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I thought I would keep it comical rather than be upset. Thanks for sharing the video, I will be there in January and expect the big big crowds. Now I know what to expect! Love your blog. But… you may get lucky too! It really is a stunning area.

What Happened to Maya Bay?

And thank you. Maya Bay is really a wonderful place. May be the problem was that I visited this place in a Chines New Year??? Do you think is there time in Thailand, when I could enjoy this magical place alone or couple or by group? My friend went the day after me and there was hardly any people. It really is down to luck. Plus I heard that the night tours, where you can swim with the glowing plankton, are less crowded too.

I have only been there once. There were 2 small boats that ferried people from Krabbi to the island but only in good weather and that was about it. It truly was an unspoilt tropical paradise. I guess I was one of those that started to wreck it though………Sorry about that!

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We are all guilty of being tourists but I believe beautiful places like this should be seen and shared. I just wish they would limit the number of boats. I bet you have some amazing memories and photos of it from back then! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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I used to work in Asia and we went to Thailand regularly. We visited Phi Phi three times, before, during and after the film. First time was simply awesome, just me and my wife had the entire beach to ourselves for a couple of hours, even the boatman left us there and came back for us later. So, we returned the year after the film was released and of course it had become famous almost overnight.

There must have been 40 people on the beach with us which did take away some of the charm, still significantly better than how it is today from the look of things. I know we were very lucky to have gone when we did, we had an amazing day, and even better evening there. I booked an overnight boat tour to maya bay. When we first arrived at the beach around 3pm, the crowds were insane. Drunk tourists falling over everywhere. Boats zipping in and out.

But then, around 6pm, all the tourists slowly left and we had the beach completely to ourselves. We frolicked for a bit before we ate our home cooked panang in the jungle, while drinking buckets and passing around a guitar.

I would definitely recommend getting to this beach as early as possible and staying a bit later to see its real beauty. It was incredible. Just my two cents.

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Wow, that looks insane! I visited Maya Bay on a small group tour that left Phuket at 6am so we arrived at 7. At that time of day, it really really is an idyllic paradise. So peaceful and quiet. You will have to scout around when you get there — many, many companies around offering various excursions! I went to Maya Bay with a friend before The Beach was released in fact, we saw the movie on opening day in Bangkok — they played the national anthem before the movie began and everyone stood up and sang!

It was blissfully empty — only a few other people — so we almost had it to ourselves. Seeing photos showing how crowded it is now makes me a bit sad. Seemingly best time to arrive is before 9am. Around 8. Worth a shot. Maybe I could even find overnight trip here to be able to get up at crack of dawn and have it fairly empty.

And the sunset also. Yeah true, for 3 hours. Going for sunset.

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Visited here in , and whilst crowded on Kho Phi Phi, not many boats at Lay because it was during the rough season and it was, to me, scary to ride a boat across but my GF was insistent so we did. Wow, those crowds are insane! I am planning to visit this place in October, Can you suggest something to avoid this crowd, apart from staying all night?

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  • Worth asking locals. Tourist numbers must definitely be caped and the park entry should be THB not THB charged before the people arrive at the beach.

    Money is the only thing, how this place can be saved, believe it or not. I have just come back from phi phi maya islands. It was a beautiful day.

    Visiting The Beach Film Set in Thailand – Maya Bay, The Crowds and Indefinite Closure

    We had a very professional service with a speed boat called vr family company it came to 48 pounds British cost. Had a lovely day. They were a lovely company lunch and diving brill. The beach it self was empty and the boat takes you around the bay so no messing up any natural views and corals etc. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Comments Those crowds are insane! It was bad when we went there in but not quite that bad. That is astonishing yet I have no idea why I am surprised.

    Her book covers the s through — and she plans a sequel since she has even more adventures under her belt. Toubes said she wrote the book because she had so many wonderful experiences that she wanted to share them with others. She remembers day trips she and her father and mother took when she was a child, which she believes instilled in her a sense of adventure.

    The group of people we traveled with was very compatible, and we became good friends. To say good-bye was very hard. I hugged Sunil, our guide, and the look on his face was unforgettable, a look of total surprise. Women do not touch men in public in India! The secret to remembering her various travels is keeping a detailed journal. Toubes said she would sit down and write about her day every night before she went to bed.