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Many of these MFS artists were also to feature on the first Tresorrecords compilation. Today, he is a highly sought-after producer and remixer, but also as a lecturer, due to his valuable first-hand experience and understanding of the Berlin music scene from the 80s up until the present day and his experiences in East and West Berlin during the s and 90s up to the present day. The duo, who consist of producer Emma Williams-Daly and vocalist Lennie Butler formerly of Manchester indie band Sandbox , have a shared mission: to find that sweet spot between electronica and a strong vocal melody, and to create something unique and meaningful which also translates into an exciting live show.

Thanks to a combination of catchy songs, a unique sound and strong stage presence, since then they have been gaining attention online and on the Manchester music scene. Aemaer is the ambient project of artist Nick Wade. Steeped in a sense of nostalgia, a combination of field recordings and tape loop manipulations provide an ethereal backdrop for melancholy piano.

John Shapter is a ground-breaking sound-artist, based in Stoke on Trent. His work is closely allied to the sounds in our environment, whether urban or rural. Most of the sounds are sourced from the ground we tread on and the sounds that reach our ears through the air. He deconstructs sounds from recordings in the field and builds them into soundscapes, creating ghosts in the air. Sometimes the sounds of instruments are added to enhance the sonic picture.

Sometimes electronic sounds are woven in to the natural sounds. As a Technical Theatre student in Hull he began playing improvised electronic music at the art collective Ground, with artists such as Naesk, B2G, and The Mercurius Brittanicus, where he became obsessed with experimental music.

These juxtaposed concepts include the former been, a lucid look at the concious imagination, and hallucinations. Focusing on mood, atmosphere and colour. The latter with a heavier flavour, industrial, noise and drone. The Noise Beneath The Snow. A robotic whale swimming through a black sea of sine waves. Colossloth has created an album far beyond his last release… A brilliant sculpture of noise and emotion. Diverse but well put together, his second release on Cold Spring is chock full of interesting layers, tones, and expressions.

This is a wonderful, every day type of dark electronic album. Reflecting a different side to this artist, Cuil will be performing a DJ set revolving around soundscapes, field recordings alongside with his own dub-infused ambient productions. Manchester based beautifully strange lofi electronica pop. Varying from tender introspection to brutal catharsis, his experimental confessional beats are as danceable as they are weird.

With a live show consisting of everything from live vocal manipulation, live electronics, a drumkit made of household objects and a heavy dose of onstage theatrics. Don Tageeva Monquaise are a duo playing semi-improvised material utilising live triggered sampled loops,synths and guitars. Born out of a mutual liking for dressing up in ridiculous stage clothes and masks. The path of recent work is driven by aching melody, treated and raw foundsounds, subtle beat programming, distressed atmospheres and space.

His influences lie as much in psychogeography, acoustic ecology and beat science as they do in the wide range of musics that inform him. He is a member of avant rock legends Pere Ubu, duo Roshi ft. Pars Radio and Rothko. Gagarin gigs regularly in UK and Europe with a hardware combination of drumpads, samplers, iPad and FX creating sets that range from free-form improv to fractured dance music. I am John Shapter composing and playing as Headzic — ambient sounds for spaces and people and Electronic Music across a number of genres.

I love sound in all forms, electronic music and soundscapes. I use psycho-acoustic instruments, field recordings and synth pad sounds — sometimes all combined. Originally a sound artist and moving along the spectrum to musical form. Based in Stoke on Trent with studio and recording facilities. J Frisco are an award-winning avant-garde jazz trio Jazz North Introduces featuring soprano saxophone, electric guitar, keyboards and vocals; they create improvised genre-fluid soundscapes and noise drawn from emotion, political, and gender issues.

They thrive on challenging both their own and their audiences perceptions of time, space and sound. Craig A. In Lo Five founded Emotion Wave, a platform for emerging experimental electronic artists — comprising music events, a radio show and a label that serves to promote members of the Emotion Wave family. Another fine addition to the Patterned Air discography, and an unusual listen. Having spent an age in self-imposed exile, there is as yet little or no evidence of the real world existence of Magic Darts , so what to expect?

Expect Delays. Fitting somewhere between acts such as Kraftwerk, Biosphere and Boards of Canada — whilst sounding nothing like any of these — Marconi Union have, over their 15 year career, released nine critically acclaimed albums and worked with people from Marina Ambramovich Institute to Jah Wobble. The band perform to a backdrop of subtley emotive films, in the form of split-screen projections created by emerging Manchester arts collective, DOTCA.

Mat Peters is an electronic musician based in Manchester, UK. His ambient sets are comprised of beautifully melodic samples and warm analog synths. Mindcrime Cafe is a fresh collaboration from guerrilla music and visual technologists, Jaydev Mistry and Marizu Okereke. Wrangling an arsenal of home built and bastardised technology, they will be inviting the audience to accompany them on a journey across contorted lifescapes during two separate performances. Performance one will be an ambient, mellow and occasionally dark exploration of internal cognitive dissonances.

The world that we were promised has yet to materialise. Performance two is an outward expression of inner uncertainty featuring harder, mangled and fractured rhythms. The life that we were promised has yet to materialise. Jaydev Mistry is a guitarist, percussionist and music technologist. He has designed and built an augmented guitar which is populated with various electronic sensors that allow him to coax intricate, lush and evolving musical soundscapes via deep processing and haptic control.

Marizu Okereke will be providing the visual component of this collaboration. Otomatt is an audiovisual project that currently explores the concept of interaction in the digital age by blending computer inspired music with a distorted mixture of real and generated footage. A classical piano education, school wind band and Christian rock are probably not typical roots into electronic music but slyly on the side sarmism AKA Pete Sandbach was always bleeping. After 20 odd years of sequentially more complex computer software it took a tiny analogue synth called the microbrute to finally release sarmism into the hardware synthesizer realm.

Scissorgun are a two-piece electronic band from Manchester, UK, comprising Alan Hempsall Crispy Ambulance on treated guitars, samples, vocals and prose and David Clarkson on synths, keyboards, drum programming and production. Currently working on their 4th collection of Postpunk electronics whilst perfecting their live performances in Scotland. Their appearance at Subliminal Impulse will be their first south of the border.

The first three physical releases have now sold out but are still available to download from Bandcamp:. Shunt Voltage are an electronic project based in and around Manchester. Burt Foundation Dr. Bonnie W. Camp Ms. Henry and Janet Claman John L. Richard J. Jean Davenport Mr. Shannon and Mrs. Stephanie Duffy Gerald S. Dunbar Ted and Margaret Eickhoff Drs.

Fran and Mike Fisher Mr. Robert Friedlander Mr. David F. Fritz Mr. Sally S. Gart Ms. Donna S. Gerich Mr. George C. Gibson Ms. Jean M. Karl Hammermeister Dr. Robert D. Harry Lorraine and Harley G. Higbie Bill and Donna Hoberecht Mr. Kornfeld Mr. John P. Leopold Mrs. Ann C. Levy Robert and Patricia Lisensky M. Catherine and James R. Look Marty Lord Mrs. Joan Manley Mr. Robert and Mrs. Barbara Marchbank Mr. Neil McLagan Sharon L. Menard Ms. Anne B. Mills Henry B. Mohr Adam Moore Mr.

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Mary Donlon Evan D. Susan Ellis and Mr. Izzy Abbass Ms. Lee C. Mary Lou Flater Singer F. Foundation Mike Fredregill Dr. John H. John A. Gallagher B. Burton and Mrs. Lee Golub Veronica Goodrich Mr. Julia Gwaltney Charles A. Joan Hazen Mr. Nick Hazen Diane D. Henry Mr. Philip Hiester and Ms. Stephen Hindes Mr. Hirschfeld Mrs. Eileen Honnen-McDonald Mrs. Isabella W. Horsky Renate and Joseph Hull Mr. Martin Inglis Mrs. Eleanor L. Isbill Mr. Bradley James Mr. Charles H.

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Eli Reshotko and Mrs. Margaret Roath Dr. George Shaw Dr. Edwin R. Darwin Strickland Marcia D. Strickland Mr. Lloyd Sweet Mr. Tim and Mrs. Lisa Walsh Peter Weiser Mr.

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A Tribute to the Holy Spirit: The Wisdom of Queen Issy

Susan A. Hill Chad Hollingsworth Ms. Sally Hopper Andrew Hornbrook Mr. Robert Hucks, Jr. Michael E. Huotari and Jill R. Jon Isenhart. Jill Johnke Mr. Eric E. Johnson Mrs. Kathleen Johnson and Mr. Stephen Vierling Dr. Everette G. Judy H. Kessenich Mr. Stanley W.

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