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Later she and his two children are killed in a car accident. One of my favorite PI series. By I was not reading PI novels as voraciously as I was a decade earlier; I was in fact reading more science fiction than mysteries.

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Because in the gaps in the series you had to have an eye out for these if you bought them from bookstores. I was pretty hit and miss, picking them up when I saw them in paperback. I believe he went more of the stand alone route after the two PI series. Name required.

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Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Has worked in construction, as a civilian police employee, and as a truck driver. Dancing with the Dead, St. Author's works have been translated into numerous languages. Nightlines, St. The Right to Sing the Blues, St. Ride the Lightning, St. Dancer's Debt, St. Time Exposure, St. Diamond Eyes, St. Thicker than Blood, St. Death by Jury, St. Nevins, St.

Shadows Everywhere, Mystery Scene Press, Louis realtor Mary Arlington, whose mother is alcoholic and whose lover is physically abusive, lives for her mambo, cha-cha and tango lessons with A page-turner to the nail-biting end, the fifth Frank Quinn investigation after 's Urge to Kill will leave readers breathless. Series hero PI Fred Carver guards a client's heroin-addict wife in this quick and jaunty read.

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At first, Robert Ghostly seems sincerely worried about Elizabeth, but Carver develops doubts after he is nearly hit by a bullet that kills Elizabeth's Edgar-winner Lutz Nightlines, Ride the Lightning will probably not win new readers here. Helen Crane, a beauty ""men build dreams around,'' hires private eye Alo Nudger to find out what's troubling her lover Jake Dancer.

Middle-aging, old-shoe Noir is a fitting descriptive for Edgar-winning Lutz's latest Fred Carver mystery after Hot , even though the middle-aged PI with a bum knee plies his trade on the sun-drenched west coast of Florida.

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After retiree Jerome Evans dies unexpectedly, Louis shamus Alo Nudger, still addicted to antacids, has a piranha of an ex-wife and an office above a shop selling the world's greasiest doughnuts. And, as usual, he's sleuthing through a humid Missouri summer.

From the start, his latest case, John Lutz, Author. Against the backdrop of a terrorized city, Lutz delivers a solid thriller with typical skill and style. Now retired—in part because of a gunshot wound,. Crusty old Henry Tiller--an ex-cop from Milwaukee living on tiny PI Alo Nudger, at the St. Louis airport to pick up a pal, offers his business card to a distraught woman just before an incoming plane blows apart.

Lutz, John 1939- (John Thomas Lutz)

The next morning she arrives at his office with a wild story about a bomb in an attache case and a Fred Carver, a Florida police sergeant until a crippling bullet ended his career, is now a successful private eye investigating rumors about Sunhaven Retirement Home. Mystery writer Lutz Time Exposure here offers a contemporary horror tale that few readers will be able to put down.

Things begin to fall apart for computer consultant Allie Jones when she discovers that her live-in lover, investment broker Sam On a warm evening in Manhattan, a sniper's bullet kills a lowly theater district shop owner.

It's the first of several killings in what becomes a twisted cat-and-mouse game between the "Night Sniper," so-called because he only Series hero PI Fred Carver tracks down Robert Ghostly's heroin-addict wife but ends up protecting her when he discovers that Robert is a notorious Florida drug dealer.