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German Pavilion in Barcelona

The benefits of driving moderately fast vastly outweigh the costs. The railways, which, sad to say, work poorly, must of course be improved. But Serezha, though he heard his tutor's weak voice, paid no heed to it. Source: Books. Tell us what you think!

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Your e-mail address optional. This cyclic process of moving through the joint flag starts a process of discovery and rediscovery during the experience, always offering new perspectives and details that were previously invisible. The pavilion is designed as a proportional composition in which the interior water two juxtaposed mirrors. The mirror largest surface water to supplement the volume, and extending through the rest of the plane outside.

Its sleek lines establish a place of solitude and reflection. All of the same characteristics and origin as those used initially in The structure is created with eight steel pillars in a cross holding a flat roof. Complete the work a relieved from large glass structure and interior walls. The regular grid system developed by Mies not only serves as a pattern for laying travertine pavers, but also serves as an underlying framework of working systems for interior walls.

By raising the flag on a pedestal along with the narrow section of the site, the horizontality of the building is accentuated. The Barcelona Pavilion has a low horizontal orientation that is accentuated with too low flat roof that seems to float both inside and outside. This character is reinforced by the large overhang of the roof and the lightness of the steel columns that relate these levels and create an effect of weightlessness. The Pavilion define their spaces by orthogonal set of offset planes, the walls are arranged so as to generate an absolute spatial fluidity inside the building.

Every aspect of the German Pavilion has architectural significance that can be seen in the advent of modern architecture in the twentieth century, however, one of the most important aspects of the pavilion is the roof. The low profile of the cover appears in elevation as a plane floating above the interior volume.

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The appearance of floating gives the volume a sense of weightlessness that fluctuates between the housing and the cover. The roof is supported by eight slender cruciform columns that allow you to transmit the sensation of floating on the volume while freeing the interior to allow an open floor plan. Between indoor and projected outward opening canopy, a blurred spatial demarcation where inside becomes outside and outside to inside is created.

The stunning piece of golden onyx placed in the main space significantly more expensive to build, becoming the focus of attention for visitors, not only for its size and thickness, and also for his colorful drawing.