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But this book belongs to me. Manufactured in the United States of America. Here he is. Here is the mother mouse talking to the children mice. Here is the father mouse with his newspaper. Here they are scampering to find homes of their own. Here he is walking slowly down the road. Here is the old frog inviting the little mouse to live with him. See the mouse on the wet log. He doesn't like it. See him scamper down the road. Here is the bird inviting the mouse to live with him. And he climbed up the tree.

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Here is the mouse in the tree. See, now it is night and the wind is rocking the tree. Here he is climbing down the tree. Here is the little mouse reading the sign. Here he is staring up at the big buildings. Here he is feeling little and lonely. Here he is going into the cellar. Here he is building his nest. Here is the pussy cat coming out of the coal bin. The little mouse slips safely out through a hole under the door. Of course, the kitty was too big to go through the hole. So the little mouse got away and ran as fast as ever he could down the street. Here he is running fast. Here he is in front of the house.

Here he is climbing up to the attic. Dec 21, Caryn Caldwell rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-books. Little Mouse can't sleep. Good thing he has a whole cast of woodland friends eager to help him beat his insomnia. Each takes turns giving Mouse suggestions, from filling up on bugs before bed to finding a soft, cozy place to sleep.

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But it takes Bat -- and a little creativity -- to finally get Mouse to drift off. The illustrations are pretty and the text is very lyrical, although the two don't complet Little Mouse can't sleep. The illustrations are pretty and the text is very lyrical, although the two don't completely mesh, which makes for some confusion. Still, it's a sweet pre-bed book that's great for lap readings, especially during the third or fourth reading, when the story is already understood and the words and illustrations can be enjoyed for what they are.

Nov 29, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: animals , bedtime-stories , friendship , humor , nature , picture-book , read-aloud. It's time for bed, but Mouse just can't fall asleep. It will take a forest full of animals and plenty of effort to coax him to sleep. Young readers will adore to his friends looking for a fluffy pillow or the right amount of fresh air or light.

In the end, a lullaby or two is all it takes. Filled with illustrations created with watercolors, pastels, and colored pencil and then completed digitally, this picture book is a fine choice for a bedtime read aloud. Adult readers will also be able to rel It's time for bed, but Mouse just can't fall asleep. Adult readers will also be able to relate to the frustration of needing to sleep but not being able to fall asleep. Henry, Jed Good Night, Mouse!

Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, All his forest friends come together to help, each with his or her own remedy. Will mouse get the rest he needs? This book is a follow up to Cheer Up, Mouse! Adorable characters fill the pages delighting the reader. The illustrations are top notch and readers of all ages will enjoy this story. EL K-3 —Essential. Dec 11, babyhippoface rated it really liked it Shelves: kids-picture-books. His animal friends each try something different to help him fall asleep, but nothing works until Bat picks up a twig and conducts a cricketing chorus, an animal orchestra, that lulls him to sleep.

Teachers may choose to use this during units on nocturnal animals, but this book is ideal for parent-child bedtime sharing. Oct 10, Justice Strong rated it liked it Shelves: fiction. Overall this book was OK. I was not a fan of the text or the order it was set up. The best things about the book was the illustrations.

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The story was about a mouse getting ready for bed, but he came in contact with many distractions. I would add this to my classroom library due to giving the students multiple reading options.

Good Night, Mouse!

Aug 25, Jenna Davis rated it liked it Shelves: public-librarybooks. Good Night, Mouse is a book that I would read to my child around bed time right after a bath. Their is a lot of different animals throughout the book trying to get the little mouse to go to bed. The pictures are very detailed but lacking color, the background is blue within the entire book and lot of dark colored animals like browns, black and grey.

Sep 04, Edward Sullivan rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books. A charming companion to Cheer Up, Mouse! Jan 17, Bear rated it really liked it. Caldecott Nominee The mouse apologized profusely, and said that she knew Peter Rabbit. They dreamt that their mother Flopsy was tucking them up in a hay bed. Presently a fly settled on one of them and it moved. McGregor tied up the sack and left it on the wall. He went to put away the mowing machine.

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While he was gone, Mrs. Flopsy Bunny who had remained at home came across the field. She looked suspiciously at the sack and wondered where everybody was.

Benjamin and Flopsy were in despair, they could not undo the string. The little rabbits were pulled out and pinched to wake them. Then they all hid under a bush and watched for Mr. McGregor came back and picked up the sack, and carried it off. He carried it hanging down, as if it were rather heavy. The Flopsy Bunnies followed at a safe distance.

They watched him go into his house. And then they crept up to the window to listen. What have they been spoiling now? The youngest Flopsy Bunny got upon the windowsill. I shall skin them and cut off their heads. McGregor untied the sack and put her hand inside. It was rather hurt. Then Benjamin and Flopsy thought that it was time to go home. So Mr. McGregor did not get his tobacco, and Mrs.