. So I will have to be brief. This instalment is extremely plot driven, ends are tied up some conveniently , but you never know where you stand until the end. Rebecca Shea keeps the proverbial carrot on a string dangling till the conclusion and while you chase said carrot, your head and emotions will go through the wringer.

This would have been a five star read for me, but as I said above, some bits were tied up a bit too conveniently and lost their impact because you could see it coming, but I will add, not until the scene was starting. However, despite the emotional turmoil Rebecca Shea put me through I was happy by the end, I may have still had the red eyes, but I was smiling. This was a great two book series and one that I can highly recommend for those that love romantic suspense, with a mafia twist.

But not anymore. There are no more lies. There never will be. Jun 09, Beth rated it it was amazing. I hate the so much I often don't even read the blurb. Yes, I judge books by their authors. If it is an author I trust to give me a good read, I want to be completely surprised. This often makes it hard to write reviews since you have to talk about the book without giving away the book. Bound by Lies is the second in the Bound and Broken Series. The first book introduced us to Alex and Emilia.

And Alex's large, law breaking family. This second books picks right 5 No Spoilers Stars I hate spoilers. This second books picks right up where the first one ended. With a bang and some sirens. So here's what I can tell you about the plot of the Book 2 without giving away any spoilers Let's see. Emilia is in it. Alex's dad is still a horrid person. Saul still eats garlic olives. And that's about it. I can give you some quotes. Lord knows I love quotes.

Love hangs on even when there's nothing left to hang on to Alex was my love--dark and dangerous. But Sam is now my rock--my safe place. I want her as much as she needs me. What you need to know is that you do NOT want to miss this one. It is action, emotion, suspense, danger and you have the need to slap someone. Just don't slap Ms Shea. We want more books. And she might kill you off in her next one. Jun 14, TheresaDK rated it it was amazing Shelves: bad-dangerous-men , law-enforcers-security , mafia-crimelords-cartels , best-series , best-of Oh the feels!!

I absolutely loved this series. And what a great ending.. First of all, this was an angsty read. But not the kinda angst you get because the MCs are stubborn asses who keep miscommunicating and misunderstanding each other. This was angst brought about by a series of events.. Oh yes and lies hence the title , but the lies told were necessary in order to keep the h safe.. So I totally forgive that.

So the twists weren't that surprising. I'm not particularly astute I never ge Oh the feels!! I'm not particularly astute I never get the whodunnit mystery until the credit rolls! But I didn't get into this series expecting a murder mystery, so who cares!

What it’s about…

I wanted a good romance and I got more than I bargained for. The H, Alex, is not overly macho or badass alpha, but a very conscientious and reluctant Mafia boss. Alex was forced into this lifestyle by his father, whose empire he had to take over while good old dad serves time in prison, and has been raised to be a crime boss. He's not a cold hearted killer, he hasn't got a history as a former MMA fighter or a reputation for being a manwhore extraordinaire at least it's not a focus at all.

So what is there? There's a really freaking awesome story filled with love, friendship, redemption, forgiveness and sacrifice! The h is naive but never stupid. She's sweet and innocent but there's never any doubt that Emilia's got a backbone. She is forgiving but knows her self worth.

Emilia's is an awesome heroine. The blurb might indicate that there is a love triangle, however, that is not the case. For all of you who, like me, really dislikes love triangles and wishy washy heroines. I was never in doubt as to whom Emilia's heart belongs to.

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She is never in doubt who holds her heart, and neither are Alex nor Sam. This is highly recommended if you're looking for a good love story with a couple of twists and action. Full review to come. That is one word for how I can say this two-book series made me feel. The suspenseful storyline…the heat… the twists and turns…the ones that you did not see coming, that was one hell of a roller coaster ride and definitely one I recommend to add to your summer reading list. Loved this story — make sure to grab it today! What I will say since book tw WOW!

What I will say since book two is now available…..

The plot of the story will most likely keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages as fast as you can to find out what will happen next. I would love to hear what you thought — especially after the ending of Broken by Lies. Dec 28, Jos rated it it was amazing.

I devoured this series between last night up until just now and loved every second of it! Holy hotness with the 2 main men in this story: The Epilogue was so freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats Rebecca Shea, great mini series:. Jun 23, Sandra Cortez rated it it was ok. This series was unfortunately not for me, I've read many mafia type books and this held the weakest believable story. It lacked the grit, grime and terror.

See a Problem?

It would have made the book more compelling. Jun 08, Maree Repa rated it it was amazing. I just love this book so much. This story for Emila and Alex definitely had its ups and downs, but it was just so amazing. Wow, what a ride it was and such a beatific ending for them both. I so love this series!! Jun 28, Toski Covey rated it it was amazing Shelves: top-reads , can-not-wait-grabby-hands , top-bb , two-is-better-than-one-love-triangl , you-ask-what-book-i-recommend , blog-reads , whole-new-level-of-sexy , broke-my-heart-will-never-heal , hottest-book-boyfriend , drop-everything-when-this-releases.

I couldn't get my greedy little hands on this book fast enough. I mean, come on.. ASAP but I found out really quickly- I had better be patient because this ride was just getting started. Emilia is left with Well nothing but Sam to hold on to. Sam is left wanting Emilia but knowing she is grieving and in love with another man. SO many question. So little answers.

But for one, lies are not so easily forgiven and Aileen may well lose everything she holds dear. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! More Books in Romance See All.

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