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The two of them shared an apartment near mine just outside of Boston. We all had fun together for the most part. We would go out to dinner, the occasional double date if Melissa had a boyfriend. She even tagged along on a vacation we took to Brazil one summer. Most of my nights over at Amanda's house included a little bit of TV watching in the living room with the three of us hanging around and having a snack, and ended with me pounding away at Amanda's seemingly always-hungry pussy in her bedroom.

We fucked every chance we had, and it wasn't really any kind of secret from her sister. Every so often when I'd go out to get a post-fuck snack or drink of water I'd catch an inquisitive look from Melissa, who obviously knew I had just finished plowing two rooms away. If she only knew that when she wasn't home, Amanda and I boffed on every piece of furniture in the apartment, even her bed.

Amanda for the most part, couldn't get enough. She is about 5 foot 3 and a muscular pounds from hours of yoga practice and gym workouts. She had dark brown hair down just past her shoulders, but my favorite feature were her wonderful tits. They were just a bit more than a handful, somewhere in the C-cup range, and they always looked delicious. Even after being with her for 5 years I was always trying to sneak a look down her shirt at those marvelous mammaries. She loves it when I suck on her nipples or grab those gravity-defying beauties while I pump my cock relentlessly into her pussy.

The great tits are a feature Melissa also is blessed to have. I'd been given dirty looks on a number of occasions from both of them for letting my eyes wander into forbidden territory. The sisters looked similar, enough to notice a resemblance, but they weren't a match by any means. Melissa was about two inches taller and a little bit thinner, although her ass was much more plump, maybe even more spankable, but I had never had the chance to test that one out.

But those tits, they were always begging for my attention. I can't tell you the amount of times we'd be sitting in their apartment, watching a movie or some dumb-ass show like Sex and the City or Real Housewives of Scripted Beach Get it? Our usual seating arrangement allowed me to sit slightly behind Melissa, usually with Amanda's head resting on my chest or on my arm.

So if I was bored of the TV show, I'd stare at those tits unashamedly. In the few months before the wedding, I had noticed Melissa being a lot nicer to me. She had always been great to me, but it was a little something extra that I noticed when she was clearing my place for me after dinner if we ate in the apartment, or offering to get me something from the kitchen.

I never thought much of it, just figured she was in a good place in life, succeeding in her job, maybe just in an all-around good mood. Was she flirting? I didn't know, and Amanda never said anything. I did some subtle flirting back now and then. I'd ask her if she lost weight, tell her that her hair looks good like that. Simple things that could pass as friendly, and our happy coexistence continued. But anyway, to the wedding.

The wedding for their cousin was in southern New Jersey, not far from the Pennsylvania border. On a Friday night after work in October, the three of us put our bags in the trunk of my car and made the over 5-hour drive to our hotel, arriving just shy of midnight with a stop for dinner. The girls were tired, but I had a coffee around 9 p. That would have ruined the entire weekend, after all. We checked into the hotel and I brought the bags to our room with the girls lazily following behind carrying their dresses and my suit. Being wired, I told them I would go check in with the hotel employee at the front desk and make sure I knew how to get to the church for the wedding the next day.

Melissa said she was going to take a shower before bed, and Amanda said she'd go next. So down to the lobby I went. I checked on the directions and asked what kind of activities there might be in the area in case we had some time to kill, and headed back upstairs to my hotel room 5 minutes later. I wasn't prepared to see tits when I opened the door, but there was Melissa, facing the mirror fiddling with something on the dresser, topless, so that her side was to me and a got an unobstructed profile view of her thin frame and those wonderful tits.

She noticed me come in almost immediately and let out a loud shriek before jumping onto one of the beds and darting beneath the blanket. I just stood there in shock for a few seconds before muttering an apology. The bathroom door was closed, and I could hear the shower running inside, my girlfriend showering just a few feet from where I had seen her sister's boobs. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood for a second, the image of her flat stomach and perky tits burned into my mind.

Can you hand me the sweatshirt on the chair? With my head down and eyes on the carpet so I didn't embarrass her, I handed her the shirt. The shower stopped, and while I busied myself unpacking my bag for a minute, Amanda came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Amanda gave just about the most unexpected response I could imagine. She giggled, then plain burst out laughing. Or just one I guess, it was from the side.

I figured she would be pissed.

She had never been the jealous type, but then again I had never seen her sister's bare chest before. After you take a shower, smelly. As I started the water and started undressing, she leaned in and kissed my neck, then brought her lips close to my ear. Did you like seeing her tits? I gave a blank look. How could any answer possibly turn out well? She's always had a little crush on you, you know.

She probably wanted you to see her naked," Amanda said, as she pulled me in close and slid her hand over my stomach and chest. As I let my hands roam her back, down over her tight ass, she dropped her hand to my crotch, suddenly grabbing my cock over my boxer shorts. I'm smart enough to know that when things are going this well, opening my mouth is the worst idea. So instead I leaned in for a kiss and pressed my tongue into her mouth.

Amanda's hand snaked its way through the fly in my shorts, gripping my half-hard cock. As she kneaded my shaft, I took my chance, checking to make sure the door was closed, and took off her towel, revealing her gorgeous body in all its naked, sexy glory. She dropped to her knees, giving a slow, agonizing tug on my shorts on her way down. My cock was soon swinging freely, up to its full 7 inches. She helped me step out of the underwear then came back up and whispered in my ear.

But don't you dare jerk off, it'll be worth it when you get to bed. Was she really going to fuck me with her sister there 3 feet away? Or was this a twisted punishment?

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A blue-ball lesson for accidentally seeing her sister's tits? With thoughts of Melissa's tits in my head, I finished my shower quickly and dried off. With the towel around my waist I went back into the room to fetch a pair of sweatpants from my bag. I stopped dead in my tracks as soon as I get out of the bathroom. There standing in front of me was Amanda and Melissa, both topless, and both sporting grins a mile wide.

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They were wearing nothing but underwear, and the intense horniness I felt all at once was almost too much to take. She swirled around behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist, facing me toward her delicious sister, wearing nothing but a pair of pink boy-short panties.

I Let My Little Sister DATE My BOYFRIEND For 24 Hours!

After staring for a few seconds, I took a step forward, suddenly aware of the huge tent poking out of the towel around my waist. As if sensing where my attention was, Amanda deftly snatched the towel from around my waist, baring my dick for Melissa to see. It was as hard as steel. Those boobs I had been sneaking peeks at for 5 years were right in front of me, and the two girls were encouraging me to take a good look.

Though stunned, I couldn't argue with that. I stepped forward slowly, making eye contact briefly with Melissa. Her eyes were reassuring, and her disarming smile gave me the go-ahead I needed. With shaking hands I reached out and cupped both of those amazing titties from the bottom, hefting their weight before sliding up and palming her nipples.

They felt amazing, the forbidden fruit I never thought I'd get anything more than a sideways glance at. There I was all that time, hoping and praying I'd get a look down her shirt, and now I was holding the beautiful melons with my erection pointing straight at my girlfriend's sister. Amanda had taken up her place again behind me and began rubbing her hands all over my body. She rubbed everywhere, getting ever closer to my dick. When she finally reached it, I let out a moan, and it wasn't long before her right hand was stroking me and her left was cupping my balls while I fondled Melissa's boobs and pinched her perfect nipples.

I could only moan and nod my head. The two girls made eye contact briefly, and Melissa slowly reached her hand out and stroked the side of my face and my neck. She let her hand trail down, sliding over her sister's, before reaching the top of my cock. The touch was amazing. It was just a hand on my dick, but it was exhilarating in so many ways.

Cheating with my girlfriend's sister

As she got closer to me, it was harder to keep caressing her tits, so I hugged her close and let my hands drop to her ass, squeezing and kneading that wonderful butt. As my fingertips started to slip under the waistband of her panties, Melissa moved away. I immediately thought I wrecked the whole thing by getting greedy.

She gave me a smile and slipped her own fingers into the waistband and in a flash those pink shorts were on the hotel room floor. I didn't get a good look at that moment, but she was clearly shaved bare. She took a step toward me, dropped to her knees and stared straight into my dick. Amanda released her hold on my dick and took a step around to my side. She pushed me backwards gently, giving me the hint to turn, and sat me on the edge of one of the beds while kneeling on the floor next to her sister. I could feel Melissa's breath on my legs as she got closer, and soon I could feel her warmth on my dick.

She looked directly into my eyes and gave my cockhead the lightest kiss. I moaned, and she did it again, this time leaving her lips on my cock a little bit longer. She reached up with her hand and gripped my shaft around the base. As she angled me downward slightly, she took my head into her hot mouth, sucking gently as she swirled my tip with her tongue.

The feeling was incredible. Her tongue was silky, and slowly she slid my cock into her mouth a bit more before taking about 4 inches into her mouth and slowly withdrawing. As her lips left my dick, Amanda leaned in and took my dick into her own mouth. She began bobbing up and down, getting my rod nice and wet. After a minute she pulled off, letting Melissa move in closer again.

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She took my cock into her mouth, putting pressure on the bottom of my shaft with her tongue. She was always just a bit on the shy side, but the blowjob she gave me that night was unbelievable. She completely took over, wrapping her hand around the base and occasionally moving it down to fondle my balls. The way she moved her head and used her tongue made it some of the best head I've had in my life. My girlfriend Amanda came and sat next to me on the bed to watch the show — her hot younger sister sucking my dick. With the expert attention I was receiving, I was getting close to blowing my load.

As my moans increased, Melissa looked up and straight into my eyes. That intimate gesture was all it took. Melissa didn't miss a beat, she took slightly more of my cock into her mouth as the first jet of my cum blasted the roof of her mouth. I pumped shot after shot of cum into her mouth as she kept sliding her lips over my shaft and teasing the underside of my head with her tongue. After an eternity, my cock stopped pumping cum into Melissa's mouth, and with a few more bobs she pulled her mouth off me with an obvious mouth full of cum. She stood up and leaned toward me, pushing her tits near my face as she leaned her head over to Amanda and brought one hand to the side of her sister's face, tilting her head back slightly.

I couldn't believe my eyes as Melissa leaned in and locked lips with Amanda. She shoved her tongue into Amanda's mouth, dropping my full load of cum along with it as the sisters began furiously making out. My jaw hit the floor, a million dirty thoughts running through my head as one of my deepest fantasies played out right in front of me. My girlfriend was swapping my cum with her sister.

And they were both into it! Finally with a big swallow and a moan, Amanda broke the kiss with a huge grin. She turned to me with a wink. She's had a crush on you for a while," Amanda told me. I was just planning to suck your dick as soon as she fell asleep, but she said she wanted to do it for you since you were so nice and drove us all the way here tonight. But it was fine by me. She's a good kisser, it turns out," Amanda said. You'd let me eat you out?

I just sucked your dick didn't I? Completely fair. But what would my girlfriend say. I looked over to her and noticed a look indicating she was thinking about it. She looked back at me. Plus, he's pretty good at eating pussy," Amanda said. I brushed the hair away from her face and brought my hand to her neck before leaning in and giving her a kiss on the cheek. I looked into her eyes and brought my lips to hers as we sat side by side, bare naked on the bed. Her lips opened, and I swept my tongue just inside her mouth, feeling for her tongue. She pushed her tongue out to meet mine, and we locked in a French kiss.

I brought my left hand to her right breast, gently squeezing the perfect globe as she rubbed her hands over my arms. Melissa must have been horny. She broke the kiss and leaned back onto the bed, spreading her legs and pulling me on top of her between them. As we continued to kiss I let both hands roam her body. I ran my right hand over her thigh a few times, and shifting my weight I brought my hand to her crotch to finally feel her pussy. My brief glimpse earlier was right. She was completely hairless.

And holy shit was she wet. I would like to thank all those ancestors of ours for inventing high heel footwear, which increases the assshaking capacity of girls. First of all shehnai is not the heroine of this story. I had gone to visit her at her apartment one Saturday evening. Usually we meet and have sex during the weekends. I rang the bell and was waiting for her. It took some time for the door to open. But it was not shehnai. Then she gave me a big lecture, through which she basically conveyed the message that she is Shehnai's elder sister who has come for a visit, and shehnai has gone to another friends place for a party.

I was a bit disappointed, because I was out of town during the week, and hadn't 'done IT' for almost one week, and now shehnai is not there.

My Girlfriend's Sisters Part 1 - girlfriends sister sex taboo public

But suddenly I realized that I have overlooked something,. YES, this sister of shehnai had big tits.

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Sheh had told me about you", she showed me in, with an inviting smile. But I was trying to be a bit decent. Our Conversation went on, and I came to know that she is married, and also that her husband is in the army.. Her back was facing me and I just couldn't control my eyes from massaging her body with my looks.

My Girlfriend's Sister

I took all the courage and went closer to her and kept my hands on her shoulder. She turned and gave me a cold stare first, and then slowly blushed, and then asked "Raj will you make love to me?? This is too fast I thought, but there was no time to think anything. I pulled her neck towards me and forced my lips into hers, wow It was hot, I could feel the blood flowing in her lips, I kissed her even more passionately, by inserting my tongue into her mouth, and she responded by exploring my mouth with her soft tongue.

My GF Tasted Her Sister On My Cock [MF]

It was nice to feel her tongue touching my throat. She started kissing all over my lips and ears and behind my neck, and her hands where grabbing my buttocks. I was searching for the hooks of her blouse. Suddenly she pushed me back, and made me sit on a chair. Then she thew the top part of the blue sari down, and started unhooking her blouse hooks, my eyes were bulging out , and I could not wait to see those boobs getting uncovered.

After removing the blouse she turned back and started removing her bra also. I pulled her towards me and kissed her back ,while she was doing it. I ran my lips and tongue across the length of her back till I touched her neck. When I kissed her shoulders she moaned passionately She turned back, and with a naughty look through her bra off.

The sight of two tight tits with the big pink areola, She pulled me towards her, and kissed on my lips again, Here tits were pressing hard against my chest, and I was feeling her big ass in my hands. I made her sit on the chair, and knelt on my knees, I took one of her big tight tit in my hand and caressed the nipple with my thumbs.

I could see her shivering. At the same time I started licking her other nipple, and after some time I couldn't control it. I took her boob fully into my mouth, while my tongue was pressing hard against the areola and nipple. Whenever I bit her boob softly with my teeth, she gave me a very sweet "Raajjjjj My experienced hand was fondling the other boob. At some point, she grabbed me by my head and released her boob from my mouth, and pushed me back she spread her legs more widely and showed her velvet panty.. She pulled my hands and made me place it there.

Those of you who would have 'done IT', will know and how hot and wet it will be. Then she made me put my hand inside her panty. I just moved my fingers touching her cunt lips, as she sat back and enjoyed. I pulled her panty in a bit hurry; and it tore off. From her face I could make out that she liked my aggressiveness. I just pushed her legs wider and showed my head into the right place.