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She told me people simply did whatever they needed to do. In nearly all ways, it is a stereotypical role for Beavers. However, the dynamics stuck out to me. Jane has been looking for work and she and Lily sit down together on the bench and talk.

Lily is given dialogue that is stereotyped in the extreme using watermelons as a metaphor , but the body language and mutual friendship tells a different story. In many films, there can be a tone of condescension used when addressing a black character, but Lombard speaks to Lily just as she would a friend. The sense that the national tragedy or struggle has equalized people to a certain extent. Everyone is fighting the same battle. True unity, the suggestion is, often comes from tragedy and shared struggle.

Even the overwrought ending reinforces this. The struggle to save the baby at the end resolves all tensions and troubles, leading to reconciliation and prosperity. Posted by christinawehner on January 18, in Movies. Andrea Lundgren.

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Like Liked by 1 person. It sucks all the air out of the film. Apparently David O. Selznick was working on Gone With the Wind at the time, but took time out to add that ending. Eric Binford. She was a fantastic actor Nothing Sacred contains my favorite Lombard performance.

Anyhow, Made For Each Other is an interesting curio. Not great, but kinda of interesting. BTW, you are so right about old Hollywood and maids. Thank you! No matter how bad things get, one can always have household help. I have to admit it is very dramatic, especially at the end. They make a good couple.

Made for Each Other: The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond

Like Like. You remind me I really need to see that one again! Grand Old Movies. You make an interesting point about maids, and how middle-class families always seem able to afford them in classic Hollywood films, even consider them a necessity. I loved Thelma Ritter in that scene, Pretty hilarious.

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And the uniform Sothern made her wear! I like your point about how it symbolizes the pretensions towards moving into the upper middle class. Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely have to look for that one and I always love to see Charles Laughton in anything. It seems like Carole Lombard made a number of dramas during I wonder if she was feeling a bit tired of doing comedies or just wanted to stretch her acting range.

Silver Screenings. I liked what you said about a national tragedy being an equalizer, and it sounds like this film tries to reflect that. Yes, those housekeepers really are a puzzler! But definitely if you enjoy Lombard or Stewart or are interested in how the depression manifested itself in film, it can have a lot to offer!

It was more interesting than I thought it was going to be. I agree that the ending seemed forced, exaggerated.

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Her friendship with Lily is also a highlight. Thanks for the kind comment! It makes me want to see her in more dramatic roles. And Louise Beavers, too! Have you ever seen Imitation of Life? I have not seen it, but have been wanting to very much. Hi Christina. My aunty passed away on New Years Eve, and I was left emotionally scarred. This was a great post to welcome me back. He also finds her act pathetic, and I guess it is. The movie's strength is in the way it manages to develop comic situations as if they were psychodrama. We know that in a movie like this there'll be a scene where the guy takes the girl home to meet his parents.

But we aren't prepared for the detail, which abounds in the scene, as the family crowds around a big table in a tiny room. Giggy's father demonstrates his hospitality by urging Pandora to eat, and eat, and eat. Pandora of course says all the wrong things. And then Giggy's mother doesn't just explode, which would have been obvious; she gets up, leaves the room, and then shouts to heaven: "Get that woman out of my house! A touch like that - leaving the room and then shouting in the third person - is the kind of detail that makes "Made for Each Other" such an intimate comedy.

We are not laughing at the characters; they are like us, we're inside them, and half the time what we're laughing at is really the painfulness of life.

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This kind of comedy writing is rare in the movies -- although recently we've had other examples such as "Taking Off" and " Minnie and Moskowitz " -- and it's even more rare to see it survive the filmmaking process intact. It's so easy to compromise a scene, to play for the broad laugh and the obvious point; "Made for Each Other" bravely stays at the level of minutely examined human nature, and works. This message came to me from a reader named Peter Svensland. He and a fr A video essay about Mortal Engines, as part of Scout Tafoya's ongoing video essay series on maligned masterpieces.

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