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The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made: Our times are in His hand Who saith, 'A whole I planned, Youth shows but half; trust God: see all, nor be afraid! Rather I prize the doubt Low kinds exist without, Finished and finite clods, untroubled by a spark. Poor vaunt of life indeed, Were man but formed to feed On joy, to solely seek and find and feast; Such feasting ended, then As sure an end to men; Irks care the crop-full bird? Frets doubt the maw-crammed beast? Rejoice we are allied To That which doth provide And not partake, effect and not receive!

A spark disturbs our clod; Nearer we hold of God Who gives, than of His tribes that take, I must believe.

Rabbi Ben Ezra

Then, welcome each rebuff That turns earth's smoothness rough, Each sting that bids nor sit nor stand but go! Be our joys three-parts pain! Strive, and hold cheap the strain; Learn, nor account the pang; dare, never grudge the throe! For thence,—a paradox Which comforts while it mocks,— Shall life succeed in that it seems to fail: What I aspired to be, And was not, comforts me: A brute I might have been, but would not sink i' the scale. What is he but a brute Whose flesh has soul to suit, Whose spirit works lest arms and legs want play? To man, propose this test— Thy body at its best, How far can that project thy soul on its lone way?

Yet gifts should prove their use: I own the Past profuse Of power each side, perfection every turn: Eyes, ears took in their dole, Brain treasured up the whole; Should not the heart beat once 'How good to live and learn'? Not once beat 'Praise be thine! I see the whole design, I, who saw power, see now love perfect too: Perfect I call thy plan: Thanks that I was a man!

Maker, remake, complete,—I trust what Thou shalt do! Let us not always say, 'Spite of this flesh to-day I strove, made head, gained ground upon the whole! And I shall thereupon Take rest, ere I be gone Once more on my adventure brave and new: Fearless and unperplexed, When I wage battle next, What weapons to select, what armour to indue.

Youth ended, I shall try My gain or loss thereby; Leave the fire ashes, what survives is gold: And I shall weigh the same, Give life its praise or blame: Young, all lay in dispute; I shall know, being old.

Rebecca Foust

For, note when evening shuts, A certain moment cuts The deed off, calls the glory from the grey: A whisper from the west Shoots—'Add this to the rest, Take it and try its worth: here dies another day. As it was better, youth Should strive, through acts uncouth, Toward making, than repose on aught found made: So, better, age, exempt From strife, should know, than tempt Further.

Thou waitedst age: wait death nor be afraid! Enough now, if the Right And Good and Infinite Be named here, as thou callest thy hand thine own, With knowledge absolute, Subject to no dispute From fools that crowded youth, nor let thee feel alone. Be there, for once and all, Severed great minds from small, Announced to each his station in the Past! Was I, the world arraigned, Were they, my soul disdained, Right? Let age speak the truth and give us peace at last!

Now, who shall arbitrate? Ten men love what I hate, Shun what I follow, slight what I receive; Ten, who in ears and eyes Match me: we all surmise, They, this thing, and I, that: whom shall my soul believe? Not on the vulgar mass Called 'work', must sentence pass, Things done, that took the eye and had the price; O'er which, from level stand, The low world laid its hand, Found straightway to its mind, could value in a trice: But all, the world's coarse thumb And finger failed to plumb, So passed in making up the main account; All instinct immature, All purposes unsure, That weighed not as his work, yet swelled the man's amount: Thoughts hardly to be packed Into a narrow act, Fancies that broke through language and escaped; All I could never be, All, men ignored in me, This, I was worth to God, whose wheel the pitcher shaped.

Ay, note that Potter's wheel, That metaphor!

All that is, at all, Lasts ever, past recall; Earth changes, but thy soul and God stand sure: What entered into thee, That was, is, and shall be: Time's wheel runs back or stops: Potter and clay endure. He fixed thee mid this dance Of plastic circumstance, This Present, thou, forsooth, wouldst fain arrest: Machinery just meant To give thy souls its bent, Try thee and turn thee forth, sufficiently impressed. Disclosure — Most things purchased by me, all PR samples are identified. My opinion is very much my own.

Both have become my favourite cleansers that I tried this past year! Reviewed here and here. It works well for calming undereye puffiness. I only use it a few times a week and not daily. This came in a Petit Vour box, and I absolutely love it, especially now that we are in the midst of cold winter weather. Both are amazing. Review are here and here. This is the nicest body scrub, and it smells amazing. It says that it can be used on the face, but my facial skin is far too sensitive. Reviews here and here.

I was gifted this while in Estonia, and it is such an amazing hand cream. I use it daily in the colder weather. Helps tame my unruly wavy hair and make it look good without being crunchy or heavy. This was diffiuclt to choose between this one and my usual one from Co-Lab. Skip to content. April 1, jodi - a brash attitude. Hello, hello! Thanks for reading Disclosure: All products disclosed.

Share this: Twitter Facebook Reddit Pinterest. Like this: Like Loading January 2, jodi - a brash attitude. Hello, hello and Happy New Year! These are not in any particular order, just grouped by category. Bath and Body:.

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December 3, jodi - a brash attitude. Thanks for reading! October 26, jodi - a brash attitude. Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! October 24, jodi - a brash attitude. October 23, jodi - a brash attitude.

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October 22, jodi - a brash attitude. September 4, jodi - a brash attitude. January 5, February 14, jodi - a brash attitude. Blog at WordPress. Charm your underarms with the cool-blue cypress and sacred frankincense found in our Stellar Poetic Pits. Fortify with the clearing, cleansing powers of cardamom, lemon myrtle, and muhuhu bark found in our Palo Santo Poetic Pits.

Sanctify your sacred underarms with the majestic charm of our opulent-odorant, Myrrh Poetic Pits, and relax with the lovely, languid Lavender Poetic Pits. Each natural deodorant is made with an essential oil elixir to infuse your underarms with pure plant poetry. Enjoy four distinct Living Libations blends plus a darling drawstring bag to carry your collection.

Akua Naru - Poetry: How Does It Feel Now??? (Live Performance) -

Fl o wer Power Bundle. Pamper each pit with a fragrant bouquet of underarm charm. Anoint delicate underarm areas with the purifying, sanctifying pure-plant power of flowers. Each delectable deodorant in our Flower Power Bundle is carefully crafted to unleash the gentle-yet-potent effects of floral essential oils. Royal Rose Poetic Pits creates a sacred space in which rose otto and geranium distillations provide grace. Petal Poetic Pits is a sensual garden of delight. Lavender Poetic Pits lovingly laces aroma into all the right places, while Ginger Lily Poetic Pits infuses underarms with an earthier aroma of sandalwood, gingerlily flowers, and vetiver.

M a jestic Bundle.

Remembering St. Vincent’s

Unleash the majestic mystery of our aromatic earth in this grand, grounding collection of underarm elixirs. Our Majestic Poetic Pits Bundle is a collection of rich, earthy essential oils with dashes of surprisingly sweet scent-delights. Vetiver Poetic Pits infuses sumptuous sandalwood with passionate patchouli and verdant vetiver.