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You need to hurry. Nana grits her teeth as she felt her legs feel like giving up, I mean, after all she's been through, why wouldn't she be exhausted? People were already sending her weird looks do to her battered up state, but hey, not like she cared, all she cared about was making sure she doesn't mess up the future. Her eyes fixated on the entrance as she ran like the wind, the entrance was the finish line and the anticipation grew stronger. Why aren't you back in your room?

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Nana’s ScRaMbLeD Memories

Scarred By Love Harley x Nana x Harith Chapter 31 Normal people would think time traveling either made you feel nauseas while falling into a deep pit of weird abstract shapes and colors, but I do suppose not all of us are normal. I can't mess up the past too much!

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Scarred By Love | Chapter 31

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Got the picture? Well, add to that that you can no longer sort your memories. That's exactly what Nana experienced, the moment she landed on the ground, she was breathing heavily while trying to figure out what she just did, what her objective was, and what exactly was happening. If time traveling itself wasn't already risky due to the changing of destinies, it would be more dangerous to time travel multiple times since you'd have more memories, and jumbling them up would confuse you a lot more.

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You see, in movies and books, usually the time traveler can still grasp the concept of why they did so, they actually remember why they're there for. But for Nana, it was quite different, her memories were jumbled, she didn't remember why she was there. She was in the middle of nowhere, unable to even remember what timeline she had chosen. As if the after effects of time traveling wasn't enough, a dart had flown right past her head, alerting Nana that she wasn't alone.

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Nana's adrenaline soon rushed into her as she looked in the direction the dart came from, there, stood a blonde girl with purple eyes, her eyebrows were furrowed as she brought out another dart. The blonde said nothing as she shot another dart which missed, the look of irritancy on her face worsened as she brought out another dart. Realizing that the stranger was definitely not there to befriend her, Nana scrambled to her feet and settled off to run away as the blonde shot more darts, but missing much to her frustration.

The moment the dart had made contact with her skin, Nana's eyes widened as she went frozen, 'A skill? Nana shook her head in order to stop herself from dozing off again, giving the girl a chance to hit her. Escaping her wasn't that difficult, she easily outran her while dodging the darts.

Nana soon found security in a small shed close to the main road. She didn't even attempt to run after me!