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Other common zoonotic diseases in cats include:. Is my cat really that risky? That being said, your chance of contracting a zoonotic illness does increase if you have a compromised immune system due to a pre-existing disease or medical condition. Examples include:. Here are some suggestions to keep yourself safe:.

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In addition, it is very important that you monitor your cat regularly for any signs of illness or disease and wash your hands after direct contact with your cat. And remember: if you are worried about the possibility of contracting a zoonotic disease from your pet, your best resource for information is your veterinarian. If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call your veterinarian — they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.

Learn more about zoonotic diseases. Community cats a. Their heat-seeking missile approach to nap time includes you!

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Mikel Delgado, Ph. Especially for cats who need a lot of attention, they might really love to be laying right on top of their human. Many cats love cuddles and finding you in a prone position gives them ample opportunities to snuggle and bond with one of their favorite family members. The cat and human bond has a tactile component as reported in an article from Smithsonian.

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Gently moving him to the side I like to do the comforter conveyor belt can get him off of you but still near you when you have to get out of bed. My cats are also accustomed to the two-handed crane maneuver — just place your hand under his tummy, one hand under the tush and straight up and over. If your cat was sleeping with you and suddenly stops — look around at anything that might be different. A rearranged room, a new hamper or even a change in laundry detergent can cause a kitty to avoid getting into bed with you.

Well, Dr. Delgado has some advice. Kitties are very attracted to warmth when they sleep! Plus, want to sleep better at night naturally? Denise LeBeau is a writer, editor and photographer with almost 20 years of experience of creating content for animal-related issues, endeavors and events.

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Denise has been an ongoing contributor to Catster since , writing for the magazine and website. The self-professed poet laureate of the pet set is currently the manager of development for an animal welfare agency, where she works with a team to create content across media platforms. Catster HQ.

Mother and daughter Melissa and Mariah are at odds with the latter's pet cat Miley who constantly attacks the prior's two chihuahuas, but the problem may not be so much in Miley but the humans themselves, specifically Melissa, who continues to use the cat's "aggression" as an excuse to treat the dogs as if they were human babies. Burmese Gracie had been adopted from and returned to the shelter twice before finally coming home with Kristen, but the welcoming has not been so sweet, as Kris' boyfriend Lei, his family, friends and guests and the legions of former cat-sitters who've quit over Gracie have been subject to her attacks.

College roommates Nicole and Shoshana got more than what they bargained for when they took in pregnant stray Cutie, as unneutered and only surviving kitten Big Boi had turned their social lives upside down. As they also prep for the upcoming birth of their first child, Lucas and girlfriend of seven years, Candice have come at loggerheads over the fate of Lucas' 23 year old tabby Pump, who Candace sees as an interference with her work as an at-home holistic therapist.

Achilles is owned by Amy, but has become aggressive to both Amy and Mike, Amy's boyfriend who, is thinking of leaving over Achilles' behavior. Former indoor-outdoor cat Henery pees everywhere ever since he's been confined to his guardian's appartment. A woman who fosters a lot of cats has trouble with an aggressive, hand-shy one named Johnny.

Missy, who has never been spayed, constantly attacks her feline housemate Fluffy. A cat named Pickles, also known as Bad Kitty, frequently attacks the women in his household. Lucifer and his feline housemate Daniel eat-or try to eat- anything and are not scared of open flames. Miles has a problem with frequent peeing that separates him from his feline housemates. This episode has two My Cat from Heaven segments. Iraq war veteran Bruce has a therapy cat named Salem who constantly attacks the household's other four cats and is a compulsive overgroomer.

Why does my cat sometimes act crazy?

In the My cat from Heaven segment, an earless cat named Otitis helped his guardian through a depression and shows children its okay to be different via classroom visits and a children's book. Baby has a strange habit of bullying and 'assaulting' the younger female cats in his household. Daisy bullies her littermate Cooper, who was diagnosed with kidney failure, and steals his food.

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  7. In the My Cat from Heaven Segment, a sphynx named Artemis has contributed immensely to the vocalising and socialising of five year old Sarah. Mariah overfeeds her diabetic cat Balaa out of guilt.

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    Zac and Meredith's cat Sidney pees everywhere and has a hard time adjusting to the death of his dog friend Diamond, especially when the latter's replacement, Teddy, humps Sidney every chance he can. Stella's guardians are afraid their cat will fatally attack their daughter. In the My Cat from Heaven segment, a cat named Grace alerted her guardians to a carbon monoxide leak.

    Frankie constantly attacks her shyer sister Charlee.