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Koester, who also owned and operated the Jazz Record Mart as a retail outlet and income source for Delmark, was often executive producer of Delmark albums. Delmark has sustained decades of documentation of Chicago's avant garde improvisers and mainstream jazz players. It kept recordings blues too, and has reissued classic titles acquired from defunct companies such as Pearl, Apollo and Sackville, some dating back to the s.

Miller and Barilari have signed a long-term lease with right of first refusal to purchase on the label's headquarters, a one-story warehouse with a recording studio.

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Veteran producer and engineer Steve Wagner is remaining as its manager. This year they plan to issue music by their own band with reeds player Paquito D'Rivera, an album featuring guitarist Fareed Haque, and previously unreleased Sun Ra recordings. Koester, now 85, will be honoured at the festival. They plan to open the studio for rentals, have workshops for school groups, and attract local and international musicians for new projects. This stage is where the process gets complex.

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All of your tape formats, audio or video, can now be converted into digital files for the web or for archival purposes. Lee is a Tamil language film released on 16 February The film starred Sibiraj, Prakash Raj and Nila in the lead roles.

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