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Nevertheless, he recovered sufficiently and on 9 November, when the revolution that had spread across Germany during the previous week finally arrived in Berlin, Baden unilaterally announced the abdication of Wilhelm II and Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Germany Afterwards, Baden fled the scene and Germany was declared a republic.

He retreated to Castle Salem where in he founded an elite boarding school with Kurt Hahn. During the Weimar Republic he was ostracized by the majority of his peer group.

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Urbach, Karina: Maximilian, Prince of Baden , in: online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War, ed. DOI : Version 1. Maximilian, Prince of Baden. By Karina Urbach. German chancellor, head of House of Baden, co-founder of the German boarding school Salem. Der letzte Kanzler des Kaisers, Berlin , pp.

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Selected Bibliography Geyer, Michael: Insurrectionary warfare. Machtan, Lothar: Prinz Max von Baden. Der letzte Kanzler des Kaisers , Berlin Suhrkamp. Metadata Subjects. Author Keywords. GND Subject Headings. LC Subject Headings. Rameau Subject Headings.

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Images The new men in Prince Maximilian of Baden's cabinet. Related Articles. External Links. All Partners. On 25 October, Hindenburg and Ludendorff then ignored explicit instructions by the Chancellor and travelled to Berlin. Max asked for Ludendorff to be dismissed and Wilhelm II agreed. On 26 October, the Emperor told Ludendorff that he had lost his trust. Ludendorff offered his resignation and Wilhelm II accepted.

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Pushed by the social democrats, the government passed a widespread amnesty, under which political prisoners like Karl Liebknecht were released. Under Max von Baden, the bureaucracy, military and political leadership of the old Reich began a cooperation with the leaders of the majority parties and with the individual States of the Reich. This cooperation would have a significant impact on later events during the revolution.

In late October, the Imperial constitution was changed, turning the German Empire into a parliamentary system. However, Wilson's third note seemed to imply that negotiations of an armistice would be dependent on the abdication of Wilhelm II. The government of Chancellor Max von Baden now feared that a military collapse and a socialist revolution at home were becoming likelier with every day that went by.

In fact, the government's efforts to secure an armistice were interrupted by the Kiel mutiny which began with events at Wilhelmshaven on 30 October and the outbreak of revolution in Germany in early November. On 1 November, Max wrote to all the ruling Princes of Germany, asking them whether they would approve of an abdication by the Emperor. Maximilian, seriously ill with Spanish influenza , urged Wilhelm II to abdicate. He considered installing Prince Eitel Friedrich , Wilhelm's second son, as regent; [4] : 76 however, the outbreak of the revolution in Berlin prevented Max from implementing his plan.

Ebert decided that to keep control of the socialist uprising the Emperor must abdicate quickly and a new government was required. Shortly thereafter, Ebert appeared in the Reichskanzlei and demanded that the office of government be handed over to him and the SPD, as that was the only way to keep up law and order. In an unconstitutional move, Max resigned and appointed Ebert as his successor. When Maximilian later visited Ebert to say goodbye before leaving Berlin, Ebert — who urgently wanted to keep up the old order, improving it through parliamentary rule, and head a legitimate, not a revolutionary government — asked him to stay on as regent Reichsverweser.

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Maximilian refused and, turning his back on politics for good, departed for Baden. Although events had overtaken him during his tenure at the Reichskanzlei and he was not considered a strong Chancellor, Max is seen today as having played a vital role in enabling the transition from the old regime to a democratic government based on the majority parties and the Reichstag.

This made the government of Ebert that emerged from the November revolution acceptable to some conservative forces in the bureaucracy and military, which was one of Ebert's strongest aims. They were thus willing to ally themselves with him against the more radical demands by the revolutionaries on the far-left.

Maximilian spent the rest of his life in retirement. In , together with Kurt Hahn, he established the Schule Schloss Salem boarding school, which was intended to help educate a new German intellectual elite. He died at Salem on 6 November the following year. The couple had two children: [1]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Princess Marie Louise of Hanover m. Ancestors of Prince Maximilian of Baden 8.

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Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Baden 4. Leopold, Grand Duke of Baden 9. Prince Wilhelm of Baden Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden 5. Princess Sophie of Sweden Frederica of Baden 1. Prince Maximilian of Baden Maximilian, Duke of Leuchtenberg Princess Augusta of Bavaria 3. Princess Maria of Leuchtenberg Princess Romanovska Nicholas I of Russia 7. Grand Duchess Maria Nicholaevna of Russia Charlotte of Prussia.

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