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Vampire Kiss Cupcakes. Zombie Brain Halloween Cupcakes. Recipe Conversion Guide. Funfetti Cookie Dough Truffles. Lamington Cake. Toy Story Alien Cupcakes. Egg Free Brownies. I would love to make these cookies. These are on my next cookie list, fabulous!! Kirbie — March 19, pm Reply. They are good! Really simple and a great way to enjoy cookies and cream. Kirbie — March 20, am Reply. Iris — March 20, am Reply.

Kirbie — March 20, pm Reply. Emily Fnm3d — March 20, am Reply. Iris — March 20, pm Reply. Kirbie — March 21, am Reply. Lindsay — March 21, am Reply. Iris — March 21, pm Reply. Kirbie — March 22, am Reply. Iris — March 22, pm Reply.

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Kirbie — March 23, am Reply. Good idea! Kimmie — March 26, pm Reply. Kirbie — March 26, pm Reply. I hope you like them! Brittany — March 28, pm Reply. Kirbie — March 29, am Reply. Kirbie — May 19, pm Reply. Kirbie — May 21, pm Reply. Ah interesting. Kirbie — June 23, pm Reply. Kirbie — June 24, pm Reply. Kirbie — June 25, pm Reply. Shayla — July 3, pm Reply. Kirbie — July 3, pm Reply. Corlie — August 13, am Reply. Kirbie — August 13, am Reply. I hope it turns out well on your cookie sheets! I really am not sure why they are turning black.

Ruth — September 18, pm Reply. Kirbie — September 19, am Reply. Alison — October 13, pm Reply. If someone liked cookies and cream ice cream would they like this??

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Kirbie — October 14, pm Reply. Corlie — October 14, pm Reply. Kirbie — October 15, am Reply. I personally like these better than just eating Oreos. Glad you like them too! Yii-Huei — November 2, am Reply. Kirbie — November 2, am Reply. Yii-Huei — November 5, am Reply. Thanks so much! Kirbie — November 5, am Reply. Yours look good! A little darker, probably because of the Oreos, but still yummy! Kristy — November 21, am Reply.

Kirbie — November 21, pm Reply. Sorry you feel that way. Div — November 22, pm Reply. Kirbie — November 22, pm Reply. Cams — November 27, am Reply. Kirbie — November 27, am Reply. Holly — December 3, pm Reply. What is the key to them flattening out? Thanks in advance!! Kirbie — December 3, pm Reply. Kirbie — March 6, pm Reply. Kirbie — April 27, am Reply. I have no idea how that girl said they have no flavor what is wrong with you. Kirbie — May 13, am Reply. Glad you enjoyed these. These have been really popular with my friends and family.

Bar — July 3, am Reply. Kirbie — July 3, am Reply. Trina — July 27, pm Reply. Kirbie — July 28, pm Reply. Chimps — August 25, am Reply. Kirbie — August 26, am Reply. Natalie — August 28, pm Reply. Kirbie — August 28, pm Reply. Chimps — August 28, pm Reply. Kirbie — August 29, pm Reply.

Emma — September 21, pm Reply. Kirbie — September 23, am Reply. Kirbie — November 24, pm Reply. This is one of my favorite cookie recipes to make. Kirbie — January 16, pm Reply. Nikki — February 15, am Reply. Kirbie — February 16, am Reply. Nikki — February 17, am Reply. Kirbie — February 18, am Reply. Jo — April 19, pm Reply. Kirbie — April 19, pm Reply. Heidi — April 27, pm Reply. Kirbie — April 28, pm Reply. Nikki — April 29, am Reply. Kirbie — April 30, pm Reply. Kirbie — August 17, pm Reply.

Jasmine — August 18, am Reply. Kirbie — August 18, am Reply. Jasmine — August 18, pm Reply. Kirbie — August 19, am Reply. Jasmine — August 19, pm Reply. Kirbie — August 20, am Reply. Gena — October 10, pm Reply. Kirbie — October 10, pm Reply. Nick — November 26, am Reply. Kirbie — November 26, pm Reply. Stacey — December 23, am Reply. Kirbie — December 23, am Reply. Kirbie — January 15, am Reply. Mika — January 20, pm Reply. Kirbie — January 21, am Reply. Joleen — February 18, am Reply.

YESSS thank you for this recipe! Marina — October 24, am Reply. I made them yesterday and they tasted awesome!! Thanks so much for the recipe. Kirbie — October 25, pm Reply. Angela Meneguzzo — November 22, pm Reply. Kirbie — November 23, pm Reply. Is it supposed to? I followed the recipe this T.

They are in oven now. I hope they turn out. I am SO not looking forward to taking that test in a few years! Just like I will knocking this cake right into my face. Gimme all dat Oreo deliciousness! Sign me up for some private cake making lessons because I need to learn and this one is gorgeous Lindsay! And only one bag of oreos is in it?! Information does not stick with me at all. This cake should be your celebratory cake! It looks phenomenal! So ummm this cake is indeed the cake of all cakes to celebrate with. I am so excited for the hubs and I know he will do well on the test!

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And then it will be time to have a hunk of this masterpiece. Your cakes are always so gorgeous, Lindsay! And this one looks amazing. Anything with oreos is a winner in my book! Looks delish! Good luck to your hubs and he better be rewarded with this fantastic cake! Lindsay, dude, you seriously make the most beautiful looking cakes! Fingers crossed for your husband on his citizenship test!!! Um, wow. This cake would make me very, very happy.

Good luck to him on his test!! Tons of Oreos crushed in the icing?!?! This is my kind of icing!!! I was reading this while my 9 year old son was sitting beside me, and he got drooling over this and kept begging me to make it for him! This looks to die for. Gotta make it very soon for the little guy. And for myself too. Would I be able to make this as a sheet cake? If so, what size would you recommend and cook time? My daughter wants an Oreo cake for her birthday next weekend and I would love to make this!

Chocolate Oreo Cake

I usually leave it on the counter. It should be fine for a day. This cake looks beautiful and so yummy. Could I make this cake the day before? Would I refrigerate it or would that dry it out?

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cake is a sight for sore eyes! I could use a huge slice of this right now and a chickflick. Just what the Dr ordered! Thanks Lindsey! I made this cake just as described for my 14 year old daughter and it turn out delish. I have one more cake to go, and I will omit some batter to see if that helps. Oh, and I did try to pipe it through my tip and bag, and it turned out to thick to pipe, so I just piped it out of the bag without a tip.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful, delicious recipe. I want to make this for my birthday, or have someone make it. This cake is everything….. Thanks much! I want to make this on Thursday for my mother in laws birthday. Can I use 3 8 by 2 inch pans? Also can I replace the shortening in the icing with butter? Yes, to both. Probably 5 minutes or so. Just keep an eye on it. Any ideas for substitutes? The buttermilk can be replaced with regular milk.

The shortening can be replaced with additional butter. You could cut the recipe in half and make one layer. Thanks for this recipe. The cake is really light and fluffy and perfect. Thanks again! In the process of baking this bad boy right now! Cannot wait to taste it! Quick question before I start the frosting- should I leave the cream filling in the Oreos before I blend the cookies into crumbs, or should I leave the filling in them?

Hi Lindsay ive fallen inlove with this cake and would loveee to make it only problem im in london and have no idea about american weight convertions is there a website link you could refer me too that i could follow, thankyou Jasmin. You know, I usually just look up a conversion calculator. But recently I was comparing actual measurements to the calculator and they seem off. I made this cake for a BBQ last weekend and it was amazing!!! This chocolate cake recipe is going to be my new go-to cake recipe, and I loved the frosting!

This is the first recipe I have tried from your blog but certainly not the last! This is the cake my husband picked out for his birthday in a few days. Is it correct that the baking temperature is ? I was wondering, in the icing, you said to put Oreo crumbs. This cake is stunningly beautiful. Wow is the only i can possibly say. This cake is a super cool idea. Actually, this cake is a little bit overwhelming to amateur home cook like me.

I mean 12 birthday is milestone right? Wish you were here, because the cake of yours are really really amazing!

I love it so much! Hope that i could make a eatable cake for my little man. By butter you mean actual butter or like whiped cream? What can I use instead? I mean actual salted butter. You do not melt it, but it should be room temperature in the icing. Enjoy and happy birthday! The icing recipe makes quite a bit to be able to layer and ice the cake. More sugar with give you a larger volume of icing and thickens the butter.

This cake looks amazing! I am curious though. What kind of tip did you use for the top of the cake? This was the most delicious chocolate cake! As crazy as it sounds, we actually would eat ice cream with it to temper down the richness of the icing. Your cAke looks divine!! I wish i could hav a big piece right now! I am planing to make it tomorow for a friends birthday but he wants whipped cream icing , so can i use whiped cream with crushed oreos in it?

Also can i put small pieces of oreo in the cake batter? Do u think it will taste good with these both changes , Looking forward to your advice. My baby niece is gluten intolerant and I would love to make this for her! Hey — looks amazing! Gonna try this tonight in the UK. I gained 8 kilo just by looking at this cake! We had a birthday party last weekend and there was a very happy 6 year old girl when she saw the Oreo cake!

We all absolutely loved it! I am making this for a birthday party but I was wondering what kind of shortening you used. Did you use Crisco or Hi Ratio Shortening? I used crisco. I prefer it in my icing for several reasons more stable and I think a better taste , but you can use all butter if you prefer.

I wanted to make the buttercream in advance, however, so I started it this evening. I mixed it for a while and it was still grainy. I did sift the powdered sugar before hand. But I decided rather than tossing it to put it in the fridge and see what it was like the next day since I was making it ahead of time anyway. When I checked it the next day it was perfect. Everyone loves the cake. Not sure why it was grainy. I have never had that happen before! Thanks for your help! Do you use an electric mixer for the cake or mix by hand. Also, I was wondering if you ever froze the cake layers and, if so, how did you do it.

I usually use a mixer, but you could probably do it by hand. I have frozen the layers before. To defrost, put it in the fridge. Planning to make this this weekend. Are the Oreos only in the middle icing layers or all of it? You talk about reserving some icing and adding the Oreos to the rest…. There are Oreo crumbs in the icing for the whole cake, but the icing you set aside and add chopped Oreos to is the icing that goes between the cake layers.

I Made this cake yesterday for a surprise birthday for my boyfriend, and wow! Everybody loved it! I did use the chopped Oreos in the middle layers and if making again I would skip that part — if possible, this was too much Oreo! I know, I said it. I found your recipe and I just wanted to thank you! It was delicious and I had a lot of compliments on it. I did change the frosting just a tad. I used 12 oz of softened cream cheese instead of the shortening. I am wanting to make this again, for only one person, though. I made it the first time and it was delicious!

Was a big hit at work and a really nice lady wanted to try some but I had none leftover. If you could please help me with this, that would be great! This looks amazing, thanks for sharing! I am sure the homemade chocolate cake is the best, but would using a box cake mix be okay? If so, how many boxes for this three layer cake? Hi Lindsay! I really want to try it out but I was wondering if there was a difference in using this chocolate oil cake rather than a chocolate butter cake?

Thank you!! There are great chocolate cakes with oil and with butter. This cake is my very favorite chocolate cake. I am in the UK and am interested in making this cake but I am not sure what shortening is, please can you enlighten me? Thanks, Jo. Shortening is a butter replacement that helps make icing more stable. Feel free to replace it with butter though. Vegetable shortening is a white, solid fat made from vegetable oils. It looks fabulous. Thanks for the recipe. You can use less powdered sugar, but it adds volume to the icing and gives you more it to ice the entire cake.

If you lessen it, you may need to make more icing which would give you more powdered sugar anyway. This cake looks beautiful. I just made with yesterday for my cousin, but I did make some additions. I added some vanilla pudding mix to the cake batter and some oreo crumbs. I made a white chocolate buttercream frosting with oreo crumbles.

I topped the cake with mini oros and a chocolate drizzle. Yep…was pretty awesome! Thank you for your recipe contribution! I saw this on pinterest the other day, and it looked so similar that I had to make it today. It came out great, and takes me back. Thank you so much! I have never baked any cake at degrees, so I put it in at , which works for my oven. Did get a dome though- does the lower temp help with that?

I made the cake last night. I went to make the frosting and the website was down. Now the site is back up but not showing the recipe just the list of ingredients for both the cake and frosting….. Hi Stephanie, I just looked at it and it displays fine for me. Just finished making the cake, andwhile the cake part turned out perfectly, the icing had way too much shortning for us.

It ruined the cake for us, which is too bad because it looked beautiful! Next time I would skip the shortning and just use all butter. Hi there, Just wanted to comment and say this was seriously the best cake I have ever made and eaten! I am new with making cakes. I probably have only made like 5 cakes before. And just wanted to comment for the beginners like me. This cake is super easy and seriously delicious. I made another cake before on another website and it was just so dry tasting.

However, this cake is seriously moist and not dry at all. The buttercream is definitely heavy and the whole cake is very oreo-y. Thanks again!!! Also, I forgot to mention a few changes I made. I used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. And I used all butter, no shortening. Your cake looks fantastic! Really gonna make it for my bf birthday.

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Is it okay if i bake it one by one? Will the batter be okay? Thank you in advance! I made this cake for a birthday and it was a huge hit! The oero buttercream made it so rich and delicious! If so, how should I adjust the recipe? The idea is great and I found the cake was great and I have a idea instead of eggs try Apple sauce. I plan on making this over the weekend for a coworkers birthday.

I think it makes just the right amount. There can be a difference in how much frosting people like though. Some like more, some like less. The cake looks very delicious, thank you for the recipe! How much is 1 cup? Just made this cake today and it turned out amazing!!! Quick question: Does this need refrigerated and if not does it hurt it if it is? I used water instead of milk in the frosting.