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Harry Middleton. Tales of Lonely Trails. Zane Grey. Into the Wild with a Virgin Bride. Bob Christenson. Injun Joe. Marion Day. Predator Hunting. Ron Spomer. AR Rifle Builder's Manual. Rob Reaser. Swallowed by the Great Land. Seth Kantner. Mike Lamade. Instinctive Shot. Chris Batha. A Lifetime of Outdoor Action. To Hound a Hog. Brett Huddleston. Frommer's Hawaii Jeanne Cooper. Petersen's Hunting Guide to Big Game. Petersen's Hunting. Richard Hauser. Alaska Hunting. Jake Jacobson. Andrew Delaplaine. Journey On the Crest. Cindy Ross.

Silhouettes of Nubian Whispers. Road Trip Explore! California--Yosemite National Park. Cat McMahon. Vince Stead. Forgotten Tales and Vanished Trails. Theodore Roosevelt. Eddy , discovered by the seller during a foreclosure cleanout; a scissor katar found in a garage by the owner of a local junk-hauling franchise; a Picasso lithograph, originally given to the seller's grandfather by Picasso himself; a saddle used John Wayne's horse in the film True Grit.

Items appraised include a juror questionnaire from the O. Simpson murder trial ; a collection of jerseys signed by Dennis Rodman , brought in by Rodman's ex-wife in order to pay for their daughter's tuition; a s BMC pedal tractor; and a World War II M cipher machine. Rick Dale of American Restoration has a cameo. Eisenhower by the press corps. Items appraised include a single-person Airboard hoverboard ; a Confederate Civil War ribbon that has been passed down through the seller's family, beginning with his great-great grandfather, who fought in the war; a trading card said to contain a strand of George Washington 's hair, and signed by Washington; and a black, carbon fiber Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet.

Also, comments by the others about his weight spur Chumlee to visit a nutritionist. Also, when Chumlee calls out sick, Corey goes to Chumlee's house to investigate. Items appraised include a set of keys to the Cook County jail cell where Al Capone was housed during his tax evasion trial; a Japanese kamikaze helmet, brought home by the seller's brother after World War II; an half dollar salvaged in from the wreckage of the SS Republic ; and the gray and gold video game cartridges that were played in the Nintendo World Championships.

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Also, Rick tasks Corey and Chumlee with finding the Old Man's collection of pennies that he has been hoarding due to the metallic content of the pennies. Items appraised include a letter written by Franklin D. Manning, and later acquired by Buffalo Bill and returned to Manning's daughter, May Manning Lilly and her husband, Pawnee Bill , which may be the second one of its kind ever made; and a collection of s Bradley Co.

Also, Rick reacts to the repeated theft of his lunch from the staff room. Items appraised include a customized Ford roadster built by the seller with an aftermarket body; the claymation figure of Marilyn Manson that was used in four episodes of the animated TV series Celebrity Deathmatch , which the seller purchased by someone who worked in that show's production; a collection of three transistor radios that were among the items the United States dropped into Vietnam as part of the U.

Items appraised include a collection of postcards featuring early 20th century boxers, including a signed one of Jack Johnson ; a collection of props from the original Star Trek series, including a phaser , a communicator , a first draft script of the feature film The Voyage Home , and a Tribble ; and a Cold War-era Air Force cockpit clock, taken from a plane by the seller's uncle, an airplane mechanic. Also, Rick and the Old Man give Chumlee a desk to work on, but later come to regret it.

Items appraised include an ancient shekel of Tyre ; two original Duesenberg presentation drawings; a pair of engraved Colt Army revolvers; and a case of 25 cans of military emergency water, which was found under the floorboards of the decommissioned Peacekeeper missile launch control center at F.

Warren Air Force Base by the seller's contractor father. Items appraised include a Masco guitar amplifier that belonged to Hank Williams, Sr. Items appraised include a campaign hat and poster from John Kennedy 's Presidential campaign ; a Smith carbine rifle from the Civil War brought in by Rob, a store regular and a major gun collector seen in previous episodes; a collection of seven original Kenner Star Wars action figures; and a custom-carved table modeled after the lower half of a man wearing a Scottish kilt.

Also, the men urge Corey to watch Star Wars in order for him to gain insight into the collector market for that franchise's memorabilia. Items appraised include the cigar box that John F. Kennedy owned while at the White House, which still holds several unsmoked cigars; an Colt Walker.

Also, Rick's worries over his father's poor diet prompt him and Corey to steal the sweets that the Old Man receives from a Pie of the Month club, while Chumlee struggles to maintain an improved diet and exercise program. Items appraised include a poster of alternative album art for the Beatles' Sgt. Also, Rick has the shop's collection of classic rock vinyl records moved into the showroom, but Corey and Chumlee, who are given the task, are skeptical that the items will sell.

Items appraised include a 19th-century medical instrument for removing tonsils. Also, after tricking Rick into believing that they had forgotten his birthday, Chumlee, Corey and the Old Man surprise him with a ticket to Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp, where he is given the chance to perform with one of his idols, Roger Daltrey. Items appraised include a s recorded interview between the customer and an angry President John Kennedy. Rick and the customer travel out of the pawn shop to visit historical artefact expert Mark at the Clark County Museum where they are able to listen to the interview to confirm its originality.

Chumlee is upset at the way the Old Man treats him at work and tries to get video evidence of employee maltreatment. Items appraised include a gold disc for , copies sold of the debut album by rock band Kiss ; and a Confederate pinfire revolver.

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However, Corey soon discovers that Chumlee knew all along and used the prank as an excuse to have the day off. Items appraised include a s Chevrolet Corvair ; and a check reportedly signed by former vice president Aaron Burr. Also, Corey continues to try to get his revenge on Chumlee, by painting a slogan on the back of his truck. However, Chumlee discovers this and in return fills Corey's truck full of packing peanuts. Items appraised include a European pocketwatch from the s which intrigues Rick due to its well constructed design; and a pair of punching bags reportedly owned by Rocky Marciano , one of which, weighing lb, is the heaviest punching bag ever known to have been used to train a professional boxer.

The Old Man expresses his determination to show off his boxing skills. Items appraised include a wood carving of John F.

Marine Corps Speak in Vietnam

While Corey is away buying himself a motorcycle, his dog spends the day at the shop. Items appraised include an antique gambling device; a Jim Daly oil painting; an s pull stroller; and a Hardtail Bobber rat bike. Also, Corey and Chumley go paintballing , during which Corey injures himself. The Harrisons enter in a trivia contest and exclude Chumlee from the team, so he turns the tables on them with his own team of trivia experts.

Items appraised include a letter signed by Napoleon Bonaparte ; a continental coin; two badges from Las Vegas police and Clark County sheriff in the s and a replica of a pogo stick. Corey injures his Achilles tendon and spends the day at the shop on crutches. Items appraised include a first edition 20, Leagues Under the Sea ; an antique corkscrew; and autographed Metallica memorabilia.

Rick decides he wants to learn to play guitar and takes lessons. Lillard Ailor; and a Beatles memorabilia collection including signatures of each member and a Hofner style violin bass guitar. The men decide Old Man needs a hobby and come up with various suggestions. Items appraised include a Ford Model A dubbed the "Hellbilly", complete with flamethrowers and a skull stick shift and a vintage Pinocchio and Donald Duck toys. Items appraised include some items signed by Dan Haggerty, a flag carried by Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and an oscilator.

Items appraised include a personal check signed by the baseball legend Babe Ruth and several Navy buttons that date back to the Civil War. Items appraised include a vehicle best known as a rock crawler and a game worn jersey from Bob Hayes. Items appraised include a sword belonging to the Freemasons and a Gibson Master Museum guitar with the very special serial number 1.

Items appraised include a fully restored s VW Samba with a rare window design and a piece of egg art from Sergio Bustamante. Items appraised include a collection of Viking items and a Fender Stratocaster played in the studio by the legend Jimi Hendrix. Items appraised include Semie Moseley's personal guitar and some signed photos of Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima.

Items appraised include a tiara that belonged to the wife of President McKinley and a Felix the Cat sparkler toy. Items appraised include a German two-handed sword built in the early s and some rare baseball cards. Items appraised include a jacket from the first-ever Pro Bowl and a Buick Riviera. Items appraised include pendants from the first two Super Bowls and a pair of Igorot spears used for headhunting in the Philippines.

During his birthday, the Old Man gets flooded with birthday gifts. Items appraised include a signed photograph of Howard Hughes, a Marlin rifle and an old model train. Chum decides do play the conductor. Items appraised include a medal believed to be a Polish White Eagle and a historical brick from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Chum tries to make the perfect home brew. Chumlee misses his chance to retaliate on April Fool's Day since the guys lay down the rules of pranking.

Corey's big-spending ways have him strapped for cash. Items appraised include a letter recovered from the United Flight crash and some nozzles from the Queen Mary ocean line. Chum became the manager of the shop's parking lot. Items appraised include a Ford Buick best known as the ultimate family wagon and a sweet Neil Diamond jacket. The Harrison men get family portraits made to hang in the shop and Chumlee is left out. Items appraised include a painting by Muhammad Ali and a Colt Dragoon pistol owned by one of the original settlers of the Lone Star State.

The guys hire a consultant to make the shop more efficient. Chum and Big Ross try to pull off the perfect duo Halloween costume. Items appraised include a Winchester rifle from the Wounded Knee Massacre and a nickel slot machine from the s. The guys find a stray dog outside the shop and it's up to Chum to find its owner.

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Items appraised include a Cushman scooter allegedly used by paratroopers during World War II and a rubber bullet and shell casing from the Bloody Sunday massacre. The guys sent Chum to the mint to design a new commemorative coin for the shop. Items appraised include a rare salesman's copy of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", a prospectus used for selling the book door to door and some vintage casino chips.

The guys celebrate Rick Harrison's last days of freedom, as they throw him a bachelor party. Chumlee gets a taste for the food biz when he fills in at a friend's hot dog stand. Items appraised include a letter written by George Washington during the Whiskey Rebellionand a Bob's Big Boy statue at over eight feet tall.

Chumlee decides to throw a housewarming party at his new house. Items appraised include a briefcase once owned by Charles Lindbergh, a prototype combat vehicle produced for the U. Corey is the tie-breaking vote in a dispute between Rick and the Old Man. Items appraised include a tiny model for amputating fingers and a large piece of kunzite. The Old Man makes Corey drive him to the barbershop.

Items appraised include a customized Harley Davidson and a crank organ from the early 's. Lili the intern notices Rick's dirty fingernails and the guys try to convince him to get a manicure. Corey brings his dog to the shop for the day, the guys try to put her to work. Items appraised include a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 featuring the very first appearance of Spider-Man and a samurai sword from the 's. Chumlee wants a promotion, he has to take a management test. Items appraised include an original puppet from Jim Henson's Creature Shop and a Lionel train set from the 's.

The guys compete in a Christmas card competition with a giant prize on the line. Items appraised include a lap desk made by Dr. Samuel Mudd when Mudd was imprisoned for his role in Lincoln's assassination and a Bowden Spacelander bicycle. A good deal earns Chumlee, a bonus. Items appraised include a wanted poster for legendary criminal John Dillinger and a Lambretta scooter. The guys bet on who can take the most steps in a week.

Counting Cars and American Restoration team get together for a Christmas barbecue. First they'll deck the halls with pawn shop drama, when they debate the best and worst deals they've ever made. Then, the guys take a look back at all of the amazing restorations that Rick Dale and Danny have done for the pawn shop. Get starstruck with the Pawn Stars when the guys check out an original poem handwritten by Marilyn Monroe. Will her words leave them speechless? Then, a hybrid rocket engine blasts in. Built into a suitcase as a sales sample, will the asking price for this oddity be sky high?

And later, when Rick's autographed Henry Winkler photo goes missing, he goes to great lengths to bring Fonzie home. The guys find an Annual Register from ; gambling tokens from Nevada State prison. Burn rubber with the Pawn Stars as they check out a motorcycle custom-built for actor James Caan. Will Corey make the seller an offer he can't refuse? Then, an Al Hirschfeld lithograph gets drawn into the shop.

The last print made before his death, can they sketch out a deal? And later, when Chumlee find a book of trivia, he tries to stump Rick. Who will prevail in this battle of useless information? Will these rare shoes be a slam dunk for the shop? Then, Rick and Chumlee face the music when a medallion once owned by Liberace comes in the shop.

Will they get it for a song, or will the seller leave on a sour note? And later, Rick uses surveillance video to see how much the staff plays while the boss is away. Take one giant leap for mankind with the Pawn Stars when Rick checks out a jetpack from the Gemini space program. Used to prove that jetpacks could work in zero gravity, will Rick's offer be out of this world? Then, Chumlee's nuts over a Snoopy comic book with a personal drawing from Charles Schulz. Will Chumlee be able to kick the proverbial football and make a deal? And later, Rick's take on a commercial for the pawn shop inspires Chumlee to make a version of his own.

Whose commercial will reign supreme? Hold hands with the Pawn Stars when the original contract between The Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein invades the shop. Considered one of the most important documents in the history of rock and roll, can they come together on a deal? Then, a Cold War-era high altitude suit blasts into the shop. Will the Soviet design leave the guys seeing red? And later, Chumlee's been making great strides to lose weight, but can he inspire another pawn shop employee to change his ways? Prepare for battle with the Pawn Stars as Rick checks out a medieval mace.

Will it be a fair fight for this primitive weapon or is he in for a low blow? Then, Rick and the Old Man check out a set of cap guns from the s. Will nostalgia force them to pull the trigger? And later, the Old Man sends Corey and Chum on a simple errand that turns into a daylong adventure. Will they make it back in one piece?

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Will he jump at the chance to own a piece of the communist's sedan? Then, Rick is silenced when Charlie Chaplin's driver's license cruises into the shop. Will the rare piece of movie history lead to a huge pay day? And later, Chum puts his money where his mouth is when he takes a sudden interest in investing. Question is: will he end up with more money or more problems? The guys check out a 19th century Fisk iron casket; a massive Smurf collection; Davey Deals overstays his welcome. Get ready for the biggest game of the year with the Pawn Stars when a ball signed by NFL hall of famer Walter Payton spirals into the shop.

Will Corey be able to keep his head in the game, or will a tough negotiation cause him to fumble? Then, when a program from the first Super Bowl rushes in, Corey is forced to make a game-time decision. Will he score before the clock runs out? And later, all bets are off when the Old Man gets to decide who has to work the day of the big game. Will the guys play by the rules or make an illegal substitution? Rick and the Old Man check out a vintage smoke suit air pump; Corey looks to cash in on a silver certificate when he finds an unexpected error; Chumlee gets hosed when he shows up to work late again.

Rick checks out some items signed by actor Dan Haggerty; a piece of a flag carried by Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders; Chumlee buys an old oscillator. A personal check signed by Babe Ruth; Navy buttons that date back to the Civil War; Rick's back starts acting up and Chum tries to help. Rick checks out a rock crawler; a game worn jersey from Bob Hayes is brought in; the guys realize they're getting negative reviews online.

Rick and Corey check out a sword belonging to the Freemasons; Corey and Chumlee play with the idea of scoring a Gibson Master Museum guitar; Chumlee tries to prove he deserves a raise. Rick checks out a fully restored s VW Samba; a piece of egg art from Sergio Bustamante is brought into the shop; Rick announces a bonus for the employee of the month.

A collection of Viking items are brought into the shop; Corey and Chumlee are offered a photo signed by The Doors; Chumlee and Corey try to make the perfect home brew. Play along with the Pawn Stars when Semie Moseley's personal guitar jams into the shop. Will Rick be able to hit all the right notes for this one of a kind instrument or will this deal go out of tune? Known as the plane that dropped the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, will the guys go nuclear for it?

And later, a class of elementary school kids takes a field trip to the shop. Will Rick teach them the tricks of the trade or will the guys disrupt class? A tiara that belonged to the wife of President McKinley, a Felix the Cat sparkler toy, and Rick receives a secret package. Rick checks out a German two-handed sword built in the early s; a set of baseball card is brought into the shop; Corey's noisy neighbors are keeping him up at night. A WWII embalming kit is bought into the shop; Corey and Rick get fired up over a pair of Reid knuckle duster pistols; Rick has plans for a new company website.

Patrick's Day in the pawn shop. Pendants from the first two Super Bowls are brought into the shop; Rick and Corey check out a pair of Igorot spears; the Old Man gets flooded with birthday gifts. A signed photograph of Howard Hughes is brought into the shop; a customer brings in a Marlin rifle; Rick purchases an old model train. A medal believed to be a Polish white eagle is brought into the shop; Corey and Chumlee check out a brick from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway; Chumlee makes the perfect home brew. Rick checks out a Buick; a Neil Diamond jacket shows up in the shop; the Harrison men get family portraits done.

A letter recovered from the United Flight crash is brought into the shop; Rick examines some nozzles from the Queen Mary ocean liner; Rick finally makes Chum a manager. A Les Paul Professional guitar rocks its way into the shop; Corey and Chumlee spot a s Rolls-Royce hood ornament; the guys notice the Old Man snoozing more than usual. An Abraham Lincoln campaign poster used in re-election campaign comes into the shop; Chumlee's feeling like a kid again when a Turbo Man action figure is brought in. A guitar that belonged to The Who's bassist strikes a chord with Rick; a customer brings in a Richard Nixon paper.

A customer brings in a bible that may have been carried by pony express riders; a R2D2 Pepsi machine rolls into the shop; the guys review Lili's performance. Believed to be from a rehab visit, will the Bible be a revelation or make a quick exodus out of the shop? Then, Rick is intrigued when a customer brings in a pen President Lyndon B. Johnson used to sign Medicare into law. Will he sign on the dotted line or will the price be too painful? And later, the guys start a competition that tests their buying skills.

Can Rick become the biggest dealmaker in the shop or will Corey and Chumlee turn him into a sore loser? Paint the town red with the Pawn Stars when a Monet landscape brushes into the shop. Will the artwork make a bad impression on Rick or will this picture be worth a million dollars? Then, Corey feels the heat when a customer brings in an old firefighter station. Can he douse this customer's expectations or will he get burned? And later, when Rick's history lesson on Cinco de Mayo drives the guys loco, Rick may be uninvited to his own fiesta.

Will Rick and Chumlee take off with a part of this famous aircraft or will the asking price be sky high? Then, Rick sees stars when celebrity paintings by artist Stephen Fishwick are brought in. Can he see the big picture or will he paint himself into a corner? And later, it's any man's game when the guys make a wager over which donut Rick will eat. Will one of them scoop the pot or will Rick put an end to their hunger games?

Ante up with the Pawn Stars when a poker cheating device finds its way into the shop. Will the guys cash in their chips and score this devilish instrument of deception or be forced to fold? Will he move in for the kill or be stopped dead in his tracks? And later, Chum hosts his own poker night, but will his party be a full house or a royal flush?

Will Rick "come together" with these tickets to ride or will he "let it be"? Will Corey purchase this Presidential peace offering or will he have reservations? And later, Rick gets all hot and bothered when control over the thermostat becomes an all-out war. Will things in the shop get heated or can the guys get Rick to chill out? Head back to school with the Pawn Stars when a Confederate children's schoolbook reports to the shop. Will Rick and Chumlee get an "A" in negotiating or be forced to drop out?

Will they make a play for these classic dolls or will they refuse to toy around? And then, when Rick buys a Porsche, the guys are convinced he is going through a midlife crisis. Is Rick just acting his age or has he officially gone over the hill? Head to the front line with the Pawn Stars as a Henry rifle from the s storms the shop. Will Rick be able to hit his mark or will he mis-fire? Then, Corey is brought back to the Jurassic Period when he encounters a pair of dinosaur eggs. Can he whip up an offer or will the eggs leave him scrambled? And later, when Chumlee holds a garage sale, Rick is put in the buyer's seat when he spots some vintage wrestling dolls.

It's boss versus employee in a big battle of negotiating skills and only J's supposed game-worn sneakers steps into the shop. Will the guys score a slam dunk on this item or will it be an air ball? Then, a rare Half Eagle coin from the Civil War flies in. Can the guys land this Eagle or will it fly away? And later, when everyone borrows from Rick's coin jar, will he see it's time to change or will the guys break his bank? A Ronco pocket fisherman is spotted in the shop. Find out if Rick is able to reel in this rod. Artwork from a famous graffiti artist enters the shop; Chumlee takes on negotiations for a Civil War utility tool; Rick takes his daughter car shopping..

Rick deals for a cigar box which used to belong to JFK; a Civil War-era photograph's authenticity is in question; Rick surprises the staff with a trip. A painting from Salvador Dali's Divine Comedy series makes it way into the shop; Rick deals for a note signed by Edmund Hillary; the guys debate gift-giving. Hand-drawn maps from the Normandy invasion enter the shop; Rick negotiates for a coin featuring Roman Emperor Caligula; Rick tries to build a house for his daughter's dog.

A Space wristwatch enters the shop; Rick checks out a VW Karmann Ghia; Chumlee accidentally puts rare coins into the store's slot machine. Grab a ringside seat when the Pawn Stars square off for memorabilia from undefeated boxing champ Rocky Marciano. Can Corey land a knockout blow or will he end up down for the count?

Then, Rick checks out a one-of-a-kind, battery-operated, glow-in-the-dark car. Will he take charge and make an electric deal or end up in the dark? And later, Chumlee uses modern technology to "tele-presence" into work. Can he get the job done or will Rick pull the plug? Will Corey get into the holiday spirit and cough up some cash or will he end up saying 'ba humug'? Then, Rick gets rocked when a meteorite drops in. Will seeing this spacey item send him over the moon or will it bring him crashing down to Earth?

And later, Chumlee plans a night of bowling with the guys, but will this bonding experience be up their alley or will they wind up in the gutter? Play hardball with the Pawn Stars when an autograph of baseball legend Honus Wagner lands in the shop.

NAUL(나얼) _ Memory Of The Wind(바람기억) MV

Will Corey and Chum hit a home run or will this signature be going, going, gone? Then, Rick crushes on a rare, first edition of Nabokov's controversial novel, "Lolita. And later, Chumlee helps set up the shop's new phone system. Will he get called out for doing a good job or will Rick hold the phone on his not-so-traditional ideas? Will Rick crack the code to capture this rare item or will he send out all the wrong signals? Then, a customer brings in a letter written by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, who would later become president. Can Rick lead a successful campaign to capture this letter or will he concede the race?

And later, when Corey insists on taking over Rick's annual 4th of July barbecue for the shop, will he provide a new spark for an old classic or will his ideas fizzle? Will Rick be able to cruise through the negotiation or will it be gone in 60 seconds? Then, Corey and Chumlee play with the idea of buying one of the first video game consoles, a Magnavox Odyssey Can they figure out how to beat the system or will it be game over?

And later, Chumlee seeks the go ahead from Rick to test out the shop's new ice cream maker. Will the guys all scream for ice cream or will Rick give Chumlee the cold shoulder? Can Rick successfully defuse the negotiation or will it blow up in his face? Will he pull some strings for the country classic or will it be out of tune? And later, Chumlee tries to find something he's better at than Rick. Will he be able to beat the boss or will Rick prove once and for all don't mess with the best?

Then, Rick and Corey sound the alarm when a U. Navy foghorn comes ashore. Will the guys successfully navigate the deal or will they have to keep their distance? And later, Corey braces himself for the apocalypse when he checks out a state-of-the-art survival vehicle, built to fight off zombies. Will Corey escape in style or will he let the deal die? Will Corey hit the bullseye and claim this Civil War revolver, or will he end up off the mark?

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  8. Then, Rick sets his sights on a Viking coin. Will he end up the conqueror of this ancient change or will he be forced to retreat? And later, Chum tries using subliminal messages to get Rick to give him a raise, but will Rick even notice? Can he successfully capture this rare picture or will he lose his focus?

    Then, Rick tries to cash in when a one-cent coin is brought into the shop. Will Rick pay a pretty penny or will he come to his senses? And later, Corey notices that Rick keeps taking his things. Will Corey let it go or will he take back what's his? Join the club with the Pawn Stars when a collection of Playboy Club memorabilia hops into the shop. Will Rick be let in on the iconic collection or will he be left out in the cold? Then, Corey and Chum check out a pair of old Murray bicycles, one of which has never been ridden. Can they get a handle on the deal or will they be taken for a ride? And later, the Old Man decides to take a trip to the shooting range, but Rick thinks he needs some back up.

    Once they're stuck in a car together, who will take the first shot? Raise a glass with the Pawn Stars when Rick spots an authentic moonshine still. Will he be able to see straight through the negotiation or will end up drowning his sorrows? Then, Corey and Chumlee are star struck when a man brings in a huge collection of s and 50s celebrity autographed postcards.

    Containing some of the biggest names in Hollywood, will the postcards be "Return To Sender" or will the guys be thanking their lucky stars? And later, Rick gets hung up on Chumlee's not so subtle phone calls during work. Resident seals and the visiting Otters feed in the dense kelp forest surrounding the acre hectare island. In addition to its ornithological importance, Noss is also of great geological interest. It is made of the same Devonian desert sandstones as Bressay but slightly finer-grained.

    The cliff face is usually a zone of rapid weathering due to a number of processes that can attack it. There are three types of weathering: physical eg. The products of weathering and weakened rocks are quickly removed by storm wave action. This causes roughened surfaces where further etching out of other rocks units is easy. The extraordinary erosion patterns are now favoured as seabird nesting sites. Noss Sound is a relatively new channel and was probably made by storm waves that breached the sandy spit that once joined Noss to Bressay.

    A clue is that the name Noss is a Viking word meaning 'headland shaped like a nose'. If it had been an island when they arrived in the ninth century they would certainly have recorded the fact in their name for the place and it would be 'Nossay' - 'island shaped like a nose'. There are physical traces of a gigantic wave along the Bressay coast south of Noss Sound, and also a legend of a clifftop croft washed out by the sea at Stobister. Because the grazing on Noss is restricted and because even Shetland sheep can't find their way everywhere the cliff vegetation of Noss is more luxuriant than in more heavily grazed areas, despite the plague of rabbits which each winter's cull only just keeps in check.

    As well as its fascinating natural history, Noss has a long history of human occupation, starting with a burnt mound at Hellia Cluve which may be 4, years old. Place name evidence and the remains of a mediaeval chapel on Big Ness 'promontory of the buildings' suggest that Noss was home to a Celtic Christian community before the Viking invasion. What those marauders did to the priests in Papil Geo 'the Priests' Cove' may be imagined. From time to time, winter storms shift the sands at Nesti Voe to reveal human bones from the ancient graveyard.

    The sandy soils around the 17th century house at Hametoun were easy to work - and to fertilise with seaweed from beaches such as Da Stinkin' Geos 'the smelly coves' where storm-blown seaweed lies and rots to this day. In subsistence times Noss was a very productive island, where good crops of oats and barley could grow and the grazing was so good there was even a milk surplus to make cheese.

    From the midth century onwards, whenever the tenancy became vacant there were usually eager bidders. Signs of that relative prosperity are still visible in the long, slightly curved 'rigs' on Turr Ness - the traces of ploughing by oxen which were swum across the sound from Bressay at low tide and herded at night in Da Owsen's Pund the oxen's enclosure' at the north end of the big cliffs. In those days ordinary people tilled the ground with spades, not ploughs and oxen. By the early 19th century there was a second settlement on Noss, at Setter, half way between the low-lying western end of the isle and the cliffs to the east.

    By the population peaked at 24, but may have included some visiting fishermen who spent the census night in summer lodges at Booth's Voe. A display in the old Pony Pund tells the story of this rather cruel trade, which also involved building a stone wall around the higher cliffs to stop the mares falling over. The stallions were kept in Bressay until required. Successive farming tenants and their families lived year-round in Noss until After that it was occupied in summer only until when the last resident tenant who was also honorary RSPB birdwatcher and ferryman gave up the lease.

    Since the island has been part of the Garth Estate's home farm and staffed by summer wardens who also provide the ferry service across Noss Sound. For more information see the SNH Noss website. A quiet, rural island with beautiful scenery, friendly people and fascinating wildlife. Getting there and getting around The Bressay ferry sails from Albert Buildings in the centre of Lerwick every hour, with later sailings scheduled on Friday and Saturday nights. Local Amenities A thriving local history group A boating club Shop Pub Community hall where visitors are always welcome at concerts, dances, social evenings and the annual Up Helly A' fire festival in February.

    Bressay is also home to the Northern Lights Holistic Spa where a variety of facilities and treatments are available. There is little spraying or mowing of the roadside verges in Bressay, with the result that they are a riot of wild flowers in June and July. Off the beaten track, the meadow flowers are at their best among the croft land in those months, while in the wetter pastures there are fine displays of Purple Orchids.

    Bressay Wildlife There is plenty of birdlife to see in Bressay, including most of the species found in Noss. Exploring Bressay The road north from Maryfield passes Bressay's most imposing building, Gardie House, a laird's mansion built in and noted for its walled gardens. Walking notes: Safety First - Remember, all the cliffs are extremely dangerous, particularly in the wet. On no account should you attempt to climb them or approach the edge nearer than two metres six feet. Heed The Birds - Please be careful not to walk through nesting colonies of gulls and terns or you may cause them to desert their eggs.

    No Dogs, Please! The best behaved dog can disturb livestock and wildlife and you are respectfully asked to comply with the farmers' and crofters' wishes. There is so many lovely walking routes to choose from and the scenery is spectacular! Noss is one of the most spectacular wildlife sights in Europe.