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Back to School Program. Remember the excitement of the first day of school? Your new notebooks, pencils and backpack? Share that memory by assisting a child who needs help getting ready for the next school year. Become an Election Judge. Election Judges play a very important role in the electoral process.

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They are responsible for administering voting procedures in polling places while ensuring a fair and equitable election for voters. Board of Elections Election Judge Recruiters. Boat Ramp. The Fort Smallwood Park boat facility in Pasadena operates year round. Boat Rental. Building and Grading Violations. If you suspect there is a violation of the Building, Grading or Sediment Control Codes, please report it. Obtain information about inspections that were conducted for a particular permit or addess.

Building, Grading, and Trade Inspection Scheduling. Burglary Prevention. The Crime Prevention Unit is available to provide citizens of Anne Arundel County information about how to prevent burglaries at their homes and businesses. Burglary Security Survey. The Anne Arundel County Police Department offers to the business community the service of a trained crime prevention specialist who will come to your business and perform a security survey.

Bus and Rail Transit. Many transportation organizations provide fast, reliable transportation to offices, shopping centers, tourist attractions, colleges and other destinations for Anne Arundel County residents and visitors alike. Business Financing. There are a number of direct and flexible financing programs available to help local businesses expand and grow. Carcass Removal. Cartop Boat Launch.

Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks provides cartop boat launch sites at many community and regional parks. Cartop boat refers to a canoe or kayak. Cat Fancier License. A cat fancier is an individual who owns or keeps in the individual's private residence, or in adjoining quarters or elsewhere on the premises, ten 10 or more cats, four months of age or older.

Charitable Giving to County Programs. Anne Arundel County Departments provides services that improve the quality of life for residents. If you would like to support a county department, program and project, you may make a charitable donation. Raising chickens can be fun and rewarding. Subscribe for the email and text alert system to be notified of emergency closings. Child Care Programs. Child Safety Seats. Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of injuries among young children in Anne Arundel County.

Citizens Police Academy. The Citizens Police Academy provides Anne Arundel County residents, 21 years of age and older, an opportunity to learn about laws, police procedures, forensics, crime scene collections, resource management and more. Civilian Ride Along Program. The Anne Arundel County Police Department participates in a ride along program that provides citizens the opportunity to learn what a typical day in the life of a police officer is like.

Coaches Certification Clinic. Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks offers Coaches Certification Clinics that focuses on how to teach children teamwork, respect for authority, and building self-confidence. Comment on Curbside Collection. Please submit feedback regarding your curbside collection of recycling, yard waste, or trash.

Commercial Kennel License. Every person in the business of buying, selling, breeding or boarding animals shall secure a commercial license. Commercial Security. Commissary Deposits. Hygiene items, clothing, and a variety of snack foods are available for purchase on a non-cash basis through the Commissary. Inmates order and receive items once per week, paying for them using funds in the account established for them at intake.

Community Based Policing. The department has adopted Community Based Policing in the furtherance of those tenets incorporated in the department's Mission and Value Statements, and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. Community Crime Reports. Community First Choice. Maryland's Community First Choice Option provides community services and supports that enable older adults and people with disabilities to live in their own homes in the community. Community Personal Assistance Services. Provides assistance with activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living.

Community Relations. Commuter Crew. Explore different commuting options available in Anne Arundel County from biking and pedestrian trails to carpools to vanpools and transit routes. Competitive Swimming. Concerts in the Parks. Contact your Councilmember. County Council Meeting Information. CPR Training. Crime Watch. In recent years, neighborhoods have experienced rapid change.

The old, well-established neighborhoods, where everyone knew everyone, have been replaced by a highly transient community where people seek more and more privacy. Crowd Management Training. Crowd management utilizes life safety features incorporated into the design of the building in conjunction with an understanding of and adherence to established evacuation plans for a facility.

Dance Program. Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks invite dancers - and newcomers - to join in the fun! Our dance program, led by experienced professional dance instructors. Daycare Center Fire Inspections. Deer Management Program. Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks monitors the deer impact on County parkland with appropriate management options. Detention Case Management. The Department of Detention Facilities applies a Case Management approach to delivering classification and program services to the inmate population. History shows that minority businesses have always existed in Anne Arundel County, and are a significant part of our County's unique past.

Do Business with the County. Getting ready to start a project? Find out if you need a Permit to comply with the County's adopted Building Codes.

There Is No Reason to Cross the U.S. by Train. But I Did It Anyway.

Dog Fancier. A dog fancier is an individual who owns or keeps in the individual's private residence, or in adjoining quarters or elsewhere on the premises, more than four dogs, four months of age or older, at any one location within Anne Arundel County. Dogs in the Park. Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks encourages and welcomes dog owners and their dogs in County parks as long as they abide by the laws set forth governing the dog's behavior. Domestic Violence. Emergency Plan for Pets.

Planning ahead is essential to keeping your pet and yourself safe is disaster strikes. Emergency Preparedness. The Office of Emergency Management urges everybody to take the necessary steps to prepare for an emergency, prior to the event in which disaster strikes. County employees make a real difference for our communities, for our customers, for our citizens! Office of Personnel.

EMS Patient Survey. Transported patients who are not County residents and who are unable to pay due to financial hardship, may request a review of their transport charge s. Expand or Move Your Business. Free information and consultations are available as you improve, expand, or relocate your business.

Expedited Review Program. Anne Arundel County is pleased to announce the Expedited Review Program which allows owners and applicants to select County-approved Certified Reviews, at their own expense, to conduct plan review in lieu of County staff, in an effort to expedite the review process. Filing an Animal Affidavit of Complaint. A citizen that has observed the violation of an animal-related law under Article 12 may file an Affidavit of Complaint Form. The Anne Arundel County Police Department and Sheriffs' Office no longer provide fingerprint services to non-applicants unless ordered by the court.

Fire and EMS Training. The Anne Arundel County Fire Academy provides training, education, and certification opportunities for fire personnel. Fire Code Violations. Fire Department Speakers. The Public Education Office of the Fire Department provides several programs to educate citizens in the areas of fire safety and injury prevention. Fire Flow Test. Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works conducts fire flow tests for engineers, developers, and sprinkler design companies.

Fire Records. Fireworks Display Inspection. Schedule an inspection in preparation for a fireworks display occurring in Anne Arundel County. Fishing in the Park. Fishing is a popular leisure time activity enjoyed by many residents. Take advantage of over 5, acres of waterfront access to cast a line for freshwater fishing in Anne Arundel County parks.

Food Truck Inspections. Friendly Firefighter Visits and Station Tours. Friends of Arundel Seniors. A private tax exempt organization helping older adults and individuals with disabilities. General Liability Claim. Geocaching in the Park. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS to navigate and find the hidden cache.

Have fun geocaching in Anne Arundel County parks.


Government Television. AACTV is the local government television channel in Anne Arundel County that provides residents government programming such as live coverage, weekly news series, and wide variety of shows. Guidelines for Conducting Cultural Resources Investigations. Guidelines that outlines best practices and professional standards for the background research, fieldwork, artifact processing, and reporting on investigations State-wide.

Guidelines for Vegetation Management Plan. Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program. New tax credit program for property owners of historic buildings in Anne Arundel County. The tax credit will help offset expenses related to rehabilitation on historic landmarks in the County. Community Options Waiver enables adults 18 and older to remain in a community setting even though their advanced age or disability would warrant placement in a long-term care facility.

Home Daycare License Fire Inspection. A successful fire safety inspection is required for a Family Day Care to be operated out of the home. Home Delivered Meals for Senior Citizens. Home Security Survey. The Anne Arundel County Police Department offers to the community the service of a Police Officer, who will come to your home and perform a security survey. Homeless Shelters. If you are homeless or in need of shelter please contact the Crisis Response Warmline at Anne Arundel County has four shelters for homeless families and adults. Homeowners Property Tax Credit Program. House Arrest Alternative Sentencing Program.

Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Days. Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Days provide opportunities for County residents to safely dispose of products containing harmful chemicals. How to Receive Bids. All bidders wishing to do business with Anne Arundel County should contact the Purchasing buyer of the commodity or service which they provide.

Humane Education Programs. Humane Euthanasia. The procedure is performed by technicians certified in humane euthanasia. Listen to music while you skate with your friends and neighbors. Extended hours on holidays and school closings. Ice Skating at Quiet Waters Park. The Quiet Waters Park ice rink offers a pleasant and safe family environment to enjoy ice skating outdoors.

Independent Housing Options for Seniors. Subsidized and independent living apartments for senior citizens, retirement communities and continuing care retirement communities. Inmate Addiction Services. Inmate Community Service. Community Service is a form of restitution by which participants "pay" for their misconduct by providing uncompensated hours of service to the community.

Inmate Education Program. Inmate Legal Services. Attorneys - Inmates awaiting trial are encouraged to exercise their right to counsel. The inmate may retain a private attorney or qualify for the services of the Office of Public Defender. Inmate Library Services. The mission of the Library is to support, broaden and strengthen the Department of Detention Facilities rehabilitation program.

Inmate Locator. The Inmate Locator enables users to look up the housing location, future court dates and bail information of inmates committed and currently housed at Anne Arundel County Detention Facilities. Inmate Mail. The Department of Detention Facilities does not require that inmates provide a mailing list, nor is there any limit on the number of letters that may be sent. Inmate Medical Services. Medical care to include dental, vision, and mental health services is provided for all inmates committed to JRDC who require treatment. Inmate Mental Health Services.

Inmate Re-Entry. The Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities is committed to providing inmates opportunities for successful community re-entry. Inmate Religious Services. It is the policy of the AACDF to provide the greatest degree of religious opportunity and freedom consistent with the security needs of the institutions. Inmate Telephone. Telephones are provided in all dormitories for use between the hours of a.

Friday and Saturday. Inmate Weekender Program. Inmate Work Release Program. Work Release allows participants to maintain regular employment while serving sentences of confinement, thereby facilitating payment of family support, fines, court costs, taxes and restitution. Joshua Roach Memorial Golf Tournament. All proceeds to benefit Recreation Deeds for Special Needs. Judicial Protection. Just for Kids. Just for kids recreation programs provide opportunities for the public to participate in diverse recreational programs and activities designed to meet the needs of the community.

Offers information and provide referrals to people seeking assistance due to various needs as a result of the crime committed against them. Landlord - Tenant Matters. The Sheriff's Office has historically been involved in property foreclosure matters emanating from the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County. Lasting Gift Program. The Lasting Gift Program is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone or an occasion that has touched your life.

These gifts of today will remain treasures for tomorrow. The County's liaison helps connect residents who are primarily Spanish-speaking with services and programs, including health programs and citizenship education. Leasing of County Space and Land. Liquor License Fire Inspection.

In some cases, a fire inspection may be required for the approval of a liquor license. The Fire Marshal Division conducts these inspections on an as needed basis. Living Well Series. Anne Arundel County Department of Aging and Disabilities offers a variety of workshops that provide information on living well. The goal of the Long Term Care Bureau is to identify adults 18 years or older who are at risk of entering a nursing home, to assist them to remain safely in the community for as long as possible. Long Term Care Ombudsman. Make a Payment for Child Care. MAP can provide information and assistance on numerous services available to older adults.

Mayo Beach Park Open Days. Mayo Beach Park is the perfect place to enjoy a fun-filled day. There is plenty to see and do, from swimming to enjoying a picnic to kayaking. The park is open on scheduled days. Mayo Beach Park Rental. Mayo Beach Park is a breathtaking venue surrounded by pristine sandy beach with the most spectacular panoramic view of the South River. The park provides a pleasant background for a wedding, reunion or group outing event.

Mobile Home Licenses. The purpose of this form is to provide important information so your loved one can receive high quality, person-centered care from health care professionals and caregivers. National K Homes Program. National Family Caregiver Support Program. Noise Control. Notice of Appeal Form. The Board renders final decisions on appeals related to zonings, licenses, permits, and executive, administrative and ajudicatory orders.

Nuisance Wildlife Trapping. The Department of Natural Resources has over sixty 60 licensed and approved wildlife contractors to serve the citizens of the county. Obtaining Call Records. An incident number is assigned to all calls for service, whether initiated by a call or by a police officer. Obtaining a Police Report.

Occupational Licenses. Certain occupations require a license to operate within Anne Arundel County. These include trade licenses, pawnbrokers, and roadside vendors among others. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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Off-site Reforestation Banks Program. Creating offsite mitigation banks on private property can help to preserve open space in the county and provide the landowner with income. Organizational Accreditation for Rec and Parks. To ensure compliance with departmental standards regarding access to public facilities, the Department of Recreation and Parks has established an accreditation process for all organizations and groups.

Paddle-In Camping. Pay Parking Tickets. Pay Red Light Camera Tickets. People and Animals Who Serve. Hein Building Ritchie Hwy. Glen Burnie, MD Pet Support for Victims of Domestic Violence. Learn about the process. Photography Sessions in the Park. Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks encourage the use of its parks for recreational photography. To make everyone's visit enjoyable, please follow photography sessions procedures.

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Police Citations and Violations. Police Community Relations Council. Police Criminal Background Checks. Background checks may be state or federally mandated, or part of company policy. Police Volunteer Opportunities. Arundel Olympic Swim Center's pool parties are a fun and unique birthday experience. Packages include two hour party room and indoor pool use.

Make memories at the North Arundel Aquatic Center. Party packages include room rental and use of pool. Report potholes found on County roads. Pretrial Services. Public Access. Public access encourages the local community to produce programming that serves viewers with high production quality, diverse viewpoints, and regular scheduling. Public Information Act Request. The Public Information Act grants the right of access to public records. Anne Arundel County strives to provide transparency and timely service with regard to Public Information Act requests. Public Notice Sign. It is the responsibility of the applicant to post and maintain the required a Public Notice sign.

The sign is provided to the applicant by the Information Counter of the Office of Planning and Zoning and must be posted on the property a required amount of time. Public Swimming at Fort Smallwood Park. Purchase Surplus Real Estate. Rabies Clinic. A weekly service offered to assist residents with compliance of Maryland State Law requiring all dogs, cats and ferrets four months of age and older to be vaccinated against rabies.

Rain Gardens. By installing a rain garden you can improve water quality in local streams, rivers, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. The 5K race course is a combination of paved roadways and trails through scenic Downs Park. All proceeds benefit Recreation Deeds for Special Needs a local non-profit dedicated to making recreational opportunities accessible.

Receive Emergency Notifications. Reclaiming a Pet. Recreation and Parks Alerts. Citizens have the option to register for notifications pertaining to Recreation and Parks operations and weather updates. Recreational Kayaking Trips. Paddlers will explore various locations around Anne Arundel County. Certified instructors will be with you all day to share their knowledge of paddling.

Recycling and Trash. Recycling Container Requests. Recycling containers can be obtained from several Waste Management Services locations or requested online. Recycling Containers and Compost Bins. Recycling containers and compost bins can be obtained from several Waste Management Services locations. Submit a concern or issue to the County for assistance and correction on your computer, mobile device or by phone.

Report a Found Pet. If you have found a stray domestic animal, information about the animal can be posted on our website for fourteen 14 days. Having problems with your Broadband or Cable provider? Contact us to see if we can help. Report Missed Curbside Collection. Was your Recycling, Yard Waste, or Trash not collected on your scheduled collection day? Let us know so we can resolve the issue.

Report Suspicious Activity or Persons.

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Please use this form to submit an official record of suspicious persons, activities or vehicles to the Anne Arundel County Police Department. Reporting a Found Pet. If you have found a stray domestic animal, fill out as much information as possible using our online form and it will be posted on our website for seven 7 days. Please also contact Animal Control, county law requires all stray animals found in Anne Arundel County to be turned over to our Agency. Reporting a Lost Pet. If you have recently lost a pet in Anne Arundel County, information about your animal can be posted on our website for fourteen 14 days.

Representative Payee Program. Request a Citation or Proclamation. The County Executive issues Citations and Proclamations to recognize accomplishments and to highlight special announcements. Learn how to submit a request for consideration. Request a Facility or Field Use Permit. Department of Recreation and Parks' Facility Scheduling in conjunction with the Board of Education, encourages the use of facilities and fields by community organizations for educational, athletic and recreational activities. Request a Zoning Verification Letter. A zoning verification letter confirms zoning information about a specific property.

Request for Modification. Reserve a Park Pavilion. Hold your next family reunion, birthday party or corporate outing at a community or regional park. Discover an outdoor covered pavilion throughout Anne Arundel County. Reserve Community Room Space. Residential Rehabilitation Program. This program offers grading and building permit fee waivers and property tax credits to property owners who demolish dilapidated homes and rebuild. Respite Care Referral Program. A registry of self-employed home care workers who can provide direct, hands-on personal care or companion care in order provide relief from the constant stress and responsibility of caring for a frail, disabled or elderly person at home.

Right of Way Permit. Homeowners, Utilities, and their contractors may require a Right-of-Way permit to undertake certain repairs and construction. Road Abandonment Program. Road Acceptance Program. Road Drainage Maintenance. The Bureau of Highways engages in activities to protect the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries from the impacts of our road network. Effective Drainage is essential to this effort. Road Resurfacing and Reconstruction. The Infrastructure Management Division is responsible for the inventory, inspection, and repaving of County-maintained roads. Roadside Maintenance.

The Bureau of Highways performs maintenance activities to keep the County's roadside's safe and in good condition. Learn how to report a concern to the appropriate Road District. Robbery Prevention. Safety and Fire Education Program. Our safety and fire education curriculum was developed to deliver age appropriate educational presentations to elementary students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Schedule Bulk Metal Item Pickup. Large metal items and appliances, like swing sets, refrigerators, and lawn mowers, can be recycled. Pickup of these items can be scheduled online or by phone.

Search the Administrative Hearings Decision Archive. Search through the archive of decisions that Administrative Hearings has made throughout the years. Senior Activity Centers. A place to learn, make friends, volunteer… Senior Activity Centers provide a wide array of educational programs, recreational activities, health screenings, seminars, and classes in art, crafts, computer use, dance and many other topics.

Senior Center Plus. Senior Center Plus is a structured, supervised day program for those seniors who may not be able to navigate the Senior Activity Centers independently. Senior Citizen Nutrition Program. The Department of Aging and Disabilities Senior Nutrition Program's mission is to promote the senior meal programs and provide nutrition education. Senior Farmers' Markets. Senior Medical Patrol. The goal of the Senior Medicare Patrol SMP Program is to educate and empower beneficiaries to take an active role in the detection and prevention of health care fraud and abuse, with a focus on the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Sewer Cleanouts. Locating your sewer cleanout can be helpful when dealing with a sewer line blockage. Sewer or Water Emergency. Emergency Services answers customer calls regarding their water and wastewater service, days a year, 24 hours a day. Shop 'N Eat Program. A program offered by the Department of Aging and Disabilities to educate and provide opportunities for Anne Arundel County's older adults to develop healthy eating habits through the use of subsidized grocery cards.

Smoke Alarm Outreach. Adequate smoke alarms are a necessity to provide sufficient early warning in case of a fire. Snow Removal. The Bureau of Highways is responsible for the removal of snow from all County-maintained roadways. Determine the level of service for your street and enter a request for service. Spay and Neuter Services. Special Volunteer Opportunities. Start Your Business. Thinking of starting a business? Want to take your start-up to the next level? Anne Arundel County has a handful of resources to support small businesses.

SHIP provides free, confidential one-on-one health insurance counseling and information to Medicare-eligible persons and their families. Stormwater Management Program. Stray Animals. During this time the animals cannot leave the shelter with anyone other than the owner. Street Names for New Subdivision. The assignment of street names and numbers is the responsibility of the Office of Planning and Zoning and is implemented by the Research and GIS Division.

Subdivision, Site Development, and Zoning Regulations. Summer Camps. Our day camps are an exciting, safe, and affordable option for summer fun. Campers get outside, get unplugged, and have lots of summer enjoyment. Summons Services. Systems of Care. Taxi Voucher Program. Anne Arundel County Department of Aging and Disabilities offers discounted taxi vouchers for older adults and adults with disabilities. Teen Court. Teen Court is a program that offers teenage offenders an important second chance - a chance to learn from their mistake without the high cost and stigma of a criminal record.

Telephone Information Center Representatives are available 24 hours 7 days a week to help you find what you are looking for. Telephone Reassurance Program. Telephone Reassurance gives peace of mind to seniors who live alone. The program provides a daily, safety-check phone call seven days a week. Tennis Lessons. Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks offers tennis lessons for children and adults.

Our tennis programs not only teach the fundamentals, but develop techniques to increase stamina and skills. The directory helps to connect individuals with the services and resources they need right here in Anne Arundel County. Tow Fee Schedule. All tow companies that are used by the Anne Arundel County Police Department are independent businesses. It is important for seniors and the disabled to remain mobile to keep their social independence with friends; to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and many other life-style benefits.

Transportation Links. Untagged and Unregistered Vehicles. Zoning only regulates private property. Vanpooling is an important and economical option for individuals commuting long distances. Vanpools are a great way to commute, build new friendships, and it is good for the environment. Visit an Inmate. Volunteer as a Fire Fighter. Volunteer Background Check. Sheri Price ext 4. Voting and Election Services. Warrant Apprehension. Water Access. Discover public water access in Anne Arundel County such as; cartop canoe and kayak launch sites, paddle-in camping, fishing, boat ramp, boat rental, dog beach and swimming.

Watershed Protection and Restoration. Anne Arundel has more than miles of shoreline. Protecting and preserving the health of our waterways is of utmost importance to our County. Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee. In , the State Legislature passed a law mandating that Maryland's 10 largest jurisdictions assess property owners a stormwater remediation fee to provide a dedicated source of revenue for the operating, maintenance and capital improvement expense of stormwater management programs.

Watershed Restoration Grant Program. The Anne Arundel County Watershed Restoration Grant Program provides implementation costs for water quality projects to help restore and protect the local rivers and streams of Anne Arundel County. Wedding in the Park. Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks offers a variety of unique and beautiful wedding sites to make your special day a memorable one.

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