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Although the band has gone through many iterations over the course of its time, this lineup is, by far, the most exciting and compelling group I could pull together. Each musician brings a unique sound and energy to the tunes, and I cannot wait to share that sound with you. For information on shows, videos, photos, news, and all things Goody Goodies, visit meganandhergoodygoodies. Facebook: www. Let's chat about this. We have some cool rewards, and our vendors are ready and waiting as soon as I get them the material.

T-shirts will be printed by SwingThreads , a favorite dance event screen printer here in the Southeast. Palomino Records , up in Louisville, KY, will be pressing our vinyls. We'll be working with We Make Tapes to reproduce the CD, and we have a local printer just outside of Nashville, Busy Bee Printing , who will be printing our posters for us. As mentioned, this will be a LIVE recording hosted at The Studio in Nashville, and that is obviously one of the most exciting reward levels - we'd love to have you come out and join us for our recording!

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If we are not able to reach our funding goal, we will not receive the money that has been pledged. This means there will be no CD and we will have to figure out if this is the right time for us to record and if a CD is a financially viable option for us. If we are funded, there could be other challenges. There could certainly be delays, since we are using a lot of different services and contractors to produce our CD - this is a multi-step process with lots of components that have to come together to deliver a completed CD project. We're lucky to be working with a lot of local vendors we trust, so we don't anticipate many problems Questions about this project?

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We'll be pressing a limited run of 50 records for those of you who love the sound of a vinyl on the turn table! Have you ever listened to live albums and thought to yourself, "Damn, I wish I could have been there! If that sounds familiar, this is the reward for you. Featuring an 8-piece band and swell wood floors, this will be something you'll never forget.

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For your donation, receive a care package full of Goody Goodies merch - we'll even throw in some of Great-Grandma Carrie Mathisen's gingersnap! Their family throws a pie party each year, and Annie's award-winning pies are mind-blowingly delicious. For this reward, receive a vintage apron from Megan's personal collection, a pie specially baked by Annie, and The Lost Art of Pie Making, a cookbook written by Annie's mother. This reward also includes a physical CD.

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For this reward level, receive a pair of tickets to the live recording, a physical copy of the CD, and a signed poster just for you! April All together KB has sold more than half a million albums worldwide, and close to one million books. Autumn KB on tour: St. The book will be released in October The first two volumes have passed The composition, with texts by local poets, will have its world-premiere at The Lofoten Festival www. More info about the musicians, dancers and singers can be found at www. The release gets huge attention and much praise in the press.

This album also on the Grappa label. August Sekstitallet The Sixties reaches top 5 on the official Norwegian bestseller list, after glowing reviews in major newspapers. Turid Larsen Dagsavisen writes that the novel is one of the best KB has ever written. The official release is on 12 August. KB has already started writing Syttitallet The Seventies.

The CD reached the top of the charts at Platekompaniet and the first live performance, in the Kongsberg Cathedral, during the International Jazz Festival was sold out. Jazz Festival , Oslo Int. It is planned for release in the Fall, In Norway, the book has already two reprints and gets unison praise by the critics.

On torhammero. In Jazzinorge. The interview is a part of the 30 minute weekly Best of Quest -program. Stordalen talks about how reading KBs book about Mozart was an inspiration for thinking about different values in life, also when you are a businessman. After the reading of KBs biography, the answer is yes. It is both a strictly empiric Mozart-biography and an auto-biography about KBs life since he, as a 5 years old child, was told by his mother to love Mozart and play him on his piano.

KB tries to emphasize the struggle Mozart had with different authorities, included his beloved father, and to describe how he, himself, in the landscape of his Aksel Vinding-novels , related to, and struggled with, Mozart on different levels through his own childhood. Flekkefjord 11 June solo piano.

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Tyssnes Festival 10 July solo piano. Rosendal Barony 1 August solo piano. Moster Amfi 21 September solo piano. Jarasum Int. Jazzfestival, Korea 4 October with Terje Rypdal. Southampton, England 21 November solo piano. Tora Augestad will sing the main vocal part. Warmly acknowledged by the two participants at one point, sound man Sven Persson was very much the unseen third person of the performance, his excellent work throughout enabling the audience to relish a consistently arresting yet never overforced blend of voice, lyric and piano in a thought-provoking program of considerable dynamic range.

Warmly recommended! The international release will follow in March I have to admit that I am a great admirer of KB. He is one of the very few authors in this country who writes great and existential novels about the most important aspect of life. The language is incredibly rich. Tseng early The international release will follow early The novel will be the Book of the Month in Litteraturklubben in September.

The international release will follow in Skien 14 March solo piano. Oslo, The Ibsen Museum, 14 April solo piano. The great writers can touch you deeply, and KB does. ECM give Bjornstad a fine, dry, transparent recording that is an honest and faithful representation of his piano tone. Highly, highly recommended. This must be among the very best solo piano recordings to come along in many years. The music on the ECM-cd is closely related to the books. Winter KB writes on a new, contemporary novel. It will be performed in Sofienberg Kirke in Oslo on 16 March The concert will also be recorded for a possible cd-release in the future.

The book is also a very personal document and a tribute to Manfred Eicher, the musicians, the studio and ECM. New performances and a cd-recording are being discussed. Previously, fetching water and bringing it back took a lot of time and effort. Invited to the official inauguration of the village, those who participated in the reconstruction go to the side of the mountain.

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All under a blazing sun and a corresponding temperature. And again, the sound is capricious. Each family? Where are the men?

cities in Martinique

We are obviously asking the question. Indeed, they are all in festive dress and men, dressed as usual, observe, rather shy and a little behind. They are the ones who serve us the meals assisted by teenagers. All shy, impressed, he approaches, and Rinpoche gives him a great soccer ball for all the kids.

His face lights up and he walks away with the gift, all proud and happy. We take the road back, tired but happy. This is the last leg of our journey. Only kilometres separate Lumbini from Kathmandu. The sacred area of Lumbini is one of the most important holy places of our great religions of the world. We visit that of Korea, China and many others, all beautiful. The French temple is under construction and as there are still plots of land, Rinpoche and RIPA Russia have decided to build a temple for Russia that is not yet represented.

Children spend the day with us and enjoy the hotel pool. They throw themselves into the water with pleasure, play, and practice swimming with us. As a result, they come to us without any fear. It is there, in Lumbini, that our adventure ends. A few photos pell-mell to flip through for a more extensive overview of our trip. In this Tibetan year of universal feminine energy, it is quite natural that this retreat is on the topic of Yeshe Tsogyal, as she is part of the DNA of our Ripa lineage.

During one of his previous incarnations, Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche was directly and intimately linked to this great spiritual figure of the 8th century. As both disciple and consort of Guru Rinpoche, Yeshe Tsogyal played a fundamental role in the spread of his spiritual teachings and transmissions. You will be carried away by this spiritual epic, this historical fresco, so inspired and full of poetry and marvels. Present because many among us feel his presence, from the depths of his retreat he does not abandon us!

And absent because, obviously, we miss him. It is with always renewed pleasure that we enjoy the spectacle of the Tibetan dances and the festivities punctuating the half-time of these two weeks passed in the intimacy of the universal feminine energy of Yeshe Tsogyal. The Ripa International Center is also bathed in this feminine energy. We meet our Russian, Spanish, Swiss and French friends. Each year the team strengthens, improves and grows, it attends the rituals with a deep commitment, seriousness, great devotion, great elegance and a visible joy.

As far as musical instruments are concerned, women are still very much involved and have been involved for a long time. And here again, our center confirms its feminine dimension in connection with Yeshe Tsogyal. In the temple, outdoors, on playgrounds or in greenery, the younger generation is everywhere.

Mauritius North Port Louis, Pamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart (Photo Albums. Book 11)

One comes to be blessed, one pauses in the temple moved by the teachings, one plays, one learns to ride a bicycle, one runs, one sings, and it is here of course that one enjoys the best ice cream of the world …. In the center, the work never stops. The challenge: to translate the original Tibetan texts into the five languages currently used in our international community: German, English, Spanish, French and Russian all in an identical presentation and pagination. This obviously implies a profound knowledge of Tibetan and here we are lucky to have a jewel, it is Lama Tenzin.

He is our guarantor and he knows English well enough to bring us back in the right direction when we go astray on the meaning of a term, an expression. His interventions help us to find the most accurate and close translation of Tibetan … Finally, he is a true scholar. He knows everything! In order to maintain the link between all, to continue this common work and to maintain the good harmony that has been established, the creation of a computer platform for exchanges and communication is envisaged.

How is it possible to sum up this immense teaching of Rinpoche without risking having misheard, or misunderstood, and without betraying his thoughts regarding that which is most subtle, profound, rich, and inspired? It is addressed to each one of us individually, and to all of us as a group. His words touch us deeply in our hearts, reaching the depths of our intimate concerns and sometimes even of our resistance. So Guru? Spiritual friend? These aspects that he evokes and develops reach us where we are. Each one receives at his level, according to his path and the opening of his heart.

Rinpoche reminds us of the foundations of Buddhism, the interdependence of phenomena, the truths of relative reality and the absolute, of dissatisfaction, suffering, compassion … During these three days he opens for us endless ways to engage in inner work. To be filled by practice that we may advance on the path. Do not worry, he does not let us go, does not forsake us, does not forget us. A way not to lose our connection until next year and to return periodically to the essentials.

Just a quote to finish. Every morning from am, some of us find ourselves in our Gompa, which is so inspiring and warm. Others will meditate. Broadcasted live via streaming worldwide, sesions are watched around the world. Europeans who have not been able to travel have connected from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg and even Switzerland.

From Russia, Belarus and Ukraine we listen. Spring is changeable as expected, this weekend of Easter is sunny and warm, then rainy and cold, then again sunny … With the first rays of sun and blue sky, we take advantage to settle outside … each with his plate, his glass, his dessert, then his coffee … Amrit from Switzerland, Ralf from Germany meet at a table with Patrick, our talented expert chef, and Jan of the Czech Republic who assists him … the return of Spring which is already announced by the apple trees of the center in full bloom and the fields of daffodils, and other budding flowers that can be seen on the mountains in the surroundings.

On rainy days, a well-protected Flupke of Belgium sounds the hour of the teachings. July 23 — August 13, July It calms the mind, it brings a certain peace, goodness and love towards ourselves and also a kind of warmth in our heart. When we experience this warmth, it opens a space within. The most immediate effect is that we do not feel alone. Exploring our basic goodness, learn to love ourselves … A real adventure, beautiful and long.

Every day, we also participated in two activities that were very successful and that, in the future, will be held periodically in our center. One of the main teachings of the Buddha is training in mindfulness. A comprehensive teaching of the great sutra is that of establishing mindfulness. Present in all schools of Buddhism, it is the heart of all practices. This mind training not only involves a dimension of wisdom, it also involves the heart.

It prepared us for the guided meditations by Rinpoche. Graduated Professor of the French Federation of Yoga founded by Gerard Arnaud with five hundred hours of training diploma recognized by the American Federation authorizing Alliance to teach Hatha, Vinyasa yoga and meditation in all English speaking countries. When parents practice, children benefit … During the lessons, Rita welcomed these children for a creative journey that immersed them in drawing, creating a mandala, planting a small garden for the Buddha with a statue of him in plasticine and on weekends a treasure hunt that led to a nice walk and discovery of Ried and its surroundings.

At the end of the retreat they came, smiling, happy and fulfilled, to greet Rinpoche, who was visibly touched and moved. Preparing three weeks of retreat is more than hard work. Flowers and bouquets arranged from Nadya and her team were as always, grandiose compositions, intimate and endearing as they adorned our gompa, the lunchroom, etc. The outdoor makeshift carpentry workshop allowed Flupke and Carlo to build practice tables, which were then painted by Irene, Ursula, Carlo, Bill and Dominique and installed in the temple. The chef, Patrick, whose cuisine is always appreciated, was ready on some days to feed more than two hundred and seventy people … Not unexpected!

At last the sound: which is very important, because it not only guarantees the quality of the recordings — and thus the production of the CD — but it also allows those needed participants to hear the precious teachings simultaneously translated into their language be it German, Spanish, French or Russian. And regarding the sound, Laurent is a true master! July 30 — August 5. The second week was in complete silence. On the last day Jigme Rinpoche invited us to partake in the practice of the Marme Monlam prayer with a light offering for the benefit of all beings.

August During the last week of our retreat, we first received an initiation of Guru Rinpoche transmitted by H. The merits and virtue accumulated will be even greater. It is this attitude that I ask of you in receiving this initiation of Guru Rinpoche. That day, most monasteries celebrate the birth of Guru Rinpoche. That is why our Master wishes us to engage in this practice ….. A Tsok Bum, is one hundred thousand accumulations of Tsok and of reciting the seven line prayer of Guru Rinpoche done by a group of participants.

They say it is the best way to quickly receive the blessings of Body, Speech and Mind and for our stream of consciousness to be blessed by Guru Rinpoche. This is to accumulate merit, material merit and wisdom of merit.