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Manchester United 1 Arsenal 2 player ratings Show all Without him United could have been humiliated. A save from Cazorla seemed frankly impossible but the Spaniard made it look merely ordinary. A horror show from the Ecuadorian. Woeful defending allowed Monreal through to score and his back pass then allowed Welbeck through for the second. He never seems to look comfortable in the United defence. His loose pass early on to Sanchez summed up yet another careless performance. The least poor of a dreadful performance by the United defence, he seemed to be nervy around Welbeck, particularly when playing at centre-back.

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Update newsletter preferences. Comments Share your thoughts and debate the big issues. Join the discussion. The narrator tried enthusiastically but missed the mark. Probably a difficult job given the material she had to work with.

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The story is so jumpy and to many events with none of that explored properly. By: Penny Bloom.


Narrated by: Yvonne Syn. Length: 1 hr and 10 mins. Publisher's Summary An independent Omega wants to stay unmated and run his bakery in peace - too bad his fated mate won't let that happen. But Avery isn't going to let some massive thing of testosterone ruin his life. After all, there's no such thing as love between Alphas and Omegas. After trying to buy the young Omega's space out, he gets a rejection, time after time.

When he goes to confront the owner, he smells a scent that makes him forget what he wanted. Because it doesn't matter now. He wants him. The contributors first examine modern Satanism, a decentralized movement whose only coherence is based on certain themes that date back to the writings of Anton Szandor LaVey, especially his Satanic Bible.

Among other factors, the authors discuss how the emergence of the Internet as a form of communication has created some coherence among disparate groups through cross-reference. Many articles are devoted to the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare, an erroneous belief in a vast underground network of Satanists who were abusing children.

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For years members of the law enforcement community and numerous therapists, encouraged by the hype of mass media, bought into this panic. The Story of the Black Mass. The 'Affair of the Poisons' was a scandal at which 'all France trembled' and which 'horrified the whole of Europe' as it implicated a number of prominent persons at the court of King Louis XIV in the late 17th century. Parisian society was seized by a fad for spiritualist seances, fortune- telling, and the use of love potions.

The most celebrated case was that of La Voisin, a midwife and fortune-teller whose real name was Catherine Deshayes Monvoisin and whose clientele included the Marquise de Montespan, Olympe Mancini and Marshal Luxembourg. No formal charges were made, and there is no evidence that they were seriously implicated, yet a permanent stain was left on their names. La Voisin was burned as a poisoner and a sorceress in A special court was instituted to judge cases of poisoning and witchcraft, and the poison epidemic came to an end in France.

This bizarre witchhunt, which embroiled the gilded denizens of Versailles with the most sordid dregs of Paris society, remains both a fascinating enigma and an utterly compelling story. The Devil and the Jews by Joshua Trachtenber. An excellent history that demonstrates the inextricable relationship between the medieval demonization of Jews and the Satanic Panic libels of modern days. The author reveals how these myths, many with origins traced to Christian Europe in the late Middle Ages, still exist in transmuted form in the modern era. The Satanism Scare. All contributors are skeptical of claims that a large, powerful satanic conspiracy can be substantiated.

Their research focuses instead on claims about Satanism and on the question of whose interests are served by such claims. Several papers consider the impact of anti-Satanism campaigns on public opinion, law enforcement and civil litigation, child protection services, and other sectors of American society. Whatever the basis of the claims examined and analyzed, there is growing evidence that belief in the satanic menace will have real social consequences in the years ahead. But its origins are far from trivial. The belief in witchcraft--and the deep fear of evil it instilled in communities--led to a cycle of accusation, anger, and purging that has occurred repeatedly in the West for centuries.

Award-winning historian John Demos puts this cultural paranoia in context. In the s, America was gripped by widespread panics about Satanic cults. Conspiracy theories abounded about groups who were allegedly abusing children in day-care centers, impregnating girls for infant sacrifice, brainwashing adults, and even controlling the highest levels of government. As a historian of religions David Frankfurter listened to these sinister theories, it occurred to him how strikingly similar they were to those that swept parts of the early Christian world, early modern Europe, and postcolonial Africa.

He began to investigate the social and psychological patterns that give rise to these myths. Thus was born Evil Incarnate , a riveting analysis of the mythology of evil conspiracy. The first work to provide an in-depth analysis of the topic, the book uses anthropology, the history of religion, sociology, and psychoanalytic theory, to answer the questions "What causes people collectively to envision evil and seek to exterminate it?

Thus, he maintains, panics over modern-day infant sacrifice are really not so different from rumors about early Christians engaging in infant feasts during the second and third centuries in Rome. In Evil Incarnate , Frankfurter deepens historical awareness that stories of Satanic atrocities are both inventions of the mind and perennial phenomena, not authentic criminal events. True evil, as he so artfully demonstrates, is not something organized and corrupting, but rather a social construction that inspires people to brutal acts in the name of moral order.

Communities throughout the United States were convulsed in the s and early s by accusations, often without a shred of serious evidence, that respectable men and women in their midstmany of them trusted preschool teacherssecretly gathered in far reaching conspiracies to rape and terrorize children. In this powerful book, Debbie Nathan and Mike Snedeker examine the forces fueling this blind panic.

The Old Enemy by Neil Forsyth. Almond explores the figure of evil incarnate from the first centuries of the Christian era. Almond shows that the Prince of Darkness remains an irresistible subject in history, religion, art, literature, and culture. Particularly useful in its insights into the relationship of pop culture occultism to the rise of the faddish Multiple Personality Disorder phenomenon, spurred on by the now-debunked MPD "case study" of "Sybil.

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The Happy Satanist by Lilith Starr. In the philosophy of Satanism, she finally found the inner strength needed to beat a lifetime of addiction and depression. Now she shares the secrets she learned on her Satanic journey back to well-being. Discover the positive, life-changing power of atheistic Satanism for yourself!

Learn the truth behind the common misconceptions about Satanism, and how to tap into the deep reservoir of personal power we all have inside.

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In this groundbreaking work, award-winning historian George Makari shows how writers, philosophers, physicians, and anatomists worked to construct notions of the mind as not an ethereal thing, but a natural one. From the ascent of Oliver Cromwell to the fall of Napoleon, seminal thinkers like Hobbes, Locke, Diderot, and Kant worked alongside often-forgotten brain specialists, physiologists, and alienists in the hopes of mapping the inner world.

Conducted in a cauldron of political turmoil, these frequently shocking, always embattled efforts would give rise to psychiatry, mind sciences such as phrenology, and radically new visions of the self.