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This category is confirmed by other Valentinian sources such as the Tripartite Tractate A Project of Christian Perfection London, , Evans, R. Webb, R. Wiebe eds , Nag Hammadi Texts and the Bible. For, before every place, the Christ came for her sake. However the issue of gender polarisation for the Valentinians was more complex. Only in the current world was there a distinction between gender; both genders, at least in the context of the Gospel of Philip, aim to reach the bridal chamber where they will be reunited with their angels.

Therefore many are material, but not many are psychic, and few are spiritual []. However, at its centre the fragment adds an important announcement; it names three types of people, allo- cating them to three stages of salvation. They want it to dwell in them in accordance with the superiority of the exceptional seed sown in them.

They claim that it is very different from faith, as the spirit is from the soul. Translation follows Casey. Stromateis Books , trans. John Ferguson, Washington, A rigid categorisation of the whole of humanity into three groups that determine their salvation does not reflect the evidence in the Valentinian docu- ments from the Nag Hammadi.

The Gospel of Truth I 3 expresses the inclusive character of redemption. People have the ability to wake up from the nightmare e. For he came by means of fleshly form, while nothing blocked his course, because incorruptibility is irresistible, since he, again, spoke new things, still speaking about what is in the heart of the Father, having brought forth the flawless Word.

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When light had spoken through his mouth, as well as his voice, which gave birth to life, he gave them thought and understanding, and mercy and salvation, and the powerful spirit from the infiniteness and the sweetness of the Father. As the discourse expresses it The mind of those who have known him shall not perish. Therefore, we are elected to salvation and redemption since we are predestined from the beginning not to fall into the foolishness of those who are without knowledge, but we shall enter into the wisdom of those who have known the Truth.

He ransomed those who were strangers and made them his own. And he set his own apart, those whom he gave as a pledge according to his plan. It was not only when he appeared that he voluntarily laid down his life, but he voluntarily laid down his life from the very day the world came into being. Then he came first in order to take it, since it had been given as a pledge. It fell into the hands of robbers and was taken captive, but he saved it.

Each of the three essential types is known by its fruit. However, the cosmogony and theology of the treatise does not allow the conclusion that this Valentinian milieu believed and claimed distinctions within humanity that would then influence the salvation of one group and damnation of the other. Desjardins, Sin in Valentinianism Atlanta, , Dunderberg, Beyond Gnosticism , Firstly, the followers of Valentinus did not create a theologically coherent group and their thoughts during the second century developed in various direc- tions as we may see from the Valentinian corpus of literature from Nag Ham- madi.

What did unite them as a Christian movement was an original exegesis of emerging Christian literature with the Pauline letters and especially the Gos- pel of John. They were interested in a compilation of the Christian claim about the ultimate salvation, given recently in the divine Logos. They pre- sented a postulate of the Valentinian way of life. That stage of the debate in the Valentinian milieus e. Lyons, Rome, Alexandria, north Africa and Asia Minor was not unanimous and it might have been simplified, if not caricatured for rhetoric purposes, by the apologists.

If Valentinianism emerges out of second century Christian- ity, how does one explain this particular role of psychics? From a sociological perspective the problems are even greater. How could the Valentinians expect to attract many adherents by argu- ing that only a tiny fraction of humanity qualified as pneumatics, and all the rest were doomed by nature to exclusion from the Pleroma? And why would Irenaeus be so worried about the defection of so many members of his church to such a group?

The Excerpta: what new information may we learn about Clement of Alexandria? Bog- dan G. Bucur recently summarised this ongoing debate in his valuable paper,47 adding his voice in support of the latter scholarly opinion. The following selected examples show that approach.

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ISBN Commentaire et tables.

Clement’s Exegesis of 1 John in the Adumbrationes in: Clement’s Biblical Exegesis

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Translated by the Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Edited by Augoustinou, Monachou.

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Jerusalem: no publisher. Reprinted: Joachim Aristotle. The Nicomachean Ethics. A Commentary by the late H. Edited by D. Corrected reprint, Oxford, UK: Clarendon Press. KG E Evagrius Pontikos. The Kephalaia Gnostica. Kuhn Kuhn, Thomas S. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Third Edition, Ladder E St John Climacus. The Ladder of Divine Ascent. Translation of Archim. Lazarus Moore. Revised Edition. Ladder G Ioannou tou Sinaitou. Klimax Ladder. A series of capitula dealing with inquiry and demonstration, it bears but few traces of Christian interests.

Author: Jonathan Bieler. Editor: Miguel Brugarolas. This volume devoted to Contra Eunomium I constitutes, in a certain way, a new version of the Proceedings of the 6th International Colloquium on Gregory of Nyssa Hall, accompanied by twenty-two supporting studies from a broad range of philological, philosophical, and theological perspectives. These studies include a selection of the most relevant papers of the Proceedings, supplemented with new contributions that explore relevant issues developed by contemporary research.

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