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This pavlova is a great way to show off fruit that's at its peak, plus it's super-adaptable.

Low-salt dinner recipes

The easy-to-make meringue, which is crisp outside and marshmallow-like inside, can be topped with any assortment of stone fruits and berries that are ripe and ready. Bonus points for the fact that this impressive summer dessert requires just 25 minutes of active prep time. Hanger steak is inherently tender and has great flavor.

Here it's grilled and paired with a side of stuffed squash blossoms that are baked rather than getting the more typical battered-and-fried treatment. This basic braised pork shoulder recipe is a great foundation for all sorts of meals. Try it in our creamy cavatelli pasta see Associated Recipes , stuffed into a sandwich with provolone and peppers or on top of a pizza. For these meal-prep-friendly lettuce wraps, we swap the traditional warm filling for a cold plant-based bean salad filling loaded with fresh herbs and lemon.

Topping each lettuce leaf with a little quinoa before adding the filling helps to keep the lettuce from getting soggy.

Pasta salad is a classic summer side dish, but adding protein leftover grilled chicken is perfect here and extra greens makes it a super-satisfying lunch. We use baby spinach, but arugula or baby kale works too.

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Top with a bright and tangy basil vinaigrette just before serving. The great news is that these easy meal-prep lunches take just 20 minutes to prepare--that's 4 days of lunches in less than 30 minutes. Mayonnaise adds great tang and texture to this easy pasta recipe--who knew? Black garlic, which is fermented, offers a sweeter, more mellow flavor than fresh.

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Find it at well-stocked supermarkets or substitute cloves of roasted garlic. In this grilled chicken recipe from Charlie Foster, executive chef at Woods Hill Table and Adelita in Massachusetts, bone-in breasts are served with the chef's take on Southern dirty rice with chicken livers. Foster believes in the nose-to-tail ethos so he uses as much of each animal as he can. Serve the chicken and rice with grilled wild mushrooms and greens.

The dirty rice would also be wonderful with baked or roasted chicken or with turkey. The only difference between sorbet and sherbet is that the latter has a bit of dairy.

Ten Low-Sodium Recipes

In the case of this easy summer dessert, sweetened condensed milk adds sweetness plus a touch of creaminess. A common condiment in India, this yogurt-based sauce is used to help cool down spicy foods.

Top 10 List of Low Sodium Foods

Raita is versatile--you can mix it up with whatever cooked or raw veggies you have on hand in place of the cucumber. Enjoy this fresh tomato sauce hot or cold.

Healthy Low-Sodium Recipes - EatingWell

Its bold flavor is delicious in a simple pasta salad or topping any protein just off the grill. In this new spin on sheet-pan nachos, we top homemade pita chips with ratatouille and feta for a healthy snack or meal that kids and adults will enjoy. Baking your own pita chips is easy, plus it helps keep sodium levels in check to balance out the salty feta on top. You'd never know that these delicious gluten-free cookies are made without wheat flour.

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A blend of gluten-free flour and almond flour--plus butter and brown sugar--gives them a classic chocolate chip cookie flavor and the ideal balance of crispiness and chewiness. Make a batch as a treat for your family or to bring to parties, potlucks and picnics. A low-sodium diet means eating no more than 1, milligrams of the stuff daily, so to make things a bit simpler, we've compiled 10 dinner recipes that are easy on the salt -- and you.

Putting down the salt shaker is a no-brainer, thanks to these mouthwatering meals

Pasta's Not Fattening — Really. Have Tapas for Dinner! Kabobs: 5 Easy, Healthy and Fun Recipes. Start the Countdown. A slice of vegetable frittata can be just the thing to cut the salt. See more light dinner pictures.