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Bob you will be missed. Thanks for all of the memories Bob! You were THE voice of the Sooners! I loved listening to you. Rest in Peace. Bob say hi to my Son, Brother, and Dad. They all 3, heard you for a lot of years. You will never be replaced. My condolences to the Barry family. Thank you Bob, for all the memories.

You have not been just a sportscaster to me but a dear friend although we have never met. God bless your family and grace be to them in their great loss.

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Growing up in Oklahoma, I loved watching and listening to Bob Barry. His voice made every fall football game special. He was a great man!

Grew up watching and listening to this legend. Will be missed in so many ways across our great state and the entire country. Rest in peace with your beloved wife and enjoy the games from above. Bob, Thanks for all of the wonderful memories. There was never anything better than turning on the radio to listen to an OU football game and getting to hear you and Merv just cutting it up and laughing like crazy. You were a tremendous person with so much talent and heart. You will always be loved by the Sooner and Cowboy families and fans. Thanks for being you Bob. You were truly one of a kind.

Thank you Bob. Many fond memories of listening to OU games even when some where on television, we preferred listening to you tell the story. You are a legend and will be missed. Boomer Sooner Bob I would of loved to play golf with you and hear some of the great stories about the Sooners.

ALL Sooners fans will dearly miss you. How deeply saddened we were to hear of Bob's passing. I'm sure Bob was like family to countless of Oklahoma families, as he was to ours. I grew up listening to Bob Barry, Sr. He was always a class act. I cried when I read he had died. I will always remember him fondly. A true Oklahoman right down to his soul. Barry, you will be remembered always. Loved the voice of Bob Barry Sr. You made saturdays in the fall the best!!!!! During the many years when I couldn"t come to the games Also, for being a kind gentlemen throughout the years.

Our prayers are with the Barry family! We go to the games from California and always listened to Bob on the radio.

Rugby Fan Reacts to TEXAS vs OKLAHOMA BIG 12 Championship 2018 game!

We loved "Touchdown Oklahoma!!! RIP to one of my broadcast heroes.. Bob Barry Sr. Many a night growing up did I listen to him as the play by play voice of the Sooners. Dreaming that I too would get to do the same on the radio. Thanks Bob for your inspiration.. Bob you were kind to me from day one when I went into sportscasting.

You were a Great mentor and friend! Oklahoma lost one of its finest yesterday. Enjoy Heaven with your wife my friend. Most fond memory was of Bob and Linda on TV doing their football pics. Great man, our condolences to the family. Albert and Merrilee Gonzalez Temple, Texas. We still have our National Championship alarm clock that plays several of Bob's excited calls during the Championship game. We will play them again today, but with tears of sadness rather than tears of joy.

Rest in peace, dear Bob. Dear family, Bob was a legend in his time and his voice will continue to live thru OU football and Kfor Sports. God bless and keep you in his care. Loved hearing your voice call the OU games while watching the games on TV. God Bless you and prayers go out to your family. Sad to hear this news but glad to know after reading the articles he will be rejoicing with his wife again. My prayers go to the familes and many thanks to Mr. Barry for a lot of wonderful memories.

May God let you be the play by play man again for the wonderful sporting events in heaven we will all get to partake in in heaven. Our blessings to the Barry family. Bob Barry was a true "ClassAct"! God Speed Bob Barry! May God be with you and your family , you will be missed alot. Big Bob will be missed and fondly remembered. What a great man!

I always enjoyed your broadcast of Oklahoma football and basketball.

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You are Oklahoma. Big Bob. From all the Sooner Fans in the Phoenix area, we will miss you. May God go with you. Big Bob Barry can never be replaced. He'll be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to his family. Bob Barry is a icon not only in sports but Oklahoma in general! We will miss you Big Bob! Rest in peace, Bob. When they say "This is Oklahoma Football" before the Sooner games, they're talking about you. Your broadcasts were familiar and comfortable even while they were professional and exciting.

Your like will not pass our way again. Blessings to your family from M. Computer Services, Stillwater, OK. I enjoyed your broadcast for many years. Thanks for keeping my OU connection alive. You'll be missed. Thank you for your kindness and professional advice. I'll never forget my summer with you at KFOR. You were the consumate gentleman. Thank you Bob Sr. Barry will be missed. RIP Big Bob. You will always be the Legend! Thank You Bob for so many years of Sportscasting in Oklahoma.

God Bless and Kepp You. Reed Jackson, OKC. My eye's when I had none. The guiding voice of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows Cowboy Athletics could offer. A heart warming smile and mannerism that transcended even Bedlam. I did not know Bob personally and yet felt like I knew him well as a friend and as a mentor. Bob had a comforting way about him that kept it all in perspective. Bob is irreplaceable and I have and will miss him and his broadcast voice greatly. He is and always will be a part of my conscious soul. Bob truly was a legend and a Oklahoma great.

Thank you for sharing him with us and God bless you and his soul. His life was both a gift and a blessing to all of us in this Great State. I was very sorry to hear about Bob's passing. We were good pals at Taft Jr. When I went to Central and Bob to Classen we played baseball against each other.

Bob was a pitcher and threw a soft sneaky knuckle ball. I was mostly impressed with Bob when he once told me that he had often been offered opportunities to further his career and make more money by moving up in the world of broadcasting to bigger cities. But he said he preferred to stay in Oklahoma City because it was the best place to raise his family.

He was a very special man, God bless him. There is a noticeable silence in the lives of Oklahomans tonight. You will be remembered, you will be missed. A gentle wonderful man that will be missed, So grateful for our heavenly promise and we know he is dancing now with his love on the streets of gold :. We are surely going to miss you Big Bob Barry! My condolences to your family,and to your tv family as well. I will never forget your "swiiissshh" or "touchdown oklahoma" calls for as long as I live. There will never be another Bob Barry Sr and I am blessed for you to be apart of my life, even though we never physically met.

Please know how sorry I am for your loss. Bob Sr was a great person and he we will be missed dearly. It was an honor to have worked closely with Bob at Channel 4 for over ten years. He always had a smile on his face and love to joke around but was a real pro when it came to the on-air product. He was one of the finest human beings I have ever met and I miss him. Berry Sr. We love you, may God bless the berry family My thoughts and prayers go out to the Barry family, you will be greatly missed.

You were the voice Sooner football. Peace be with your family and friends. You will be greatly missed senior. Before a basketball game at OSU sometime during the 80's, he came over to the pep band, which I was a member of playing the guitar, and he sat at the drums and we jammed around together. What a nice man. He walked by me a couple of times, but I felt like he was working and didn't get to meet him. He was a warm and approachable man in person, but I remember growing up in the 70's hearing his voice.

Oklahoma sports has lost a legend. Don't weep because he is gone You were a wonderful person all the way through. My condolences go out to your family. I feel like a part of my youth. RIP, Bob. Bob Barry, how much a part of my life have you been! We will miss you terribly. Thanks for decades of great broadcasting. That listening continued in my college days when few games were televised. He's a legend, who will be missed.

Im sorry to hear that the best and most exciting sports guy has passed away. I will miss hearing his at the 20 to the 10, 5 touchdown!!!!! Thoughts and Prayers to the family. My thoughts and Prayrs are with the Family. He was the Best! He will be missed, that face always with a smile on it. I am 53 years old and grow up lessening to Bob Barry. I will miss the touch down Oklahoma and the excitement of Bobs voice when OU would running down the field.

Prayer and thoughts to the family, OU and fans. I was so sorry to hear about your sad loss. I realize that words are so inadequate at a time like this, but I hope it will be of some comfort to the Bob Barry Family to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Will miss you. I spent 35 years in the radio business in 4 states and believe Bob Barry is the best radio sports play by play talent I ever heard.

He made it sound easy. I'm sorry we never met. What a wonderful man who live a worderful life--thoughts and prayers to the family. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Barry family. I will always miss your Touchdown Oklahoma! RIP Bob. Bob will be missed by all Oklahoma. I grew up listening to your voice taking about the Sooners!

You will be greatly missed! I grew up listening to you call the OU games Thank you for all the wonderful memories OU games will never be the same without you. Bob will be missed by all of Oklahoma. Was Bob always in a good mood? He seemed forever happy. What a great guy, with a great corny sense of humor!! An excellent example of a truly good human being. The voice of the Sooners forever. A king among broadcasters and a prince of a man. God bless his memory and his precious family. Will miss you, but in the end, will see you again and hear your incredible call of angelic football games.

For a life well lived, we salute you Sir! Thank you Bob for the many years of hearing you call the Sooner Games. You will be greatly missed!!! To Bob, Frank and your families, I just read of the passing of your father. I have liked and respected him since I was 23 and first met him when I came to Oklahoma. I was a competitor of his, but he was never anything to me except gracious and kind, something I have never forgotten. And while there is much that could be said, all of it good, that graciousness, kindness and class is what I will remember of a man I was fortunate enough to know.

My thoughts are with both of you and I am quite certain my comments about your father are echoed by any who were lucky enough to meet him. All the best John Snyder. We are lucky in Oklahoma we have a long list of news and sports people with integrity, Bob you are at the top of that list. And led the way for so many. You will be dearly missed. Bob will be missed by all Oklahoma both the Cowboys and the Sooners! All Oklahomans feel like a member of the family passed away.

Greatful for the life and influence of Bob Barry Sr. Our prayers are with the family He was a true pioneer and legend and will be missed by Cowboy and Sooner alike, a club with few members indeed. Maybe most significant of all is the fact that Bob Barry was the greatest play-by-play voice of both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State! Go in peace Bob.

Barry, I always loved listening to you call games. I miss your famous "Touchdown, Oklahoma!!!! You were the best at your profession, and a great man on top of that. Thank you for the memories and for keeping thousands of us company during OU football and basketball games. It was great to listen to you call games all these years. I will miss your iconic calls. You were lucky enough to live a full life and we all should be luck to do the same. Rest in peace. Can not remember a time during my lifetime when Bob Barry wasn't either giving a sports report or calling a Oklahoma football or basketball game with such a distinctive play calling.

RIP Mr. What a wonderful voice he had I enjoyed him for years when I resided in Oklahoma and want to express my sincere condolences to his family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Heaven will be blessed with his presence. Our prayers are with the family. He was truly the greatest. Bob Barry is a face and voice which many of us have grown up with. He shared his unique style in calling and reporting our Sooner and Cowboy games, no one can ever replace his contributions to his profession and life!

Will miss you, but will never forget you! Can not remember during my lifetime a sports report or a football, basketball game in Oklahoma without Bob Barry. Thanks for that distinctive game calling. He is a great man and a legend. We need to put aside the rivalry and focus on what is more important, namely keeping the Barry family in our thoughts and prayers. You gave voice to more than just the moments of the game.

Through the way you lived and how you were with people, you also gave voice to the joy of life. Thank you! My heart and prayers are with your family Bob was a great guy, never met him in person but his voice will ring in my ears for years to come because we are SOONERS and always will be. He will always be one of the best football game announcer, EVER. You will be missed greately. And BBJ our prayers are with you all.

We love you guys. Thank you Bob Barry for your picturesque descriptions of OU sports. You are truly an Oklahoma Icon. God bless Bob and my heart goes out to BBJ and the rest of the family. He was "Oklahoma football" including OSU. Universally loved by all. I'm sure she is devastated and she is in my prayers as well. Always turned the sound off the tv so I could listen to Bob on the radio.

There will never be anyone that could take his place! Thank You Bob Barry Sr. Bob was an awesome person who had mad skills for play-by-play. You could just tell listening how great a guy he was from just listening to him. His name is synonomous with collegiate sports in OKLA to me. May he rest in peace. Bob you were the greatest! God needed a good man on his broadcast team and called the best home. Youwill be missed but not forgotten. You was loved my so many. My thoughts and prayers goes to BobBerry JR. May God wrap his arms around theeand give you comfort. Mr Barry you were an inspiration to us all on how to live your life.

He always had my attention with his great stories and he was easy to listen to. Our prayers goes to his family. I think of all the radio broadcasts I have listened to of OU football games, and never ever never got tired of hearing that "Touchdown, Oklahoma! Bob Barry. Thank you so much Bob Barry for all the wonderful times of OU broadcasting you gave us.

A man who left a mark on Oklahoma history Prayers to the Barry family May Senior be greeted at the pearly gates with the call of "Boomer Sooner! A true Oklahoma legend. Thanks Bob for all the fond memories. John Hoops Grove, Oklahoma. My condolences to the Barry family and all those who loved to hear Bob Sr. Bob Barry's greatness is such that it cannot be measured for some time to come.

Always was exciting to listen to, enthusiasm that was so perfect, while listening there was no regret in not being at the game, Bob took us there. My prayers for Jr, who carries all his dad's best qualities. He has been missed already and now we don't have him at all. Peace to him and the family. As just a fan, My chance encounters with Bob prior to a football game, always found him cheerful, smiling, and genuinely courteous.

He loved the everday fan even though he rubbed shoulders with the legends of the game. Berry will be solely missed. A great Oklahoman as well as announcer. GOD bless his family. So sorry to hear of Bob's passing. He was always such a happy man. I will miss him. Thank u Jr. For sharing your Dad with all of oklahoma. Bob Barry was truly the last of the Wilkinson generation of OU football. I was raised on that voice back in the '60s, and thrilled when he returned to Norman from Stillwater. To the Barry family: Bob will be missed. A true Oklahoma legend has passed and will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Barry family. We are truely sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing Bob Sr with us for so many years.

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He will be missed for many years to come, but how can he not be for he was so many things to so many people. The Sooner Nation will always remember Big Bob Barry as a truly great human being and such a wonderful voice of our beloved Sooners. That's not all he was, but also just a gracious and cheerful man. Now he is off manning the booth in heaven and may you rest well my friend, You will be missed and remembered!!! Barrier was a projectionist for channel 4.

He has passed away,but I remember as a child him coming home and talking about Bob Barry Sr. He thought alot of him. I grew up watching him on TV and listening him on the radio. A truly fine man, tremendous zest for life. Touched many lives with a warm smile! A bright light has dimmed hear, but shines bright in Heaven now. We will miss the personality that was only his; Jr.

You were OU radio to me both football and basketball and I will always remember your calls. I have been pleased that BB jr could follow in your footsteps and carry on the Barry tradition Thanks for everything. I was surprised to hear about an Oklahoma Broadcasting legend's sudden death. Our prayers go out to all of Bob Barry Sr. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

Bob will be saying "touchdown Oklahoma" from Heaven now. With his great demeanor, you couldn't help but love him. He will truly be missed. God bless you BBJ, family and friends during this time of loss. Barry was the model of class. Met him several times at team hotels and always had time to shake my kids hands,He will greatly be missed. God be with him and his family. The Sallee of Collinsville. Thank you for providing this site so all of the "fans" can have an outlet to express their feelings.

There may be no greater beloved Oklahoman than Bob Barry Whether we bleed orange or crimson, the love and respect is the same. The state of Oklahoma wishes the Barry family the best. Our hearts are with you. Barry, You were the voice of Oklahoma State and ou football fans alike. I've never met a man so trusted by both universities and fan bases.

You will truly be missed by all. Rest in peace, Mr. Truly, a life well lived. Sooner Nation will hold you in our hearts forever. Listening to Bob's broadcast was special, He brought you to the stadium. We will miss you, My God continue to bless your family. Oh how I remember his joyful voice listening to the sooner games! Such a great man from a loyal fan of his. My sympathy goes out to his family. Truly a legend and he will never be forgotten! From the 60's you gave me so many wonderful moments of Oklahoma Football.

I will always remember your, "Touchdown Oklahoma! His voice is missed but his spirit is not forgotten. Oklahoma as a whole has taken a hit with this loss. Rest in peace, Bob! We will miss you! Sincere regrets at the passing of Bob Barry Sr. He was and will remain an integral part of Oklahoma football! What a treasure to the State of Oklahoma!! Touchdown Oklahoma! Will miss you Big Bob!

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the 88 Final Four in KC. You were so nice to me. Oklahoma was lucky to have you! I grew up following the Sooners with Bob Barry Sr. Sooner Football Network ON Bob was first class all the way You are the greatest. Bob was the best! I miss his play by play calls. Rest in Peace Bob.

To the family, thank you for sharing this great man! Listening to Bob Barry,Sr. His enthusiasm for Sooner football will never be forgotten. You will be missed by everyone. I remember your calling play by play for OSU games and remember how I would always feel like I was there. I am so saddened to hear of Bob Sr's passing. He was truly an icon. We all grew up with Big Bob and will truly miss his kind spirit, personality and smile. Our prayers are with his family and KFOR at this time.

God bless you Bob!! You will be missed by so many! Berry family, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Big Bob will always be remembered as the best OU announcer ever in our hearts. All Sooner fans miss you. Rest in peace in the house of the LORD. Our heartfelt condolences go out to The Barry Family. The nation has lost a true legend. We are so grateful for the memories we have because of Bob Barry Sr. We will miss his voice and his sweet smile. His voice souded like he was "smiling" all the time. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this very sad time. So many of Oklahomans will grieve will you.

Bob was a member of the family for most Oklahomans. All of his "extended family" mourn his passing. My sincere condolences to Mr. Barry's family. A really nice guy who answered a letter last year that I had written to him. I will cherish it and he will be greatly missed by so many people. Oklahoma has lost a great man. Linda C. I know how much he meant to you so my sympathy and prayers goes to you along with the Barry family and all of you at Channel 4. God Bless you Bob Sr. To Bob Barry, for being the class act that he was, not to mention a tie that bound so many generations of Oklahoma sports fans.

What a kind, warm, humorous human being. To the Barry family, deepest condolences. Bob, we loved you like a member of our family. Cloyce, Helen, Grant Harrell. A true staple in Oklahoma Sooner football history. Will always remember "touchdown Oklahoma" in the classy style BBS could only provide. You were like a brother, we shared a birthday. I enjoyed every broadcast you ever made. My condolences to your family. I grew up listening to his great voice announcing OU games. What a kind and gracious person he was. I will miss him greatly. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

I really enjoyed listening to you do the OU games and blessed that you called the games doing my time at OU. Thanks Bob.. Blessings to the Barry family Thanks for all the wonderful Sooner memories from your games Bob. Boomer Sooner condolences to you and yours. I know of no one who loved the University of Oklahoma more or represented its athletic programs with more enthusiasm, affection and class than Mr. May God's blessings be given to his family, and may you be comforted by the knowledge that generations of Sooner fans appreciated this warm, humble man whose work will be a model for those following him on the field and in the broadcast booth.

My favorite childhood memory is listening to him call OU football games with my dad while we work outside. Truly the original. We will all miss you Bob. Thanks for all the great games you called. I never could figure out how you could get so much infromation out of your mouth in such a short time. I will agree with another post, you could make us fell like we were at the game. Thanks again and condolences to all of the family. We will all miss you. Bob was the greatest and will be dearly missed. When I was little, me and my dad would watch him every night on his sportscast.

One year I met him at the state fair. I was so nervous. He shook my hand and talked to me like I was a grown-up. He made me feel important. I'll never forget it.

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He made a difference and will be sorely missed by the entire state. Listened to Bob for years. He added real 'spice' to the OU football games. Didn't realize he was ill. REally a shame that a guy retires, then suddenly is gone. Condolences to the entire Barry Family! I am 46 years old and I grew up seeing and hearing Bob on the TV and radio. He is a legend in every sense of the word. Being in such a competitive business as he was I still believe you would be hard pressed to find anyone that could say anything negative about him.

He was that respected. He was a better person than sportscaster and as a sporstcaster he was a legend! How bout them apples! We will miss you He will be deeply missed. I enjoyed watching and listening to him. From a former Oklahoman. I will always remember the class he displayed in how he called the first Bedlam basketball game after the plane crash. His legacy lives. What a man whether he knew you or not he was alway congenial would take the time to talk to you. Big Bob The Legend thanks for the memories. My condolences to Bob's family.

He was a wonderful broadcaster, but more than that, he was kind and generous to everyone he knew. I was fortunate to have know him. The Voice of the Sooners will never go out it will go on. Sorry for the loss of a great man. I send prayers and blessings to all who loved him, as a person and an icon.

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He will be truly missed. Becky Stegall Raney. It was not uncommon for people to turn off the audio while watching a game and listening to Bob. It was also very common for them to listen to him while attending a game. Thanks Bob for your great life. I used to listen to Bob Barry Sr. He will be missed, and will always be the voice of OU football. I have many fond memories listening to Bob's sports broadcasts on channel 4 as well as on Sooner football games. He was a great man who always knew the right thing to say in any situation.

You have my condolences. I lost my Dad earlier this year. Always cherish those special moments you had with him. We have lost a true Oklahoma legend. Thoughts and prayers to BBJ and the Barry family. He was a much beloved man statewide. We'll never forget him.

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Missing another Oklahoma broadcast pioneer. My sympathy to Bob Jr. We will miss Bob Sr. He was the voice of the Sooners and the Cowboys, but he was more than that He was an Oklahoma Icon. Our prayers, condolences, and thoughts are with the whole family. Wayne and Marie Hudson. I grew up with Mr. Barry being a staple in our evening news. He will be sorely missed.

May you find comfort from the good memories in your time of sorrow. I guess God needed an announcer for his football games. Barry "Touchdown Oklahoma!!!! A voice like no other with the enthusiasm that made a listener feel like they were in the stands at the game. An icon in Oklahoma sports broadcasting who will be missed by all fans.

Gods blessings to his family. Bob was the voice of sports in Oklahoma for me growing up. I cannot imagine the loss for BBJ and the Barry family. Know that he is loved by the entire state of Oklahoma and beyond and we give our hearts to him and his family. All my Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Barry Family. You are going to be missed Bob Barry Sr.!!! In my mind, he will forever be the voice of Oklahoma football and no one will replace him. I remember growing up as a kid listening to Bob and Jack Ogle as I sat outside with my portable radio on our farm west of Norman. He provided me the "picture" of each and every game.

Even after he moved to OSU, I would listen to his broadcast when the bedlam rivalry would occur. I met him on a couple of occasions and he was always a very humble, and kind man. Thoughts and prayers are with his family. I'll always remember the "Bobisms" during each football game; that I always had the radio tuned in and TV sound off!

My condolences to the Barry family and thank you for sharing Bob with all of us week in, and week out. Bob is a Sooner Legend and will never be forgotten. I am so sorry for your loss. Oklahoma and the world has lost a great man today. I remember watching him on channel 4 when I pretty young back in the early 's.

He's someone who always had a smile on his face and I loved his sense of humor. I also will remember the love he had for his Sooners and Cowboys when he was doing OSU games and hearing how much passion he had when we were running up the field for a touchdown. But Daniels also mentioned that Bob Stoops has been in touch recently on Twitter, which he seemed to really like as well.

The Sooners are in a good position at this point with Daniels thanks in part not only to their tradition, which he is a big fan of, but also because of the relationships he is forming with the OU coaches. Another class in the books and Montgomery just keeps on plugging away. Not hard to see why he is such a successful recruiter. OU currently has two scheduled, the first in a little over a week on Feb. We will continue to try and hunt down word of invites and provide updates as names become available. He said he plans to head up for the February Junior Day, and to say he is excited about it would be an understatement.

He had plans on attending several junior days in the coming weeks, but has recently decided against it. For now, though, unless things change, his next Junior Day will be with the school he is committed to, Oklahoma March 7. Oklahoma made a big offer yesterday to Dwayne Haskins Jr. Speaking of offers, the list of schools Haskins already holds one from is pretty ridiculous. Needless to say based on his offer list alone, Haskins will be able to go wherever he wants. Regardless, on film Haskins looks to be a near perfect fit for what everyone is expecting Lincoln Riley to try and do with this OU offense.

And unlike a lot of schools, they have the sales pitch of not having brought in a QB in this past class thus potentially making it easier for Haskins to see the field early in his career. They have, however, been working some 1-on-1 one stuff. We know there has been some talk from other OU sites about Westbrook already, so this may not come as news to some. But the information our source had was a little different than what has been put out there, so we figured it was still worth sharing. Probably the fastest guy on the field.

Sticking with wide receivers, redshirt freshman Dallis Todd was another name we were told has looked good so far. You can see the full list of invitees here.