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We will oppose, stand up against you Return - and let your soul take control Come back to life drive the demons of madness away. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Join us. Add new song. Eye To Eye lyrics. Album: Unification. So Dee helps the soul's owner prevent it from happening again. More later. Add a Comment:. Load All Images.

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Skittysrule Featured By Owner May 14, Prev Next. Sky, Ciel, and Lys were checking the town out, looking for clues to who could have kidnapped Terry. Ciel was with Lys, checking the place she was last seen, while Sky was in the hotel room she used. They both walked in and looked around, the barista looked at them, asking,"Are you going to order something newcomers? Ciel walked over and ordered two drinks and some food, leaving Lys to pay while she got a table. Lys came to the table and sat down, looking outside, she seemed to be in distraught.

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Ciel sighed, glaring calmly,"What's on your mind? Ciel leaned back in her chair as a waitress came with two drinks and two plates of food. On Ciel's. Lys looked around, smiling, they were in Downtown Kona by the shave ice shop, she stuck her hand into her pocket and grabbed a piece of paper and pulled it out. The team walked toward the pretzel shop on the side of the shave ice store as Lys opened the piece of paper. Lys put the note back in her pocket and went to the stand, smiling widely, "Hiya Mike! Can I get a White Chocolate and Macadamia nut stuffed pretzel?

That will be five dollars. Lys handed him a five dollar bill and waited. A few minutes later the owner gave it to Lys, she thanked him and started walking toward town with her team. A thirty minute walk later, Lys saw th. Demi was washing dishes in the kitchen area in the huge room, it contained a kitchen, dinning area, and a living room.

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Demi turned off the sink and dried her hands, walking to the living room, hearing the voice's side of the conversation. Alright, talk to you later. Demi asked, "Was that our client Lys? Soul Savior: The Fallen and the New On a warm autumn day in Sol Latos, a girl with light blue hair and mismatched eyes was talking to another girl, around her age. This girl had big brown eyes and dark brown hair slightly curled and covered by a dulled olive bandana.

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Dee took a sip of her cherry marmalade tea and nodded in agreement. Have you met my teammates yet? You should Dee! Dee looked at Lys and asked, "Is something wrong Lys? Lys sighed and responded, "Dee, I'm worried something bad will happen to you. Lys sighed and said, "I hope so Dee, I sure do hope so.


Lys walked into a room filled with books. His temporary name was Edogawa Conan, as hers was Agasa Cora. I'm used to reading in moving vehicles anyway. Kogoro stopped the car and got out, Cora looked out the window and saw Inspector Megure.

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Cora was going to wake Ran, but Conan said,"Let her sleep, she has been up all night. Conan asked the inspector for the case file, he gave it to Conan. He ran to the spot that Cora and Hattori were wai. Ran's friend, Sonoko, grinned at him and welcomed him.

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Conan said hello and climbed into the car, noticing the dark-skinned teenager smiling at him. As everyone got in the car, Hattori kept asking Conan silly questions. Kazuha asked Ran,"Ran, do you think they're getting along?

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It's looks like Conan-kun is annoyed at Heiji West disputes. Heiji stopped asking his silly questions because he thought up of millions of situations that caused Conan to forget a lot of his cases. No matter what he thought of, only three felt possible: One,. View Gallery.

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  4. This is swearing in this! But we have Romano is this chapter, so whaddya expect? Please be aware that I own nothing of this story, not even you - the story line itself is merely an idea slung together from other's I have read myself. Some of the arguing I have taken from various sources, and do not claim to be my own idea. Feel free to use as you wish.

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    You had no time to just lie there and cry though, as moments later, an empty beer bottle smashed against the floor, where your head had been no more than two seconds ago. Kuroko no Basketball x Male! Reader-Prt 1? Dear cousin you can come out! Tsukishima x Reader Treasure "Agh, it's cold You had just gotten out of practice, and you had forgotten to pack an extra set of clothing. Rubbing your arms, you waltzed towards the opposite end of the school, where the gym for the boy's volleyball team was located.

    Reaching the door, you knocked lightly, awkwardly tugging your sports bag over your shoulder to secure it. You didn't feel comfortable being around the team yet; and it didn't help that they had formed a fan club for you. Sighing, you tapped your foot as the door slid open, a gray-haired member poking his head out. You here to pick up Tsukishima-san again? There was a loyal customer at the restaurant you worked at who had very noticeably taken a liking to you, he would always request for you to be his waitress and would leave large tips.

    However for the last few days he had become increasingly pushy, demanding to know what school you were from and if you had a boyfriend. It got even worse when you started working the night shift, he would wait for you till your shift ended and offered you a ride home. You, of course, politely declined and opted to walk home instead but then he started trying to walk you home.

    Fortunately, being someone who had many friends outside of school, you would always bump into someone you knew and they would offer to walk you home because Iwaizumi would kill them if something were to happen to you on their watch.