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Not only does digital printing allow a variety of materials, it allows printing a near-infinite variety of images. Bhasin says the Artline Group has access to over , He says if a single image is licensed for use in a hundred hotel rooms, the licensing fees can drop to as low as a couple of bucks a copy. The digital approach also allows Artline to accommodate more custom requests, such as the one they received from the Radisson Martinique in midtown Manhattan. But for Marketplace to continue to grow, we need additional investment from those who care most about what we do: superfans like you.

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By Robert Cadloff. Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's By Hollywood Photo Archive. Destination - London. By Nick Cranston. Row of Cutlery.

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By Bridget Davies. Quiet Moorings. By Hannah Cole. Midwinter Fire. By Kathy Ramsay Carr. For the Zoo, book to Regent's Park, By Charles Paine. Holiday fun, Margate By Mirrorpix.

Yachts, By L S Lowry. Aerial Drift. By Fintan Whelan. The Big Sleep. By Penguin Books. By Ele Pack.

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Wimbledon, By Herry Perry. Black Venn. By Michael Sole. Composition 10 in Black and White; Pier and Ocean, By Piet Mondrian. Guiding Light. By Liz Jameson. Between the Leaves. Empire State.


By Michelle Collins. Moonlight Assembly. Bracken Woods. By Karen Birchwood.

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Water Lily Pond, blue. By Claude Monet. Blue, Green and Brown. By Mark Rothko.

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Millennium Bridge spectators by St. By Niki Gorick. Number 18, By Jackson Pollock.