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Ignore the negative and be thankful for every single day. I will ask my hand in meTRInomy, for it will become a trigamy. And me, my higher self and third I will live happily ever after life We will live in threesomeness! I have tried forever to stop being vulnerable. But always, I have found the courage to overcome those two and make it. Being vulnerable has made me the artist I am and continues to be a part of my daily existence.

How else could I open my heart and create? Worrying about not being good enough or being terrified to start a new project brings out the fear. Being courageous has brought me rewards I should never forget. All I can hope for is that I continue to allow myself to be vulnerable, face my fears and go on with courage. Maybe when facing our very human vulnerability and fear, we should take off the armor and adopt those two with an open heart.

Maybe that is the ultimate act of courage. Encouraging women to embrace being perfectly imperfect is a gift that keeps on giving. Taryn was a hoot to work with! She brought our audience to their feet with her no-holds-barred approach to loving their bodies more and bringing an awareness to the issue with an unparalleled level of passion and enthusiasm that only Taryn can. The message is imperative to assist vulnerable teenagers who are being bombarded through advertising and social media. Thanks for making a difference in so many lives.

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Embrace You. Embrace Kids. Embrace Yourself. Study Guide. Stay Connected. Welcome To The Movement. Join our tribe. Be part of the revolution! Love your body this July. Love your body exactly as it is in just 4 weeks. No diets, workouts or weight loss. No child should hate their body. Embrace Kids is going to change lives. Can you help us?

Embrace Warrior Woman. Our Blog. Binge on the latest videos and stories from Taryn, our experts and community. Get the life changing Embrace Education Study Guide into your high school today. Embrace Yourself Book.

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Embrace The Woman You Want To Become Love The Woman You Are Now

Read More July 2, Read More June 26, How can a fat girl teach spin? Read More June 19, Read More June 14, Elsewhere, queer rappers, like Young M. Young M. Collectively, their music allows listeners to hear hip-hop that has the freedom to be masculine or feminine, shy or bold, rebellious or traditional, interchangeably or all at once. Consider the Chattanooga rapper BbyMutha, whose Twitter time line reads like a black-feminist manifesto, and who actively challenges her listeners to think about what it means to be a single, black mother. Kamaiyah has spoken about the importance of representing women who live a less glamorous life than what is often displayed in lyrics and videos.

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And I want women to realize that. Ratchet, brilliant, and sometimes both at the same time and sometimes neither at all, these women are showing up and doing the work.

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Furthermore, women often face harsh criticism for owning their sexualities on wax even though their male counterparts are just as, if not more, lascivious. If rap is to really become the necessary artform that its purveyors believe it to be, it must not only reflect but champion the multifaceted lives of black women. Regardless, these women are not waiting for permission.